Cities of Dagestan: from South Sukhokumsk to Derbent

Dagestan is the pearl of the Caucasus, the country of riddles and mountains, from time immemorial attracted to it by a huge number of travelers, poets, artists, writers. This mysterious land was famous for its richness of customs, hospitality, pacifying beauty of mountain scenic landscapes. For thousands of years the Huns and Romans, Mongols-Tatars and Turks, Khazars and Arabs fought for the right to own this land.

Dagestan today

Now it is the most southern region of Russia and the largest in the number of inhabitants of the republic of the North Caucasus. The whole territory, covering an area of fifty thousand square kilometers, is the majestic mountains, sandy sunny beaches of the Caspian coast, high mountain glaciers, steppes, subtropical lianas and, of course, the towns and villages of Dagestan. Here there are large reserves of gas and oil, there is a large copper deposit. But the main wealth of the region is the population, a unique ethnic community of more than one hundred nationalities and nationalities! Nowhere in the world on such a small territory do not live so different people.

Cities of Dagestan

The cultural and administrative center of the republic is Makhachkala, which has a population of more than six hundred thousand people. It's a young city, he's only 165 years old. Makhachkala was founded as a Russian fortress during the Persian campaign, when Peter the Great camp was located in these places. However, not all the cities of Dagestan are so young, here is located one of the most ancient Russian settlements - Derbent. This Persian name dates back to the sixth century and is translated as "castle gate". The city justifies its name: it covers a narrow passage along the Caspian coast. In ancient times, the townspeople settled between the two fortress walls, which began at the citadel of Naryn-kala, that on a high bank, went down and went to sea. Derbent has grown over many centuries, has become modern, but even now the streets of the old city, ancient mosques and ancient mausoleums keep the spirit of that time and eastern charm.

List of cities in Dagestan

The main wealth of the region - in its history, original and unique culture, the art of peoples. Here, modern civilization adjoins the monuments of antiquity, minarets and towers, stone fortresses. In total there are more than six thousand historical monuments on the territory of the republic . Whatever cities and districts of Dagestan you have visited, everywhere you will see unique cultural sites.

There are forty-two districts, ten cities and nineteen townships in the region. There are 1,610 rural settlements, 701 of them are villages. Most of the settlements with a non-Slavic population, officially represented as villages, are historically referred to as auls. The cities of Dagestan are Makhachkala, Derbent, Dagestan Ogni, Khasavyurt, Kaspiisk, Izberbash, Kizilyurt, Buinaksk, Yuzhno-Suhokumsk, Kizlyar. Each of them is interesting in its own way.

From Dagestan's Lights to Kizlyar

Dagestan lights are a satellite of Derbent. Both cities are growing rapidly, inevitably approaching each other. Located on the shore of the Caspian Sea, at the foot of the Greater Caucasus, it contrasts sharply with its neighbor. The Dagestan Lights seem to argue with the mighty Derbent all the time, defending the right to exist. This is the youngest Dagestan city. In ancient times, the area was famous for natural gas outlets, and in 1914 the Malyshev brothers, industrialists from Astrakhan, built a plant here working on combustible gas. The settlement was named Dagestan Lights, and then it already acquired the status of the city.

Another interesting place on the map of Dagestan is Khasavyurt, a city that arose at the end of the seventeenth century. On the right bank of the river Yaryk-su in 1840 erected a military fortification "Khasavyurt", which later became a settlement. Now it is the administrative center of a large district, which in national composition represents Dagestan in miniature. In the city live about 135 thousand people, representing more than thirty nationalities and nationalities.

All the cities of Dagestan are original and beautiful. Buinaksk - the first capital of the region, known rock Kavaler-Battery, at the top of which at one time the Mongol conqueror Tamerlane broke his tent. Izberbash is a city of oil owners, founded at the foot of the Pushkin-Tau mountain on the deserted coast of the Caspian Sea. Kizlyar - a settlement, mentioned in the annals of 1652, and later became the center of winemaking and viticulture. Kaspiisk is the brainchild of the first Soviet five-year plans, the name given to the gray-haired Caspian, and life to the Dagdizel plant.

The Unique Land

One of the most hospitable and most beautiful corners of Dagestan is the Dakhadaevsky district. Here, the past, the present and the future are closely intertwined. Every year hundreds of tourists come here to see Kubachi with their own eyes - a village of goldsmiths who make filigree jewelry, jugs, dishes, sabers and much more.

In whatever corner of Dagestan you find yourself, everywhere you will find amazing places, everywhere you will meet amazing people. It is impossible to describe the beauty of the local canyons, mountains, rivers, beauty of souls of people inhabiting the republic. Dagestan should be felt. Dagestan needs to be seen. In Dagestan you need to live!

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