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Homeopathic preparation "Gelzemium". Homeopathy: reviews

The drug "Gelzemium" refers to homeopathic medicines. Produced from a poisonous plant of the same name, which is also called virgin jasmine. What is useful "Gelziumium"? Homeopathy as a kind of alternative medicine involves the use of highly diluted drugs to treat diseases. As early as 1867, Dr. Hall discovered the healing properties of helmemia in the fight against influenza (influenza virus).

Today, homeopaths often prescribe the drug for various diseases, but many patients are worried about its appointment, because in the field of alternative medicine the plant helzymium (homeopathy) reviews is different and not always positive. Are the fears of people reading about the properties of a poisonous plant justified, or is the drug safe to use? We will understand this article.

What is the homeopathic remedy "Gelziumium" made from?

The preparation is made on the basis of tincture from the root of the plant Gelsemium sempervirens or jasmine evergreen (another botanical name is virgin jasmine).

At the time of the discoverer of a medicinal plant people were treated with a tincture of gelmeemium, which turned out to be very poisonous. Compliance with strict dosage provided safety, but there were also side effects in the appointment. Today, pharmaceutical companies make homeopathic preparations in safe dosages. Depending on the method of treatment and indications, "Gelziumium" is prescribed in the form of granules, drops, solution for injections. The composition of these drugs includes raw materials based on plants and other auxiliary components.

Indications for the appointment of "Gelzemium"

The preparation "Gelzemium" (homeopathy) is recommended to take in the following cases:

  1. Influenza and SARS, taking place in particularly complex forms with severe fever and blue limbs. At conditions of high, difficultly corrected body temperature, weak breathing, drowsiness, weakness, lack of thirst and appetite, the patient is often prescribed the drug "Gelzemium" (homeopathy) as an ambulance. Indications for admission can also occur with any acute infectious diseases, accompanied by a severe cold, fever, headaches and malaise throughout the body.
  2. Psycho-emotional overload, especially accompanied by increased blood pressure and hypertensive crises.
  3. Migraines and severe blunt occipital pains, as well as headaches in the frontal lobe during pressure surges.
  4. With Parkinson's disease at any stage. With severe muscle weakness, trembling limbs, quiet speech, weakened facial expressions.
  5. Paralysis of various etiologies of any localizations (larynx, facial muscles, limbs).
  6. Herpetic, tubercular, influenza keratitis (inflammation of the cornea of the eye) and iritis (inflammation of the iris) - any eye disease perfectly heals "Gelzemium."
  7. Homeopathy as a way of treating grasses in small doses with active substances allows treating such eye problems, as glaucoma, strabismus, ptosis of the eyelids (omission) with the help of a strongly diluted "Gelzemium".
  8. Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat. Chronic necrotic changes in throat and larynx.
  9. Laryngitis with loss of voice, to restore the functioning of the vocal cords.
  10. Bronchitis and asthma. Especially effective in incurable cases, accompanied by a sense of fear (a feeling of compressed breathing, cardiac arrest, suffocation, loss of voice during seizures).
  11. Dysfunction of the ovaries, accompanied by severe attacks during menstruation, with tremors in the whole body and cramping pains.
  12. Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) due to psychoemotional disorders.

At what else diseases doctors can appoint or nominate "Gelzemium"?

In addition to these basic indications, according to the instruction, doctors prescribe and in many other cases "Gelzemium" (homeopathy). The use of the drug is possible as an effective tool and with toothache, prolonged bouts of insomnia, an inexplicable sense of fear, any problems with breathing (shortness of breath, shortness of breath). With pain in the muscles and joints, stiffness and in other cases of neuralgia.

According to the specialists of homeopathists, the drug is effective in the treatment of alcoholism, but it should be taken in this case for a long time (at least 6 months).

How does "Gelziumium" act on the human body?

Extract from the plant contains potent alkaloids, the strongest of which are: gelmeamine (has a small toxic effect on the brain centers); Gelzemitsin (leads to anesthesia of the motor and respiratory centers of the brain, can lead to death, since it is a powerful poison); Sempervirin (a poison that affects the muscles and leads to convulsions and convulsions).

The effect of the action of these alkaloids lies in the blockade of the receptors and the stopping of the transfer of impulses to the respiratory, motor nerves.

It's no secret that only dosage determines that there is a medicine, and that - a poison. Like other medicines, preparations based on gelmezyme have a number of positive effects on the human body, if taken in very small doses.

How is the modern preparation "Gelzemium" dosed?

Modern medicines in the field of alternative medicine have a special kind of dosage. A special way is dosed and the preparation "Gelzemium" (homeopathy). The instruction to it describes various forms of release:

  • Granules - dosage D3, C3, C6, C12
  • Drops - dosage D3, C3, C6, C12

What does it mean? According to homeopathy, the letter code D corresponds to the decimal scale of breeding. The value of the digits (3, 6, 12) is the dilution rate. This means that one drop of pure tincture of the plant uses 9 drops of the solution (as a rule, in tinctures it is ethyl alcohol). Then carefully shake and then from the resulting solution, take one more drop and again mix with the solvent. So do so many times, to what extent specified. That is, when diluting C200, the procedure is repeated two hundred times, each time adding a drop to the new solution from the previous vial.

The letter code C corresponds to the centenary scale of dilution. This means that in drops or granules of the drug for each unit of the drug will have 99 doses of the solvent.

There are also different parts of the breeding scale (thousandth M, five thousandth LM), but in Russia, most often use D and C (decimal and centesimal).

Such methods of breeding allow you to take homeopathic preparations daily for a long time without harm to your health. The only disadvantage of safe homeopathic remedies is the need to take the drug with long-term courses for a sustainable effect.

Is the preparation "Gelzemium" safe for humans?

In many sources, the strong harm of tincture of gelme- mine for the human body is mentioned. However, one must understand that this is a pure preparation, which has been used for a long time in herbalists and homeopaths in complex cases of paralysis. The effect of this medication was very strong and had a number of contraindications.

It became possible to safely use the plant gelmeemium. Homeopathy as a method of treatment with diluted drugs suggests that the drug on its basis, thanks to modern methods of dilution, is created with negligible concentrations of the active substance. Because of this, you can achieve the desired effect without harm to health. The use of such a drug simply can not in any way lead to such grave consequences of intoxication as cardiac arrest, paralysis and so on.

All warnings concern people who are trying to cure from a number of diseases by people's methods and make their own tincture or purchase from homeopathic doctors. But you need to understand that tincture of the root of the plant is a really dangerous poison, which must be taken very carefully, carefully observing the dosage.

The constitutional type of patient for receiving "Gelzemium" according to homeopathy

Proper homeopathic doctors often use the method of determining the constitutional type of the patient when prescribing medications.

Old people, as well as young people, women, children - these categories correspond to those who are best suited for treatment, as described (according to the plant's data, gelmeumium) homeopathy. Indications for use for such patients are as follows:

  • For young people, children - excessive emotionality, high sensitivity, feelings, fears, headaches, diarrhea in cases of violent anxiety. And also for fear of speaking before the public.

  • For women - it's painful, late or poor menstruation, violation of the cycle. Strong low back pain, cramping attacks, severe symptoms of PMS.
  • For the elderly, atherosclerosis of vessels, lethargy, sluggishness, memory impairment, hand trembling, weakness and sluggish speech.

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