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Gheorghe Hadji. Biography of the Carpathian Maradona

Gheorghe Hadzi is a Romanian footballer. The position on which the player acted is midfield. Haji was named the best football player of Romania of the last century. In 2001 he began to work as a coach.

The main feature of the player is a stunning blow. The player was able to twist the ball, which flew on an incomprehensible line and represented a huge danger for the goalkeeper of the opposing team. In addition, Gheorghe Haji, whose height is just over 170 centimeters, could fight for the ball with more stalwart players. Footballer had a wonderful vision of the field and could strike at the most suitable moment. In whatever clubs Gheorghe played, he immediately became a leader.

Early life and career

On February 5, 1965, Gheorghe Haji was born. Nationality of the player is Romanian. By origin he considers himself a descendant of Alexander the Great. No one can deny or confirm this fact. He was born in a small port town of Constanta. At the age of thirteen, Gheorghe was able to get into the local team, in which he received many playing skills.

Clubs of Romania

The first professional contract was signed by Gheorghe Haji in 1982 with the club "Farul". In the same team, he performed before, but in the youth team. Basically, he spent eighteen games, scoring seven goals. The young football player showed himself well on the field, giving his best in every meeting. The result of the work was the attention of another Romanian club - "Sportul".

In "Sportul" player was in 1983 and for four seasons could enter the field more than one hundred and twenty times. At the same time the football player could boast of excellent results. In the 1985/86 season, Gheorghe Hadji scored thirty-one goals.

The next club, which became interested in the services of a football player, was the Romanian Steaua. At that time the club occupied very high positions not only in the national championship, but also in the international arena. Shortly before the transfer of midfielder Steaua took the Cup of Champions, having struck in the final match of FC Barcelona. Shortly before the match for the Super Bowl the team decided to rent a football player and did not regret it. In the match, only one goal was scored, and it was midfielder Haji. Gheorghe remained in Steaua for the next three seasons.

In those same years, the footballer had a nickname - the Carpathian Maradona. In "Steaua" Gheorghe Haji spent one hundred twenty-eight matches and managed to score ninety-three goals. Thanks to such indicators, many eminent clubs of Europe began to take an interest in football.

Career in Spain

In 1990, Real Madrid decided to acquire Hadji. The transfer of the player cost four million three hundred thousand dollars. Despite the huge expectations, the player did not stay long in the "Real". In those years the club from Madrid did not differ grandiose performances and after two seasons decided to sell the player. As part of the team, he spent more than eighty matches and scored twenty times.

Return to the Spanish championship took place two years later. In 1994, the player signed a contract with Barcelona. However, for the two seasons he spent in the Spanish club, he could not achieve anything. On the field, Gheorghe Haji appeared forty-nine times and was able to score only eleven goals.

Performances in Italy

In 1992, the Italian "Brescia" entered Gheorghe Hadji. Photos and information on the transition surprised many fans of the football player. Before returning to Spain, Hadji managed to play both in Serie A and B. In two seasons, the player scored seventeen goals.

Career in Turkey

In 1996, the player made the transition to "Galatasaray." At that time, the rapid growth of Turkish football began. In many teams, the influx of eminent players began. The transition to the Turkish club was very successful. It was in this team that the player finally became the basis. Excellent support to Gheorghe managed to achieve from the fans.

The management of the club greatly appreciated the midfielder, building a tactical scheme for the game. In the Turkish team he played for five years. At the end of his career, the player helped the team to win the cup, and soon the UEFA Super Cup. In total for "Galatasaray" he spent almost two hundred games and scored seventy-one times.

Team Romania

In the youth team of the country the player was able to get into the seventeen years. Debut for the main national team was already at eighteen. Soon as part of the team, the player went to the European Championships, which was held in France. However, at that tournament the national team could not declare itself, having taken the last position in the group.

In 1990, for the world championship in Italy, Gheorghe Haji went already as captain of the national team. The team proved quite successful. In the group stage, Romania met with the national team of the Soviet Union, Cameroon and Argentina. The latter at the time was the current champion. Romania flew in one eighth finals thanks to Ireland.

In 1994, the team went to the world championship in the United States. Gheorghe Hacı and the team looked very worthy. Persuasively taking the first line in the group, the Romanians met in the eighth with Argentina and in a bitter struggle managed to win. The team left the tournament in the next stage, losing to Sweden in the penalty shootout.

Already in quite mature age, George still wore a captain's armband and went with the national team to the World Cup in France, which took place in 1998. Romania again took the lead in the group, but flew in one eighth, losing to Croatia, with a minimum score.

The last appearance in the national team occurred in 2000 at the European Championships. Taking the first place in the group, the team reached one-fourth, where she lost to Italy.

Gheorghe Hadji, whose wife is the sister of another famous Romanian football player (Gheorghe Popescu), finished his career as a legend not only of his native country, but also of Turkey.

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