Harm from a fat burner: a myth or an excuse to be more careful?

Fat burners are one of the most controversial classes of additives: some argue about their total uselessness, when others emphasize high performance. But here you need to understand that there are many varieties, and each has its own pluses, "pobochki" and special features of the reception. If you take yohimbine, then its purpose is fat on the abdomen and other "difficult" places. So this element can often be found in the products of different brands. Fat burners for training are carnitine, which is taken before classes, and without any load it does not work at all.

Speaking about the dangers of such additives, it is worthwhile to understand that the thoughtless use of even the most innocuous elements will not bring anything good. In the composition of fat burners, stimulants are often present, capable of harming in the presence of health problems. For this reason, before taking, read the match and consult a doctor.

The main types of fat-burning additives

There are many different products, the effect of which is to maintain a normal weight and "strengthen" the relief. Some help in passing to strengthen immunity and increase endurance. Others have serious contraindications and should be taken with caution. Among the main groups are the following:

  1. Lipotropics . Activate the rate of metabolic processes with a concomitant splitting of fats. These include carnitine, which actively restores metabolism.
  2. Diuretics . Fat is not affected by their action, weight loss is due to the removal of fluid.
  3. Thermogenics . Their work is aimed at increasing body temperature and activation of the central nervous system, resulting in increased energy costs. A positive aspect is the suppression of appetite, which triggers fat burning.
  4. Blockers of appetite . The main part is composed of thermogenics, because it is difficult to create an additive that would act so narrowly.

In addition to these, there are also blockers of cortisol, calories and certain nutrients (most often carbohydrates with fats); Omega 3 and a lot of drugs for weight loss. The latter are especially popular among fans of "lazy" ways to reduce weight with minimal sports loads and restrictions in the diet.

Is it possible to combine different fat burners?

Combinations of different types of fat burners help to achieve maximum effect. Although this sounds difficult, but in fact everything is much simpler: to create a "multidisciplinary" matrix it will take 2 to 3 additives. Manufacturers often combine several types in one product to achieve high results. One of these additives is Lipo 6 from Nutrex with multi-phase technology.

Are the fat burning formulas dangerous, as they say?

If the manufacturer's recommendations are followed, the risk is minimal. Fat burners are a special class of additives that are taken to solve special tasks, so before using them, a doctor's visit or consultation with a trainer is mandatory. In the presence of certain diseases (heart disease, CNS), supplementation is dangerous, especially for thermogenics. If we talk about a healthy body, then there is no risk, and their introduction into the diet can accelerate the "formation" of the relief body.

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