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Game Black Desert: minimum system requirements. Black Desert: player reviews

The article provides basic information about the Black Desert game, which will be useful both for beginners and for those who just think to start playing this free-to-play project.

Introductions for beginners

Black Desert is the latest development in the genre MMORPG, which sets absolutely different, previously unseen standards for all games of this kind and theme.

This is a modern online game with thoroughly developed role-playing elements of gameplay, the events of which originate in the fantasy world of the Middle Ages. Unimaginable in its scale, the world without annoying seams and barriers, as well as hundreds of kilometers of striking landscapes and landscapes that are completely open to research, will for a long time be taken by even convinced fans of single RPG games.

Ultra-modern graphics technology, the highest level of detail of objects and the most realistic display of weather changes will allow everyone to see the riot of colors and contrasts of this wonderful world, one foot standing over the abyss of war.

A sophisticated battle system throws players into a whirlwind dance of death, in which any battle goes to life, not to death. A plentiful number of a variety of effects will turn any massacre into an unforgettable battle. To stand and win a crushing victory over enemies the player will be able to thanks to a huge variety of different skills, abilities and skills that the character can develop throughout the game process. A merciless struggle for power and influence, complex political games, large-scale wars with the use of entire armies, and shocking and awe-inspiring world bosses - this is the smallest part of all that Black Desert will offer its players from the very beginning of an unforgettable journey!

Minimum requirements for Black Desert for a successful start and stable game

So, first of all, before the long-awaited launch of the game, many newly arrived adventurers forget to pay attention to certain basic aspects at the very start. This also applies to the system requirements of the Black Desert game. Remember that if the configuration of your PC is weaker than the minimum requirements, then the startup problems are likely to be simply unavoidable.

Which system will be able to draw the game at the lowest settings:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3.
  • The amount of RAM should be at least 4 GB.
  • The video card is at the level of GeForce GTS 250 / GeForce 9800 GTX or similar to Radeon HD 3870 X2.

However, to fully enjoy all the beauty and picturesqueness of the world of Black Desert it will be possible only with the recommended parameters of the system:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5.
  • The amount of RAM is 6 GB.
  • The video card is at the level of GTX 650 / GTX 550Ti or analogue from Radeon HD 7770/6770.
  • Operating system Windows 7, 64-bit version.

Criticism and praise

But who will start to pour into the world of the new game without first getting acquainted with the opinions of already experienced gamers and reviews of gaming publications? In general, the final evaluation of the Black Desert (reviews of players are also taken into account) is positive, taking into account the pleasant graphics, an amazing range of different possibilities, the system of PvP-battles, as well as unique classes of characters.

Only at the start-up launch the impression of the game was a little spoiled by the failure of the OBR and the unlimited entry of the currency, which introduced a fairly palpable imbalance in the gameplay. However, the fact that for this action Black Desert simply does not have really worthy analogues that could seriously compete with him for the attention and love of the gaming community.

How did the game publications react to the project?

Most journalists and analysts quite warmly accepted the entire scope and ambitions of the project, appreciating it at a fairly good level. However, the full enthusiasm for reviews and beyond the mark on "excellent" game also could not be achieved for a number of reasons.

More often than not, critics sharpen readers' attention to the rather routine process of killing monsters with the proper leveling of the character, sometimes meaningless and completely unnecessary replicas from the plot, the artificial complication of the game process and the periodic drawdown of fps for no apparent reason.

But still, in the opinion of the publicists, this unique world is definitely worthy of attention to a broad gaming audience, even taking into account all the problems and shortcomings of the project.

Reviews of the game Black Desert from gamers

The gaming community also managed to appreciate all the charms and opportunities of the "game" even at an early stage of the MBT. At the same time, the Black Desert project, the feedback of the players about which shows a satisfied warm attitude to the bright novelty, did not escape the opposite barrage of criticism for some controversial points.

