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Choosing a tulle for a bedroom

Modern interior is inconceivable without decorating windows with curtains, curtains, curtains. If heavy and thick curtains are designed to control the light in the room, then the tulle for the bedroom is often selected to give the interior a finish or to accentuate the window. This material is the main accessory of the bedroom. The basis, without which it is impossible to create comfort, airiness, beauty of the room.

First of all, create in the room a relaxing and soft lighting. Correctly selected tulle and curtains for the bedroom will be able to decorate it and create an intimate atmosphere.

Very rarely, designers advise using tulle for a bedroom as separate curtains. However, this is possible if the bedroom is in a shaded part of the house or in the window design blinds are used. Dense tulle is suitable for decorating windows that look out on the sunny side.

Choosing a tulle for a bedroom, give preference to light and warm tones. Tulle can be monophonic or with a floral pattern - flowers or leaves that are barely visible. Remember that translucent lace fabrics create a gentle romantic atmosphere in the room. Guipure inserts make the bedroom smart and festive, but this option looks best with dense classic curtains.

If you chose curtains with a pattern, then the tulle for the bedroom should be monophonic. Color organza suitable for a room where the gloom reigns. It can be used independently, without additional decorations, or as an accessory, for example, for a night lamp shade.

It is important when choosing tulle correctly calculate the size of the finished curtain. It should exceed the length of the cornice in half. This will allow creating beautiful tails or harmoniously distributing tulle in large or small folds. The length of the canvas a few centimeters should not reach the floor, and dense curtains should touch it.

For a small bedroom tulle is needed light. It visually expands the space and creates lightness. If your bedroom has wallpaper with floral or floral elements, and carpets are on the floor, then do not choose tulle with a picture - it will look inharmonious. Too curvy curtains with ruffles are not suitable for a small room - they will not expand, but take away space.

Beautiful tulle in the bedroom (photo you see in this article), sustained in aristocratic tones, should be light colors - then it will harmoniously blend with French or Austrian curtains. This is a heavy silk cloth, which is collected at the cornice with the help of special cords. This design always looks impressive. Curtains and tulle in this case should be monophonic, light, pastel.

Tulle not only creates coziness in the bedroom, but also protects it from extraneous views. Of course, you can choose something of your own, original, it all depends on your imagination and taste. Perhaps you will like warm orange or calm brown, or maybe you will like the color of ripe lime.

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