Chinese car brands: a list of cars and trucks

Talk about Chinese cars began only a few years ago. Before that, the entire automotive industry from the Middle Kingdom was perceived as some sort of misunderstanding that stands alongside transport from Cuba, from Pakistan or from India - obsolete models that suited only to the regulated domestic market. Even stranger then seemed the possibility of acquiring such machines, much less assembling them on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Industrial Miracle

In the People's Republic of China, the modern automobile industry is gradually emerging with the involvement of international concerns, which bring their technologies and techniques, train specialists. With the arrival of profile concerns, suppliers were also reaching for them, and now no one is puzzled why European or any other cars are going there.

Inheritance of world experience

At the same time, a number of traditional Chinese manufacturers did not stop their development and began to copy the most technologically accessible models: Daewoo, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, Isuzu and many others. Because of the lack of professionals with experience in at least a large-scale assembly, the original brands of Chinese cars were not always successful. There was a thoughtless copying, after all about release of competitive production then nobody and did not think. Quality, reliability, safety and environmental friendliness also left much to be desired.

Litigation with automakers

The initial period is characterized by a series of litigation with a number of Japanese corporations that filed suits against various brands of Chinese cars, seeking to protect their copyrights and technologies. Initially, such an eastern expansion was perceived almost as a national threat, but market conditions always played a key role, and after settling disputable legal nuances gradually these cars began to appear on the streets of cities.

Expanding the sphere of influence

First they were used in the cargo transportation segment, as a reasonable compromise was reached between price and reliability of cars, but nowadays many drivers have been able to make sure that Chinese products meet international standards. There was a demand in the sphere of passenger transport. The products, which began to be manufactured in the Celestial Empire, have practically all the requirements that are put forward to modern machines - reliability, practicality, maneuverability, durability, operational safety and efficiency. Time has proved that different brands of Chinese cars perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to them when using the Russian reality under rather tough conditions. They allow operation not only on highways, public roads or city avenues, but also on primers with far from the best quality of coverage. Among the most popular brands - Groz, Faw, Chery, Geely, CNHTS, Rely.

Note that at present there is a permanent increase in demand for a variety of brands of passenger cars in the Chinese budget segment. The cut-off of consumers of these products is also very indicative, as practically all age categories are represented in it: young people, married couples with or without children, middle-aged people and so on. In addition, enterprises, institutions, organizations and managers who are responsible for making decisions distribute their credit of trust to various brands of Chinese cars, if they are planned for use in cargo transportation, construction, service needs and so on. This indicates that the machines from the Celestial Empire earned the title of "workhorses" and successfully occupied a proper market niche. Price availability of such products, maintainability and acceptable quality have led to the fact that almost any resident of Russia can afford to buy a model to his own taste.

Changes in the assessment of consumers

In modern society, there are changes - talking about Chinese cars. The names of the brands most preferred for the specific roads of our country are now known to many. The main thing is that the cars from the Middle Kingdom are not afraid of significant temperature fluctuations, which are typical for the vast expanses of Russia. This is very important, because the functioning of machinery, units and assemblies somewhere in the middle belt with a continental climate is fundamentally different from the conditions in China. What can we say about the territories that are located beyond the Arctic Circle?

Commercial and special application

It's no secret for a long time that various brands of Chinese trucks are increasingly used by Russian carriers. This is facilitated by a crisis that is still felt in the sphere under consideration. Therefore, carriers are trying to maximally reduce the payback of their commercial vehicles and choose cheaper machines, which allows you to make a profit in a short time. In the market of truck tractors very noticeable changes have been observed. Many are trying to acquire new models from China, and not European cars with mileage or products of domestic manufacturers. The most popular Chinese brands of cars, the emblems of which you can see below.

Readiness for dialogue on modernization

Producers from China pay great attention to the specific conditions of application of technology and the wishes of consumers from different regions. For example, Dong Feng Corporation , which takes the second position in terms of truck deliveries to the Russian Federation, caused a number of significant changes in the constructive part of its products due to the dealers' appeal. Correction was carried out for the assembly of some machines (shifted center of gravity), the heating of the exterior elements of the cabin by exhaust gases was organized, ABS was installed, some other units and mechanisms were modernized.

Seriously and for a long time

Many importers declare their readiness for a dialogue with the manufacturers regarding the completion of cars and the importance of careful control of the products already at the place of its application. Such perfectionism and critical attitude towards oneself is a great advantage of the beginning corporations from China, which demonstrate the importance of the received markets and give hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Popular brands of Chinese cars in Russia, which are widely used and are leading in terms of sales, are presented below:

• Lifan X60

Absolute record holder in our market, because in 2013, about 28,000 machines of this manufacturer were purchased. In the Russian Federation, 57% of all cars that came off the assembly line were sold.

• Chery Tiggo FL

A capacious crossover that appealed to a huge number of consumers, since the beginning of 2014, this concern from the PRC managed to sell more than 9,500 cars, which is 14% more than the figures for the first quarter of the previous year. The total share of these cars on the Russian market increased from 0.7% to 0.9%.

• Geely MK

It is one of the leaders in sales by the results of 2013. For twelve months, more than 20,000 cars have been sold, which please their owners. The positions of the automaker have also significantly strengthened.

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