In particular, users first of all pay attention to the optimization of the game. Engine Black Desert Engine with its graphics capabilities is very voracious in the computing power of the system, because of which tangible drawdown fps - already a common headache for a contented large part of the community.

On the Black Desert games forums, the reviews contain a detailed solution to the performance degradation by lowering the graphics settings. And it's worth considering the developer. However, various bugs (like the merging of characters with other game objects and periodic inaccurate texture maps) can pretty much spoil the first positive impression about the Black Desert project. Reviews of players, fortunately, extremely rarely contain complaints about such shortcomings. Well, in addition to all of the above, an important role is played by the individual perception of the gamer. As time has shown, not everyone is given the opportunity to master the huge range of different possibilities, skills and abilities that the game offers.

In addition, the relatively high level of combat complexity, difficult advancement on the storyline, and the difficult survival in this fantasy medieval world was initially doomed to the discontent of many users. Especially in the modern era of general simplification of computer games. However, there were a lot of those who received such a call completely and liked a lot of fun and positive emotions.

Especially the Russian-speaking community appreciated not only the broad gameplay possibilities, but also the tools to create your own character. The abundance of the most diverse options and options in it allows you to fully reveal your creativity by realizing the hero / heroine of your dreams.

What you need to know for each new player at the beginning of the journey

After registering the account, the player must be ready for the fact that before him will open not so much a romantic and welcoming world full of everything necessary immediately at the entrance, as a large-scale adventure with a lot of various opportunities that you will not only have to comprehend and master for quite a long time.

The world in its structure appears to the player a seamless, open to research and study sandbox. Traveling takes place without any restrictions and downloads, including on such locations as caves and catacombs. According to the developers, the final version of all the planned game spaces by the area will be about twice as large as the world of all the famous action of World of Warcraft. However, the process of opening different game levels and locations will be carried out gradually.

A pleasant trifle is also that dynamic weather conditions will have a significant impact on the gameplay: severe winter cold will increase the sensitivity of the player to damage, and rainy weather will significantly slow down the speed of advance.

In the instance format, there are only houses. Each player is allocated his own separate shelter. Teleports that allow you to instantly move around the world are not foreseen. Therefore, it is necessary to use various types of land mounts, vehicles, as well as various boats and vessels.

The combat system may turn out to be quite unusual for the first time even for experienced fans of MMORPG. In the battle immediately strikes the absence of the allocation of goals - an emphasis on hardcore. Although there are no attack zones in the game, there are such important concepts as "attack from the air", "attack from behind", etc., which gives a tangible advantage in the battle.

The battles are also ridden on horseback - rather epic fights requiring a specially equipped animal and limiting a part of the character's skills.

The outfit, despite its abundance and diversity, has a number of limitations. Players can not carry non-core weapons, the various types of which are strictly tied to certain classes. Inventory is also limited in terms of available slots and carry weight. Logically, this implies that the player will face such harsh realities as the restriction on the number of items and overload.

The situation is saved by the possibility of an advanced upgrade of weapons and armor on the following systems:

  • "Sharpening" (enchantment system);
  • Inlaying reinforcing stones;
  • Increasing the level of the grade by improving (the so-called "re-crafting" - improving the characteristics of any item of equipment at the expense of absolutely the same thing).

Also, a pleasant gift for a player can be fallen trophies from some defeated world bosses, which may well be top equipment.

Any object in the game is created on the basis of certain components, which must necessarily be placed in the warehouse of the city in which the player intends to craft something. Do not forget that this will also require a house with a suitable upgrade and a hired labor. You can personally prepare potions and food, but this requires the presence of an alchemy table and a kitchen, respectively.

Players from the very beginning will be available various opportunities in the trading area: auctions, transportation, exchange systems and much more. The auction runs in the general order for the entire server. Showing and receiving goods is carried out only in the city where it was exhibited by the owner. But the money received for the goods sold can be easily taken from any place of the auction.

