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Hairstyles for first-graders: various options, tips and advice

Collecting a daughter in the first class, it is very important to choose a suitable hairstyle for her on the first of September. Traditionally, the heads of young students are decorated with white bows, sometimes of enormous size. However, more and more often moms want to come up with something more original and wonder about what kind of haircut to make a first-grader.

The easiest option is to remove the hair from your forehead and put on a beautiful hoop (you can with a white bow or flower). If you braid the girl at night a few braids or wind hair on soft curlers, the hair will be even more elegant. It is important to choose the right hoop - it should sit well on the head, but in no case do not press. If he does not keep his hair too tightly, they can be pre-stabbed with thin invisibles, and the hoop can be used simply as an ornament.

Traditional hairstyles for first-graders are pigtails and tails. Everyone can make them, but they look childishly cute and touching. It is possible to decorate such a hairdress with white bows (large or not, depending on the preferences of the young schoolgirl and her parents) or to limit oneself to elastic bands and graceful hairpins. If the girl has long hair, they can be braided into a "basket" and tied with elegant bows. Many modern mothers and grandmothers, being schoolgirls, themselves wore a similar hairstyle.

You can also remove some of the hair in the "mesh" with the help of small rubber bands, and the ends either leave loose, or tie in one or two tails. Such a reticule can be braided and the night before (alone or in a hairdresser) to save time for morning gatherings.

Also, as a hairstyle for a first-grader suitable all kinds of "spikelets" and French pigtails. If mom (grandmother, godmother, etc.) know how to beautifully braid hair, the girl on her first school day will be simply irresistible! You can braid the French braid with your forehead, leaving the rest of your hair loose - in this case, the strands will not climb into the face, and the hair will turn out very sweet and gentle. One or two "spikelets" (straight or crossed among themselves), "snail", braided around the head in a spiral, a lot of French braids - options can be mass. Similar hairdresses for first-graders can be decorated with traditional bows, as well as small hairpins (spirals, flowers) or various ribbons. In order not to be nervous during the fees, especially if it is supposed to create some kind of unusual weaving, it is advisable to practice in advance.

Hairstyles for first-graders should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable for a small schoolgirl. Therefore, do not tighten the hair, fill them with tons of varnish, create complex holiday styling. The girl should be able to move her head freely so that her hair does not interfere with her and does not fall on her face.

Hairstyles for first-graders (the photos shown in the article, to that confirmation) can be very different. The main thing is that they like small students. Therefore, if the daughter asks for big bows, and parents do not like it at all, or, on the contrary, categorically protests against tufts-tails, it is worthwhile to meet her. After all, it is very important that on her first school day the baby goes to the line with a smile and a good mood.

Everyday hairstyles for first-graders are the same pigtails, tails, "spikelets" and "mesh". Loose hair (even fixed with a hoop) is not the best option for every day. As an ornament suitable all kinds of hair clips and elastic bands, preferably not too bright.

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