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CrossFire - who is this? The most famous crossfitters: list, achievements and history

The variety of fitness training today is just off scale. In an ordinary sports club you can choose not only a personal instructor, but also make an individual program with a separate complex. But, as it turned out, there are no limits to perfection. And even standard fitness trainings can be diversified. To do this, switch to crossfit. What is he like? What elements does it include? How does crossfitter work out? Who invented the crossfit? About this and many other things we will talk in more detail below.

General Information on CrossFit

Fans of the crossfit are able to talk about it for hours. But in a nutshell, it is an extreme system of general physical training, which combines elements of kettlebell lifting, gymnastics, weightlifting and track and field athletics, rowing, etc. At the same time, all the exercises entering the main complex are performed with a certain Number of repetitions for a limited amount of time. In short, this is an express training for all muscle groups, equivalent to training representatives of fire protection, the Ministry of Emergency Measures and special purpose services.

To date, crossfit is a well-known branded system of general physical training, for which many celebrities, athletes and other famous people, as well as the best crossfitters of the world are engaged.

A Brief History of the Origin of CrossFit

Crossfit was first invented by the married couple Lauren Genai and Greg Glassman in 1996. However, the idea to inspire the couple was realized only four years later. Despite the fact that the system has passed a long chain of tests, including the divorce of rights holders, she managed to fall in love with many fitness fans.

Today crossfit is considered one of the most popular trademarks owned by CrossFit, Inc. Experienced and beginner crossfitters know about it. Moreover, the system itself is promoted not only as an entirely new kind of fitness, but also as a team sport.

What equipment is used in the halls?

Classes on crossfit, as a rule, occur in specially equipped halls. But since this program includes the details of several sports disciplines, among special attributes in such clubs you can find the following types of inventory:

  • Barbells with "pancakes" of different weights;
  • dumbbells;
  • Various weighting agents (for hands, feet, belt area);
  • Gymnastic rings ;
  • Skipping ropes;
  • Horizontal bars;
  • Rowing machines ;
  • Mats;
  • Step-platform;
  • Expanders;
  • Medical balls;
  • Metal hammer, chains;
  • Tires of tractors;
  • Treadmills, etc.

These attributes are used by the crossfitter (who is this, we will discuss in more detail below) to keep your body in perfect physical shape.

Who is a crossfitter?

A crossfitter is a person involved in the above express trainings, called the people's circular training (this is due to the fact that all exercises are repeated, close the circle, or cycle the program). However, it can both have a certain sporting experience, and it does not.

For example, some program lovers are famous athletes or masters of sports. Others - just decided to master an extreme set of exercises in order to quickly pull all the muscle groups and lose weight. And some crossfit allows you to believe in yourself, a vivid example of this is a former athlete in the swimming Chinas Cho. She became interested in the program because of the necessary rehabilitation after she underwent three complicated operations on the knee joint.

CrossFire: who are these men or women?

It is a mistake to believe that most of the people involved in cross-fencing are men. After all, among them there are women, including professional athletes and housewives. Moreover, thanks to the distribution of students to levels (beginners, pros), even older people can master the program.

In addition, there are special cycles of training, designed for pregnant women and even children. The load itself in this case is chosen strictly individually and depends on the initial physical preparation of the athlete and the available equipment in the training hall. All these nuances must know the beginner crossfitter. Who is it? An ordinary man or woman, even a child with various basic sports training.

What are the goals of crossfire?

Among the main goals for which a crossfitter is a daily training, you can distinguish the following:

  • Development of endurance;
  • Increase of working capacity of the respiratory system;
  • Increase in strength;
  • Increased flexibility;
  • Better coordination and power;
  • Increased speed of movement;
  • Improvement and strengthening of the vestibular apparatus;
  • The ability to respond as quickly as possible to changing loads.

And this is not a complete list of what can be achieved.

What should a beginner crossfitter know?

The first thing that the most famous crossfitters are advised to pay attention to is the choice of the room. According to them, it is necessary to perform this or that set of exercises only under the supervision of experienced instructors. And for this it is necessary to find a suitable room for training. As a rule, professional crossfit clubs differ from one another only in programs. Therefore, you need to go around a few, in order to choose the right one.

