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Catastrophically there is not enough money - what to do?

The situation when there is not enough money, is familiar to almost every modern man in the street. In the life of any person there were moments when the means to live ended earlier than the scheduled time. Therefore, we had to tighten our belts and think about what to do when there is a catastrophically shortage of money.

About common causes

Not many can understand why there is not enough money even for two weeks after receiving wages. According to statistics, more than half of Russian citizens do not have enough funds to exist. Money ends much earlier than a new salary. This problem affects even the well-to-do strata of the population.

The reason is that the deficit of the family or personal budget has long become the norm for each of us. Expenditures exceed revenues even at the state level - in terms of distributing the funds of the state treasury. Another objective reason is that people do not know how to reduce their requests. For example, a girl who spends almost all day at work, manages to pay for an apartment and buy herself perfume for 5 thousand rubles, receiving a salary of 14 thousand. Of course, here the answer to the question of why there is always not enough money lies on the surface. And this situation is one of the most obvious examples. The industry of expensive phones, watches, ornaments drives people into debt bondage and makes you think about what to do by the middle of the month if you do not have enough money.

About specific reasons

The first problem is that citizens of our state do not know how to plan their budget. Moreover, when it comes to pre-purchase, many clutch at the head, brushing off the interlocutor with the words: "Yes, why should it be! And so somehow everything will be formed! ". From such an attitude, not only the wallet suffers, but in the future also the stomach, and health, and other members of the family.

It is necessary to understand financial issues, it is important to look for new ways of solving problems. Then gradually you will become less and less likely to think about why there is not enough money. Paying a loan, indulging in entertainment and dressing the whole family is an unbearable burden for the average citizen. What to do? Plan your budget. And here we smoothly approach the second reason. This is the inability to plan your expenses. This means that a person at any second can get an expensive thing that in the future will not play a role in his life. Although no ... Will play! But already in the form of funds spent, which were intended for living in the last week before the salary.

Understanding everyone is different!

Before answering the question "There is not enough money for life! What should I do? ", It is important to understand the essence of the problem at hand. There are several ways of seeing this position, namely:

  1. The phrase "Not enough money for life!" Sounds like a verdict, as an indelible imprint of fate, which can not be remedied in any way. In this situation, a person of this type falls into a panic and begins to literally bite his elbows from a hopeless, seemingly, situation. In the purse left 200 rubles and hanged a fly! Nobody wants to be in such conditions, because what does it mean a few hundred before the salary for a city dweller? All the salt is that the lack of money for this type of people is a catastrophic problem that can not be solved!
  2. The second type of people is more loyal to the phrase "Not enough money!". As a rule, under the lack of funds, they understand the inability to pay for utilities. Here the situation does not seem so catastrophic as in the first case. As a rule, this type of people is loyal to financial problems and tries to solve them whenever possible.
  3. People of the third type and can perfectly exist in times of crisis. After all, the essence of the problem, when there is not enough money for life, is reduced to the fact that they can not afford to have fun on the weekends. Accordingly, there are no special reasons for concern.

Proceeding from the above classification, we can conclude that the solution depends on the vision of the situation by each individual person. For some, a shortage of funds is a disaster, for others - the lack of opportunity to spend time with friends over a latte.

The main rule of the financial crisis

If you do not have enough money to live, it is important to stick to the main rule: do not lose hope and optimism. Many people know that the lack of funds is accompanied by dejection and lack of proper comfort, to which every person or family gets used. Often at such times, the breadwinner and breadwinner falls into depression. As a rule, during the financial crisis in the family there are reasons for quarrels, clarification of relations and so on. The situation can gradually heat up so much that it is not far before parting.

Remember that maintaining optimism will allow you to maintain your intrapersonal relationships with loved ones, friends, family, superiors, parents and so on.

The next, no less important rule, is to draw from each situation a positive experience. Whatever negative appears in your life, it is important to see in everything a useful lesson for yourself and try not to repeat the mistakes of the past in the future. Analysis of unfavorable situations, including those when there is not enough money, allows us to find new ways to solve the problem, and in the future to improve our financial and social situation.

The week before the paycheck. How to organize your life? The first three in the studio!