The choice of the main character in the game Black Desert. Characters, pumping and development

The Russian version at the start can offer the player a choice from the following list of characters:

  • Archer.
  • Witch.
  • Barbarian.
  • Warrior.
  • Mystic.

Each has its own unique skills, development opportunities and abilities. In addition, in the future, it is possible to replenish with new heroes.

In the game Black Desert characters though have an impressive potential, but the maximum level of development is limited to 50. The study and discovery of new skills is carried out due to experience points, which are recruited with the successful execution of quests and the killing of monsters. On the 48th level, access to the Skill Aweking system is opened, which allows you to modify previously learned skills for special experience points - Skill Awakening Points. Their player will be able to receive only when they reach a new level of development. For modified skills, a characteristic feature is the appearance of random attributes.

In other words, the pumping can be continued after reaching the maximum level, however, the set of experience units will be significantly slowed down.


Game Black Desert, the creation of a character which has never been so creative, rightfully boasts one of the most advanced editors of the main characters, of which in the action you can create only three. And this is important.

In Black Desert, character creation is based on personal characteristics by selecting one of the twelve constellations. Further customizer appearance and selection of outer clothing - an unlimited flight of imagination, allowing you to make changes to any part of the body of the protagonist (including in asymmetric order).

"Pirates' Treasures"

It should be noted quite interesting quest in the game Black Desert - "Treasures of pirates." It is designed for more or less settled in the project inhabitants. Thanks to this adventure, the player will have the opportunity to get a pretty big reward with a minimum of effort.

Having reached the 14th level, we speak with the boy NIP Adriano Lodge in the city of Velia and get this quest. It will consist of several stages, during which it will be necessary to simply communicate with certain characters. In the course of execution, we get a couple of scraps of the treasure map of Belenos.

At the fifth stage, the same Logji already sends us in search of a secret place, the location of which we learn by combining those two scraps in the inventory. As a result, we go out to a large twisty cave - inspect it carefully and do not get lost! In the course of the search we come across a missing farmer who asks to find his master and report the glad tidings. In addition to this, we get a flashlight and one more piece from the treasure map. We unite it with the rest and get a new place, where supposedly there can be pirate treasures.

Having reached the indicated point, we see another cave and illuminate its dark corridors with a flashlight. We find in the deepest trunk and find what we were looking for.

From Adriano we receive a reward for 1 point of influence, gold ducat and three units of beer. Having fulfilled the worker's request, we also get 2 more points of influence.

As you can see, the quest Black Desert "Treasures of Pirates" is a valuable discovery with an excellent reward at the end.

Technical nuances: settings, stability and possible errors

The game Black Desert, the settings of which are not so complicated, sometimes makes nervous the hardcore gamers. Many users have repeatedly complained about the annoying effects of skills and camera shake during a fight. Given how different the perception of the game Black Desert from user to user, it is not superfluous to know how to properly disable these options.

In the video settings we find the item "Fullness of effects" and reduce it to zero - this will reduce the number of explosions, glare and flicker, which will help raise FPS. In the same video settings, there is also the item "Camera offset", responsible for the notorious jitter of the screen. Similarly, we lower to zero. Many argue that this helps to better concentrate on the enemy. Sometimes it happens that the game Black Desert does not start. Do not despair - everything is fixable.

What should I do if Black Desert does not start? Such problems are no less irritating. Various negative reviews are filled with forums for the technical support team for the Black Desert game. The black screen at start-up, as it turned out a little later, arises from the outdated driver of the video card. Also, a similar problem could be caused by the lack of an update from December 1, 2015 for Windows 7, which is necessary for the stable operation of the Black Desert game. An error leading to a black screen at startup may not be present at all. It's enough just to wait a couple of seconds, and the game menu is fully downloaded.

Can not download the game Black Desert? A black screen at start-up is not an excuse to deny yourself the pleasure of plunging into a fantastic medieval world. The support service will always come to the rescue and answer all your questions. Good game and good wins!

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