"Drive in the paint": the value of phraseology and an example of use

This or that phenomenon can drive into the paint, but sometimes people do not particularly understand what this means? To remove the veil of secrecy from this phraseology is our task for today. I bet it will be a fascinating journey into the world of human complexes.


It is peculiar for a person to feel shame when any phenomenon or event does not coincide with his ideas of what is due. For example, a girl brought up in the institute of noble maidens blushes at the abusive words of her husband. In other words, they are able to drive a young woman into the paint.

A special section on the origin is not required here. A person of the Caucasian race has a light skin, so when he blushes with shame, it is clearly visible, as if the paint is flooding his face. When exactly people began to resort to such a metaphor - it is difficult to say, but we believe that it was a long time ago. This is confirmed by the fact that the reader is not bothered by the question of the origin of the phraseology "driving into the paint", he should be given importance. We hope that we did not deceive anybody's hopes.


Almost a textbook image: a young teacher is assigned to teach lessons in high school. Of course, all the boys in it immediately fall in love, and all the girls start to envy her wildly. And the nature of such love in life is not unraveled, even if you spend 1000 years on it. And of course, questions are being asked from all corners of the class: "Anna Vladimirovna, are you married, and do you have a boyfriend?" - or "How much will you teach us?" This picture is more Soviet than Russian, The newfangled word "boyfriend". But I want to believe that cultural children and classes have not yet been transferred.

As for the young teacher, the comments can drive her into the paint for any reason. And this is only because she is wildly nervous and afraid to fail, to blunder, not to cope. But the children do not know this. They are exploring a new role model. In general, the ability to be embarrassed is a great thing! She says that a person still has a conscience.

"Drive into the paint" is a phraseology that you need not only to know, but also to try it on yourself, of course, involuntarily. After all, only, perhaps, actors are able to deliberately force themselves to blush, but for an unprepared person such a trick is too much.

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