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"Colony of Dignidad": reviews of the movie

On the political turmoil and anarchic mess going on in the countries of South America in the early 70s of the 20th century, few artistic films were shot: the directors preferred documentaries chronicling the period of Argentina's "dirty wars" and the peculiarities of the coup in Chile.

The film "The Colony of Dignidad" reviewed reviewers' reviews as one of the most successful attempts by filmmakers to draw world attention to the events in Chile. The tape shows the events that took place in the country, beginning with the coming to power of the Communists led by Salvador Allende before the establishment of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Director Florian Gallenberg, filming the film "Colony of Dignidad", took as a basis a fictitious story that could have happened in a sectarian colony that existed in reality, which, in fact, was a prison for political prisoners.


"Charitable and educational society" Dignidad "» was founded in 1961 in Chile and was known as a real paradise on earth, an idyll. In fact, under the idealistic screen, a sect was hiding, headed by the despotic Paul Schaefer, a fugitive Nazi with dictatorial habits (he was played by Mikael Nyquist). As soon as General Pinochet comes to power, he begins to send people who are dissidents, for the latter, being in "society" became a real hell.

Fascinated by the struggle for socialism, a young journalist, German-born Daniel (Daniel Brühl), and his girlfriend, German stewardess Lena (Emma Watson), are arrested for their political correctness. The girl is released after a long trial, and the young man is expected to suffer a sad fate: he is sent to the "Dignidad", in which the adherents of the sadistic religious cult are running. All who fall into the walls of the colony do not return.

At the risk of their freedom and life, Lena, under the guise of a cult fan, voluntarily goes to "Dignidad", obsessed with the hope of saving her lover. Such a plot has the film "Colony of Dignidad". The description above does not contain global spoilers.

Against the background of the political battalion

Historical and political drama "The Colony of Dignidad" reviews about the film got diametrically opposed. Experts skeptical about the Gallenberger project noted that this story is more suitable for documentary films, since it mentions too much historical personalities and aspects. But, according to even the most skeptical skeptics, cinema is not "totalitarian propaganda." Perhaps, therefore, the Colony of Dignidad has an IMDb rating of 7.10. Especially because the film's pro-film resembles the tape "What to do in case of fire" by Gregor Schnitzler. Gallenberger also actively discusses the subject of friendship and love against the backdrop of political battles.


The visual component of the painting "Colony of Dignidad" was defined by experts as perfect - from the first to the final frame. Despite the fact that the narrative is full of despair, it is saturated with regret and throbbing tension, there are light colors in it: warm colors, picturesque landscapes, children's voices. At the beginning of the narrative, the authors deliberately show to the spectators a cozy, ideally furnished apartment of Daniel. Comfort creates an impression of security, and the whole space of the apartment is saturated with the scent of love because of Lena's presence. But the situation on the street is completely opposite. The film "The Colony of Dignidad" is largely built on contrasts. The harmony of the life of the central characters is destroyed in a moment, and then begins an insane test in which they need to obey and pretend, constantly be on their guard.

For a narrow circle

The drama "The Colony of Dignidad" was criticized by critics as a film for a narrow circle of amateur historians. But the German director Florian Gallenberger, who specializes in historical and political paintings (his previous project "Jon Rabe" dedicated to the war of Japan and China, covered the Nanjing massacre), filming an artistic film, invited the world-famous actress to participate in the production of the tape Emma Watson. The performer has finally managed to stop being Hermione.

In the majority of modern paintings, female characters occupy second-line positions, achieving the set goal by seduction of the main male characters or their natural charm. The only exceptions are Sarah Connor from the "Terminator" and Ripley from the "Alien". Now they can easily be counted as Lena and performed by Watson. Let her not have perfect weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques, but her inner strength is unlimited.

The main advantage

The heroine Watson steadfastly overcomes all difficulties, not sparing herself. "Colony of Dignidad" (reviews of the film that proof) would not have been so dramatic without the participation of Emma, who managed to launch a whole campaign for gender equality. This tape is the rarest case, when the heroine saves the hero, and her feelings look more convincing than his.

Daniel Brühl, who received approving reviews from film critics after participating in the films "Inglourious Basterds", "Goodbye, Lenin!", "Race", "Fifth Power", "First Avenger", against the background of acting Watson lost. Nevertheless, Brühl is now one of the most popular and sought-after film actors in Germany. And the drama "The Colony of Dignidad" reviews the viewers' recommendations for viewing because of the brilliant actor duet Watson-Brühl, who performed the main roles. And yet, despite the bright central characters, in the foreground of the picture remains the colony of Dignidad.

Pure evil

In the hypostasis of the antagonist in the picture is the eerie Paul Schaefer, in which Mikael Nyqvist successfully reincarnated. In the history of world cinema, such types are often found, but the performer was lucky enough to stand out due to his unrivaled charisma. The character is extremely interesting - a preacher covering his inborn cruelty, a thirst for domination, aggression "by the will of God" and noble impulses. Schaefer, sowing fear in his souls, has a huge influence on the parishioners. He blames members of his sect for vices, but he himself is not without sin.

The film "Colony of Dignidad" equates the hero of Nyquist with a powerful bulldozer, pushing representatives of the beautiful half of humanity into the ground, along the way flooding them with mud. Paul is the case when evil exists by itself, and there is no justification for it. Mikael Nyqvist brilliantly coped with the task posed by the authors of the picture. His character is realistic, does not look like a caricature villain. The actor is known to the viewer on the tapes "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo", "No Connection" and "Mission Impossible".

Quality drama

Closer to the denouement, the film on the tension of the atmosphere is close to "Argo" - the work of Ben Affleck. But in the Gallenberger project, the escape of the protagonists was not carefully thought out and prepared. The viewer sees the flow of time that the characters are in the colony, thanks to the maps transmitting their numerous movements. They divide the narrative into chapters and notify which day of the stay is going on. The script of playwright Thorsten Wenzel deserves all praise, it is written impeccably. In the script of the tape there is not a single pointless, superfluous plot twist and branch, and the characters are real and alive.


The film "Colony of Dignidad" is recommended by experts for viewing regardless of sex, views on life. After all, it is primarily a quality drama, which will certainly leave a mark in the heart of the beholder.

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