Agree, live seven days before the salary without entertainment, new clothes and campaigns in the movies is quite real. And what to do when there is not enough money for food? In case of crisis situations, a special action plan has been developed for you:

  1. Collect all the money that is just in your house. More than once after the payday, coming from the store, you dumped a trifle from your pockets, thinking about how it hinders, rattling in your pockets. Now its time has come. Moreover, very often we do not notice how significant coins wipe the wallet wall, not finding its application and implementation for many weeks. For many people the collection of such trifles can turn into an unexpected wealth. The collected funds you can spend on travel, for simple food, for example rice or other grains, or for any other urgent expenses.
  2. Once you notice that you do not have enough money, you need to compile a list of products that you need for further existence. From the list it is important to exclude those expenses that you can commit after receiving a salary. All the cases that require additional expenses (for example, a trip with friends in the shops, a business trip for work at your expense), must either be canceled or postponed to a later period. If you explain the situation, there will not be any special problems with determining the date in the future.
  3. Give preference to cheap, but satisfying products. As practice shows, such are vegetables, fruits, cereals, better meat, and not harmful sausages and so on. So you not only provide yourself with food, but also take care of your health.

Next triple

The above list of items necessary for execution during the period of the personal financial crisis does not end there. Note the rules that are of secondary importance, namely:

  • When there is not enough money for a child, travel, entertainment, it is important to revise your daily routine. It is necessary to start cooking at home on your own every day. During the crisis for some time you will have to forget about snacks or dinners in places of fast food.

If such situations happen to you with an enviable periodicity, then make up for yourself a list of budget foods that you can fill an empty stomach. Many housewives as such act as a cold or frozen pits, from which you can always make soup.

About buying products

When there is not enough money, it is recommended to purchase exclusively seasonal products. Of course, few people can do without milk, eggs and bread, but in winter, as a fruit, you can prefer tangerines and apples, rather than grenades or grapes. You are very lucky if you live in a region where agriculture is developed. During the same crisis, you can lean on those products that should have a lower cost.

In addition, pay attention to the shelves. Very often, goods with yellow price tags are waiting for their buyer. It is also important to filter out the list of products that have a lower cost. So, it's better to buy 2 kilograms of potatoes at a lower price, rather than 3 chocolates at the price of one.

About buying things

If there is a difficult situation, you need to temporarily limit yourself in buying things. Do you prefer branded clothes and accessories? I'll have to wait and forget about such luxury for a while.

When the situation requires the purchase of a particular item, you can search it on the market, or even better - in the second hand. An excellent way out of the situation are seasonal sales, where once expensive things are sold at a discount of 50 or 70 percent. The purchase of necessary clothing in such periods helps to save tens of thousands of rubles.

Public transport

If every day you go to work across the city, you can save a large part of the budget through public transport. Sometimes the cost of gasoline exceeds the planned costs, especially for those who are constantly on the road for work without the possibility of paying for fuel from the company. Well, in that case you will have to endure some discomfort for saving money.

You can also try out a variant of the trip with a colleague. If this is your close friend, then you can dispense with a request. If it's a colleague or just an acquaintance, you'll have to spend a little and enter "into the share" when you need to pay for gasoline.


Many citizens during the crisis use old schemes of buying and selling unnecessary things. Believe me, in the modern world everything is bought and sold, you just need to make enough effort.

Ideal objects of sale are: books, clothes, household appliances, all kinds of collections, handmade crafts and so on. The Internet in this case is the best assistant. Place a couple of photos and ads for sale, and the long-awaited money will not keep you waiting.


Modern cruel world forced to give themselves not to one or two works, but three, four or more. Lack of money makes you look for new ways of earning.

One of the most popular is freelancing. To date, the Internet has a huge number of opportunities, for example, you can teach foreign languages online, write scientific or custom articles, deal with the design of sites and so on. The more specialized skills you have, the easier it is to make money on the vast web.

Extreme output

When there is absolutely no money left, a person can reach a state that will push him to commit a crime. In order to protect yourself from such problems, you can use the services of the banking system, namely, to issue a credit card.

In this situation, it is important to know the sense of proportion and not succumb to the intoxicating sense of permissiveness and inexhaustible resources. Making a purchase with the help of this plastic document, remember that you will have to pay with interest. Making a credit card is an extreme way to solve the problem, since banks have always profited from the insolvency of citizens. If you know that somewhere in the depths of your soul lives a shopaholic, pay attention to other options for finding money to stay.

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