Children's skirts in the crib: for and against

One of the first places where the child will begin the life is a baby crib, that's why the arrangement of the nursery begins with its design. And the field of activity here is pretty decent - a mattress, pillows, bed linens, hanging toys and, of course, children's cushions in the crib. Many of today's parents grew up without using more than half Available in the assortment for today, therefore underestimate the functionality of many accessories. If in our country in the past there was no such access to the cute "knickknacks", then you should not deprive your child of such a charm. Most often you can hear the opinion that the children's sides in the crib - this is just another whim of wealthy parents, as well as complete unhygienic, as they sit down on a huge amount of dust.

Let's look at the functional purpose of the rails. Naturally, everywhere there are pluses and minuses, so first we will tell about the positive aspects, and then about the negative. So, the children's sides in the crib are the perfect protection of the baby from blows against the hard surface of the crib during rollovers. They provide softening of blows at the first timid attempts of the kid to independently rise and move. The next moment is an obstacle to the legs and pens, which easily get stuck between the pillars of the bed, which leads to dislocations and even to more serious consequences.

Pastel, gentle colors, in which almost all children's sides are made into the crib, create a cozy inside and soothe the baby, and funny pictures will be the first heroes and idols of your child. Due to the fact that the sides are made of a fairly soft and thick material, the baby will be reliably protected from drafts, the penetration of excessive light into the crib, which means it will quickly fall asleep. Thanks to the sides of the crib not only the baby will fall out, but all his accessories with which he is accustomed to sleep - a dummy, a bottle of water or food, a favorite toy. Another thing is that they detain the dust, and the child's bed will last longer to keep fresh and clean.

The negative aspects include the fact that the children's sides are dust collectors, which creates a sensation of stale air in the crib. However, this problem is easily solved - they need to be washed more often. Another point - when the child is older and more curious, he does not see what is outside his "room". But also it not a problem - subsequently it will be possible to release for review a certain window. The next disadvantage is that under the sides the child will still be able to push the leg or handle, which means that they are practically useless. That's all the arguments. As you can see, there are more pluses, but the choice is just for you!

You can buy curbs for a baby cot in almost any children's supermarket. If there is no time to hike in the usual boutiques, pay attention to online stores. They can order bows in the crib, photos of which are presented in huge quantities. Pretty convenient service - you can pay for delivery or via the Internet using a plastic card, and the delivery is carried out directly to the house. If you are not satisfied with any of the available options, then this option, how to sew the sides into the crib with your own hands is the best way out. Try it, make it, put a little imagination - and you will succeed!

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