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Comedy "Between the Angel and the Devil": actors and roles

"Between the Angel and the Devil" is the French comedy of 1995. In the plot of the picture the fantasy and elements of the detective genre are combined fantastically. Jean-Marie Poiret - the creator of the film "Between the Angel and the Devil." Actors in his picture, the director invited the most famous, as you can see by reading this article.

The main role in the comedy Poiret was played by the famous Gerard Depardieu. Below are the names of the other actors "Between the Angel and the Devil". The famous artist, who recently abandoned his homeland, is not the only star of French cinema in the cast of the comedy. So, who played in the movie "Between the Angel and the Devil"?

Actors and roles

Kristian Clavier performed in this film the role of a minister of the church. The movie "Aliens" brought popularity to the actor. This comedy also shot Poiret, she came out on the screen two years before the film "Between the Angel and the Devil." The actor became famous throughout the world in the form of Jacques Proidocha. He also played such films as "Napoleon", "Corsican", "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar". Participation in the shooting Depardieu and Clavier predetermined the success of the comedy "Between the Angel and the Devil."

The cast was supplemented by Eva Grimaldi, one of the most beautiful artists of the 80s and 90s. The role in the movie Poiret - the brightest in her filmography. Other actors ("Between the Angel and the Devil"): Yves Ranier, Laurent Zhandron, Alexander Eximo, Jean Champion, Jennifer Herrera.

Antoine Carco

The plot starts in the French capital. It is in this beautiful city that Antoine Carco (Depardieu) lives. He is quite a wealthy man, he owns his own cabaret. The institution, where the best dancers and strippers perform, brings a stable good income to the businessman. In addition, the main character is not deprived of the attention of the female. But one unexpected call changes the habitual way of life of a rich Parisian.

Traveling to Hong Kong

On the phone to him for help turns an old friend. A friend asks Antoine to take a small boy from Hong Kong, along with a solid sum of money, and take them to the French capital. However, the man does not have time to finish the sentence. His life breaks off the bullets of unknown criminals.

The main character is left with nothing but to go to a distant Asian metropolis, where he is already waiting for a boy. But upon arrival he immediately understands that it is not easy to fulfill the errand of the deceased. The boy is hunted by influential local mafiosi. And it is the Parisian who is now on their way.

However, a successful businessman is more concerned about the other. He does not know how to carry a bundle of banknotes through the security camera at the airport. Accidentally a brilliant idea comes to the head of the main character. He turns to the Catholic priest for help, placing money in his diary. Everything goes as planned resourceful Antoine. He successfully delivers a boy and money to Paris.

However, the man pursues selfish goals. The fate of the child does not bother him at all. Antoine was initially involved in this business for profit. Now he simply forgot about the boy, leaving him in the care of the priest.

Karko vs. the Chinese Mafia

This alignment does not suit the hero Clavier, who literally curses the French businessman. Karko, who believes only in the power of money, only laughs at him. However, soon the hero Dapardier begins to regret that he did not complete the task to the end. Conscience awakens in the hardened soul of Antoine, who has never suffered sentimentality. Meanwhile, an influential Chinese criminal clan sends its mercenaries in search of a boy to France. Before armed thugs, the task is set: at any cost to return it back.

"Between an angel and a demon" - not the best picture with the participation of Depardieu. However, the film only in France looked more than five million viewers.

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