The second important point: you need to listen carefully to your coach, record your sessions and be sure to do a short workout (will prepare the muscles for the load and reduce the likelihood of injury) and hitching (done at the end of the program and aimed at stretching and relaxing the muscles of the body). And of course, you need not just to train, but to enjoy it. In this case, your lessons will be of maximum benefit.

What can I achieve by doing crossfire?

Training crosswords, as a rule, lead to positive results. So, with regular lessons, you can pull up all muscles and improve the figure in a short time, gain the necessary muscle mass, and develop endurance and willpower. Like any sport, circular training disciplines, teaches you to set and achieve your own goals.

Famous crossfitters: who are they?

One of the most famous and promising athletes who has reached heights in crossfire is the American Matthew Fraser. At an earlier age, he was engaged in weightlifting for a long time and was a promising star. In 2009, he became a champion three times and was a member of the American team. However, the fate was different. In preparation for the Olympic Games in 2010, the young man suffered a serious spinal injury. Later, Matthew had surgery and could not return to participation.

However, like many famous crossfitters, Fraser did not lose heart. He began to engage in a circular program, despite the fact that after the operation in his body there were two plates and six bolts.

In 2013, the athlete first took part in the team competition crossfit Crossfit Games. Already then in one of the competitions he managed to bypass the three-time champion. From this moment the name of Fraser got into the top of the most powerful cross-fitters of the world.

Strength and endurance Lauren Fisher

Another best crossfire (to everyone's surprise) is a woman. This is Lauren Fisher, who started her career as an athlete during school. At this time, she attended volleyball and basketball sections, and for the development of greater endurance she was engaged in cross-fencing.

However, having entered the college, Lauren decided to engage in circular training at a more serious level, adding to the original program of weightlifting. And the result did not take long. In 2013, during the national championship among juniors, she took second place. And exactly one year later the sportswoman received the long-awaited gold medal.

Excellent physical data and the desire to win Noah Olsen

Noah Olsen is an athlete who occupies the first position in the international leaderboard Open (the main qualification of Crossfit Games). Despite the fact that he is endowed with excellent physical data by nature, an American does not see a side-chapel for perfection. Day by day he is engaged in a crossfit, which brings him great pleasure. According to him, to keep the brand of the leader helps him an incredible power to win and hard work.

Sean Ramirez is the king of his division

Another strong crossfighter, who is dubbed the undefeated king of his division, is Sean Ramirez. This athlete holds the position of leader for two years to a number. Moreover, he repeatedly led in almost every game stage of Crossfit Games and left with the nose of the former division champions.

Modest and unpretentious Ben Smith

They say that modesty adorns a person. This is the rule and adheres to the quiet and calm Ben Smith. According to him, he does not like screaming about his victories, but prefers to prove his strength and endurance with his deeds. And his work is visible to fans of the crossfit, since Ben has been a member of Crossfit Games since 2009. In 2011 and 2013, he was third, and by 2015 he had already risen to the top level of the leaders.

Simple Irish guy BC Gudmundsson

This is another simple guy from Ireland, keen on cross-fencing. In 2015, during the regular games Crossfit Games he managed to enter the top three. As it turned out, the athlete has a huge experience in gymnastics, which he adds from time to time with elements of weightlifting. He loves and knows how to work on himself, giving a lot of time to training and nutrition.

Zach Ruhl - a man of incredible hardening and willpower

Separate attention deserves Zach Ruhl. Unlike the actions of other athletes, his actions in the circular training have certain limitations. The fact is that because of joint illness at the age of two, the athlete was deprived of both legs. However, this did not break, but, on the contrary, tempered his character. At the moment Zak is a symbol of sporting prowess and will power. He easily does push-ups during the stand on his hands and lifts the weights.

Moreover, the crossfitter has opened its own school, where he teaches all the subtleties of circular training for people with disabilities. Other well-known athletes include the following:

  • Rob Forte.
  • Rich Froning.
  • Dena Bailey.
  • Josh Bridges and others.

All of them have received world recognition and continue to work on their bodies.

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