Egyptian pyramids: interesting facts. Mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids

The ancient Egyptian pyramids still contain many secrets and secrets. Some of them have already been uncovered, of course, but there remain such questions, which still disturb the minds of scientists and historians. How and by whom were these monuments created? What technologies were used in the construction? How did the builders manage to move stone blocks of enormous weight? Why did the pharaohs need such a tomb? All this and many other interesting facts you will learn from the article and become a little closer to understanding the secrets of the pyramids and knowing their power and greatness.

Interesting facts about the Egyptian pyramids

These ancient buildings for more than one century occupy their honorable places and glorify the talent of their creators, thanks to which they managed to make eternal monuments. Until now, scientists have not been able to reliably determine how the pyramids were made and what technologies were used. Only some data are known, but most of the technologies used are kept secret.

Just the tombs?

In Egypt there are about 118 pyramids, created in different periods, of different sizes and types. There are two types of pyramids, older stepped, one of the first surviving copies of the pyramid of Djoser, around 2650 BC. E. In reality, these pyramids are graves, and their clusters are a graveyard. In ancient times it was believed that wealthy people should be buried with everything that they might need in the afterlife, so the pharaohs found their last refuge in the magnificent pyramids, which they began to build long before their death.

Robbers of the tombs of the pharaohs

The horrors about the Egyptian pyramids are directly connected with the robbers, who so love to visit them under the cover of night and take away the last property from the deceased. However, not only for the jewels hidden in the tombs, looters visit the monuments. Local residents have spoiled the appearance of some pyramids. For example, the two pyramids in Dahshur do not look exactly like they used to, all the limestone they covered was stolen to build houses in the nearest town. Also often steal stone blocks and other material for construction, which leads to incredible destruction.

Secrets and myths

The horrors of the Egyptian pyramids are also in the fact that around them reigns many legends. The cause of this myth was the fictional curse of the most famous tomb in the world - the tomb of Tutankhamun. It was discovered in 1922 by a group of researchers, most of whom died within the next seven years. At that time, many believed that this was due to the curse of the tomb or some mysterious poison, although most still think so. But this all became one huge error. Immediately after the tomb was opened, this made a real sensation. In one of the newspapers in the name of rating rises it was indicated that before the entrance to the tomb there was a sign with a warning that anyone who entered here would die. However, it turned out to be just a newspaper duck, but after the researchers began to die one by one, the article gained popularity, and since then there has been such a myth. It is worth noting that most of these scientists were of old age. That's so easy to solve some of the riddles of the Egyptian pyramids.

Arrangement of pyramids

The funeral complex of the pharaohs consists not only of the pyramid itself, but also of two temples: one next to the pyramid, one to be washed by the waters of the Nile. The pyramids and temples, which were not far from each other, were connected by alleys. Some are partially preserved to our days, for example, the avenues between the Luxor and Karnak temples. Among the pyramids of Giza such alleys, unfortunately, did not survive.

Inside the pyramid

Egyptian pyramids, interesting facts relating to them, and ancient myths - all this is in direct connection with the internal structure. Inside the pyramid is a burial chamber, to which from different sides are the courses. The walls of the aisles were usually painted with religious texts. The walls of the pyramid in Saqqara, a village not far from Cairo, were painted with the most ancient funeral texts that have survived to this day. Next to the pyramids of Giza there is also a well-known figure of the Sphinx, who according to legend must guard the peace of the dead. Unfortunately, up to now the original name of this structure did not reach, it is known only that during the Middle Ages the Arabs called the monument "the father of horror"

Types of pyramids

Many of the riddles of the Egyptian pyramids are directly related to their creation. Until now, no one has been able to reliably determine how the ancient Egyptians managed to create such monumental structures, which are still in safe state. Scientists believe that the construction was conducted in several stages, for which the size of the pyramid could significantly increase in comparison with the original. Construction began long before the death of the pharaoh and could take several decades. Only to create a suitable site for the construction and leveling of the soil, it took about a dozen years. To create the biggest pyramid today, it took two decades.

Who built the pyramids

There is an opinion that the pyramids were built by slaves, who were starved and lashed for poorly made work, but this is not so. Archaeological excavations have shown that people who built pyramids were kept in good conditions, they were well fed. Nevertheless, no one has been able to figure out for sure how the hardest stone blocks went up, because human power is so incapable. However, archaeologists believe that over time the construction technique has changed, and the Egyptian pyramids themselves have changed. Interesting facts in mathematics also concern the construction of pyramids. So, scientists managed to determine that the pyramids have mathematically correct proportions. As the ancient Egyptians managed to do this, it remains a mystery.

Egyptian pyramids - a miracle of the world

  • The pyramid of Cheops is the only surviving miracle of the world.
  • There are several theories about the construction of the pyramids. According to one of them, the construction took place on the principle of a lever, but taking into account this it would take no less than a century and a half, and the pyramid was erected in two decades. That's what remains a mystery.

  • Some mystical lovers consider these structures to be powerful energy sources and believe that the pharaohs spent time in them and during their lifetime to gain a new vitality.
  • There are absolutely incredible theories. For example, some believe that the pyramids were built by aliens, and others that blocks were moved by people who own a magic crystal.
  • There are still some issues concerning the construction. For example, until now it was not clarified why the pyramids were built in two stages and why breaks were needed.
  • The pyramids were built two centuries and erected several at a time.
  • Now, according to the research of different scientists, their age ranges from 4 to 10 thousand years.
  • In addition to precise mathematical proportions, the pyramids have one more feature in this area. The stone blocks are arranged so that there are no gaps between them, there is not even the finest blade cutting through.
  • Each side of the pyramid is located in the direction of one side of the world.
  • The pyramid of Cheops, the largest in the world, reaches a height of 146 meters, and its weight is more than six million tons.
  • If you want to find out how the Egyptian pyramids were created, interesting facts about construction can be learned from the pyramids themselves. The walls of the aisles depict scenes of construction.
  • The edges of the pyramids are bent one meter so that they can accumulate solar energy. Thanks to this, the pyramids could reach thousands of degrees and produce an incomprehensible rumble from such heat.
  • For the Cheops pyramid , an ideally straight foundation was made, so the faces differ from each other by only five centimeters.
  • The first built pyramid is dated 2670 BC. E. In appearance it resembles several pyramids, located next to each other. The architect created a type of masonry that helped to achieve this effect.
  • The pyramid of Cheops was created from 2.3 million blocks, perfectly even and suitable to each other.
  • Buildings similar to the Egyptian pyramids are also found in Sudan, where they later picked up the tradition.
  • Archaeologists managed to find a village in which the builders of the pyramids lived. There were found a brewery and a bakery.

  • Many secrets hide the Egyptian pyramids. Interesting facts concern, for example, the number pi, on the basis of which the pyramid is made. The walls stand at an angle of 52 degrees, which makes the ratio of height and perimeter equal to the ratio of the diameter of the circle to the length.

Power and greatness

Why were the Egyptian pyramids created? Interesting facts about the construction do not give an idea of what they served. And the pyramids were created to praise the power and greatness of its owners. Lush tombs were a considerable part of the entire funeral complex. They filled with things that the pharaohs might need after death. There it was possible to meet literally everything that a person might need. Any household utensils, clothes, jewelry, utensils - all this and many other things were sent together with the pharaohs to their tombs. These riches, buried with the owners, are often the cause of the appearance of burglars wishing to obtain jewelry. All these riddles and myths that envelop the pyramids, since the very creation, have been undiscovered for many centuries, and no one knows if they will ever be revealed.

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