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Cynicism - is it always bad?

Qualities of a person's character, including negative ones, determine his attitude to the external world, and this process is two-sided. Surrounding people will accurately copy the attitude of any person to them, of course, to the extent of their upbringing, while often not even realizing it. Such a phenomenon can not be better characterized by the quotation "to each according to his works," although there are rare lucky ones who manage to balance on the verge of humor and rudeness. Nevertheless, society always strives to glue each person a certain label, for example, a humorist, a "company's soul", an egoist, a parasite, a hypocrite, an egocentric, a cynic.

The meaning of the last word literally means the following: a man with a shameless, insolent, rude and contemptuous attitude to the generally accepted behavior and a position of conscious contempt for moral and behavioral norms. However, cynics call themselves a lot of people, and this does not prevent them from finding a common language with others. Let's try to understand this situation.

Some believe that the cynic is an early adolescent, but this position is far from the right one. Naturally, the roots of cynicism as a state of the soul are laid in the period of growing up, but in order for a young man or a girl to turn into cynics, there must be some event that will forever change the character. In fact, juvenile hamovatost and rudeness is a kind of protective reaction of the adolescent and often later becomes completely obsolete.

Others believe that the cynic is a disappointed romantic, and such an opinion is also controversial. In fact, a romantic can easily turn into a cynic, but, again, this requires a strong emotional shock. But everyone should remember that not always a cynic is a former romanticist, maybe it's just a boor.

Another option - "cynic is a realist" - is not even worth discussing. If a person perceives reality in this way, then he, perhaps, should turn to a good psychologist. Therefore, the substitution of cynicism for realism is possible only in the context of some joke, no more.

The most popular position: a cynic is a person with the right attitude to life, in everyday life such a quality of character is called "healthy cynicism". And although such an opinion has the right to life, simply because it is in everyone's language, it is still a bit different. A person with "healthy cynicism" is sarcastic, satirical and straightforward, but he keeps within certain limits. Agree, it's one thing to tell a colleague who reported on the marriage: "How many husbands do you plan to stay with?"; And another - to leave after retirees: "Go to the cemetery, although the bus will be freer."

It is possible to argue endlessly about cynicism and people who have this quality of character - all the same everyone will remain at the opinion. Personally, in my opinion, there are cynical people who should be avoided in order to avoid problem situations, and there are people who are vulnerable and survivors of trauma, who simply wear a cynic mask. The latter category should be taken with understanding - they, like teenagers, are trying to protect themselves from the aggression of the outside world.

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