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Designing a child's room: advice to parents

The children's room is that amazing place where the kid spends most of his free time. Therefore here it should be cozy, safe and comfortable. Designing a children's room is a process that requires a creative approach. After all, the baby should be surrounded by beauty from birth. It is desirable that the room had a maximum of daylight. Choosing furniture and decor, you need to give preference to bright wallpaper, natural fabrics and light furniture. For the development of the baby it is very important that the interior is a bit magical, mysterious, conducive to development.

The design of the children's room for the youngest should be based on soft, natural pastel colors. For babies up to a year, the presence of a carpet on the floor is undesirable, but a one-year-old child is simply necessary. Moreover, the carpet should be soft and warm, which will allow the child to safely explore the space. At this age for crumbs you can buy a small Swedish wall for 2-3 steps or soft ottomans. This will help the baby to stay on its feet.

Parents should be mentally prepared for the fact that the design of a children's room is a process that requires constant adjustments, depending on the interests and desires of the growing up baby. Therefore, the interior will have to be changed about once every three years.

For children over the age of six it is already necessary to choose more elegant furniture, focusing on bright details. The room should be equipped with a sufficient number of shelves, a table for classes and a place for games. It must be attended by bright elements that attract attention and make the eyes of the baby happy. For the safety of the child, it is very important that the furniture in his room is without sharp corners. Boys with a ladder are perfect for boys. Girls will like a snow-white locker with pink inserts and a fluffy carpet.

Thinking about the design of the children's room, parents should pay attention to the sports corner. It can be a small Swedish wall with a rope and other elements, as well as a small simulator.

Shelves for books and toys should be comfortable and roomy. At the same time, they should not interfere with the child's playful games . All the furniture in the nursery should stand firm in place, and shelves and lockers must be properly attached to the wall. The main thing is that the design of the nursery corresponds to safety standards.

Funny toys and colorful decor elements will help create a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. In the interior of the nursery you can use wallpapers with cartoon characters, stickers, special stickers, "magic" nightlights, etc.

The ceiling in the room is a place for unlimited creativity. It can be designed as a sky with clouds. It will look great flying butterflies, flowers, sun, as well as your favorite characters.

However, the child's color preferences may change with age. The design of the room must also periodically undergo some modifications. If kids like saturated colors (pink, purple, red), older children (9-11 years) like shades a little calmer (green, orange, yellow). Children after 12 prefer blue, sand, beige.

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