Denim breeches are the trendy trend of the 2013 season!

Not so many garments can boast both versatility, comfort in toe, and pleasant sensations in contact with the body, and, in addition, also some informal look. It is to such items of the wardrobe and should include the denim breeches, which are a trendy trend of the 2013 season. True, there is some confusion about the length of the bridges - sometimes so they call both shorter shorts and longer capris. In fact, breeches are hip-tight panties, the length of which can vary within three to four centimeters above or below the knee. However, the main difference is not in the length, but in the tight-fitting figure is cut.

As for the style, the most fashionable breeches of this year are riding breeches. A special feature of this model is a free cut in the thigh area (due to folds on the waist) and sharply tapering and tight knees down.

The difference between the classic style of breeches and breeches is quite significant. It is the second option that can be called universal, since it can be worn by holders of almost all types of figures. As for the classic style, he makes very strict requirements for the figure. Such breeches are ideal for slender women with narrow hips. Due to the tight silhouette, denim breeches do not suit ladies with excess weight or with nonideal shape of legs, as they only accentuate the shortcomings. And breeches-breeches in this case are simply ideal variant as the style visually reduces a waist due to visual increase in hips and sharp narrowing downwards. Moreover, this model not only conceals flaws, but also makes the entire silhouette more feminine and, as a result, more attractive. Universal breeches, because they are equally suitable for both broad and narrow hips. The only limitation for this model is that it is not recommended for owners of low growth.

The popularity of this wardrobe item is explained by the fact that jeans breeches in themselves do not define style in clothes, but form only a silhouette. That is why it is possible to use them when creating a variety of styles of clothing. For a business image, bridges of light or dark tones are beautifully combined with classic low-heeled shoes and a fitted jacket or jacket. A spectacular evening toilet can be created by a combination of bridges and a chiffon semi-transparent blouse or top, And finish the image of sandals or high-heeled shoes and accessories appropriate to the occasion. For sports style, it is enough to supplement jeans breeches with a sweatshirt, t-shirt and sports shoes (sneakers or sneakers). As for the everyday utilitarian style in clothes, in this case too, breeches allow creating very unusual combinations.

By the way, those women of fashion who are thinking about buying new jeans breeches may not be in a hurry with the purchase, as they can easily be done by cutting off old jeans, because many have similar favorite things that are a pity to throw.

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