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Explay Titan Mobile Phone

Choosing a mobile phone becomes difficult when you want to purchase a device that supports three SIM-cards. Officially, there are very few such phones, so the Explay Titan is quite an interesting offer.


If we consider the Explay Titan as a budget model, it looks quite decent. The phone is a classic candy bar. Its body is almost completely made of plastic. On the perimeter of the device is a thin silvery frame, which gives it a more solid look.

Above the display of the phone is a thin slit of the speaker, covered with a mesh. At the top there is a flashlight and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the right side there is a volume button. The camera module is removed to the back panel.


The device lies in the palm of both hands. Thanks to the small weight (only 110 grams), you can use the phone for several hours, and the hand will not tire of keeping it. Under the display there are two soft-keys, two call control buttons and a round joystick.

The alphanumeric keyboard of the device does not cause positive emotions. First, the individual keys are practically not divided among themselves, which increases the chance of accidental clicks. Secondly, the illumination of the keyboard is uneven - especially in low light.


In Explay Titan, the manufacturer has installed the most common TFT-matrix, which can not boast rich colors and wide viewing angles. The diagonal of the display is 2.4 inches, and the resolution is 240x320 pixels. From a short distance, the graininess is noticeable. But a similar disadvantage is possessed by all inexpensive Explay phones.

The display of the device is covered with a transparent polymer, which is unlikely to provide protection against scratches. If you actively use the phone and wear it without a cover, the rubs on the screen will appear in a month.


The main advantage of the mobile phone Explay Titan is to support three SIM-cards. For each SIM card, you can specify a specific function. For example, the first will be responsible for the Internet, the second for the messages, and the third for the voice calls. This feature will be especially liked by economical users.


The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera module, which can be activated via the main menu. The shooting is done in landscape mode, you need to press the central button of the joystick to get the photo. The quality of the resulting images is rather mediocre, but this is typical for budget models.

The device can be used as a player - for this the manufacturer has equipped it with a 3.5-mm headphone jack. The sound quality is quite normal. However, if you want to download your favorite musical compositions to your phone, you will have to buy a memory card - the built-in 15 MB will not be enough.


The device is powered by Li-Ion battery, the capacity of which is 1000 mAh. The manufacturer states that the talk phone Explay Titan can work for 5 hours, and in standby mode - up to 150 hours. Proceeding from this, the device will need to be charged every two to three days. In principle, this is a good indicator for the budget model.

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