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Cognac from moonshine

Among all alcoholic beverages cognac takes a special place, as it is characterized by high taste qualities. It is a strong drink of amber color, which is endowed with a complex aroma in which notes of vanilla are caught, and a mild taste, achieved by double distillation of grape wine with subsequent exposure. This is how traditional cognac is cooked, but many are interested in how to make cognac from home-brewed spirits. It should be said that it is not difficult to do this. Though, the received drink will remind this cognac only on taste and color, as in its production technology there will be no grape alcohol and aging in oak barrels. Let's consider simple recipes for how to make homemade cognac from moonshine.

1. Ingredients: three liters of moonshine (vodka), potassium permanganate at the tip of the knife, walnuts, one spoonful of black tea, seven cloves, one spoon of cumin and vanilla sugar, citric acid at the tip of the knife.

In a jar with a good home-brew put manganese in order that the fusel oils precipitated. If vodka is used, the manganese is not added. Then add a handful of dry nuts, tea and cloves, cumin and sugar, and, last but not least, citric acid. Cognac from moonshine should be insisted for two to three days at room temperature. However, it is not recommended to leave it for more than a week.

Before using this drink, it is filtered through a cloth or gauze. Thus, the preparation of cognac at home does not take much time, in contrast to its traditional production, where oak barrels are used.

2. Another way of making such a drink, like cognac from moonshine, involves the use of oak chips. So, make blanks from a young oak: remove from it the peel (it contains many useful substances), dried and sawn into strips seven centimeters long. Toporikom and kiyankoy chips splinter thickness of two or three millimeters.

These chips are filled to the shoulders of three-liter cans and poured a good degree of self-brew (45%), adding to each of its liter of one spoonful of sugar. After that cognac from moonshine put in a dark place for three months, then filtered. Thus, forty-five-degree alcohol is obtained, which is distinguished by its unique taste and aroma.

3. "Home Cognac"

Ingredients: one and a half liter of moonshine, one spoonful of oak bark, one spoonful of St. John's wort, dog rose, black tea, one bay leaf (it is possible without it), two crushed peppercorns, three glucose tablets, cinnamon and vanilla on the tip of the knife.

All components except glucose are mixed, and poured into a bottle, which is closed with a lid and placed for three days in a dark place. Before drinking, the drink is filtered, glucose is added to it and bottled.

4. "Anniversary Cognac"

Ingredients: three tablespoons of coffee, three tablespoons of sugar, fifteen cloves of flowers, one small spoonful of cinnamon, a packet of vanilla sugar, three liters of moonshine.

All the loose ingredients are poured into one liter of moonshine and shaken well to allow the sugar to completely dissolve. Then add the remaining moonshine, cover with a lid and put it for two weeks in a dark place. At the end of the time, cognac from the moonshine is filtered and bottled.

To date, cognac is popular all over the world. It is often cooked at home using moonshine as one of the ingredients. So, you can get quite good for flavoring drinks from moonshine. Moreover, the quality of many alcoholic drinks that stand on the shelves of shops, is often questioned, and the natural product is appreciated.

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