Cameo is an ideal gift

The jewelry cameo has a century old history. And today every woman should have this magnificent product. Now jewelry began to be used in the light industry, including the cameo. Caps with jewelery inserts have become insanely popular.

Product History

Cameo as an element of decoration appeared in ancient Rome, as well as in Greece. They were worn only by noble ladies, than emphasized their status. Buy such an ornament, as cameo, it was possible in the markets. But the most beautiful brooches brought to the doorstep of the house fashionable eminent jewelers.

By definition, a cameo is a small portrait cut out of natural stone in the smallest detail. As a rule, for the cameo, female profiles are used, the suspension itself is made in the form of an oval. Very often on such brooches or pendants you can meet the silhouettes of historical personalities, and some even ordered their portraits. Animals were often depicted, such as tigers or lions. Also, certain subjects from mythology are used, as a result - a very interesting cameo is obtained. Jewelry has always been in vogue, so today it is very popular.

Progress cameos as a jewelery

Of course, today we meet a lot of jewelry, styles of clothing that were popular before. For example, Greek dresses, which are the most popular now among wedding dresses. Therefore, the cameo - this is not an exception, but only a confirmation of our words.

If the mother-of-pearl used mother-of-pearl as a background for making cameos, today it was replaced by other precious or semiprecious stones. The portrait itself, which is cut out on the background, is made of another kind of stone. It, as a rule, has a contrasting hue. Since it is the multi-layered portrait that is the key to the decoration. This process of production can be described as a jewelry. Cameo is always performed manually, without using machines.

Varieties of the product

Many have got used, that a cameo is, first of all, a brooch or a suspension bracket. But the world does not stand still, so today you can find earrings, watches, hoops, caskets and much more with the use of cameos. I want to note that, despite the size, all these decorations look simply amazing. Now these products are made of such stones as jasper, agate, onyx, serpentine. All of them have a characteristic pattern that can not be forged. On such stones you can always see the amazing lines that nature itself created. Agree, in the world there is nothing more beautiful than what was done by nature, and not by man.

Talking about the fact that today cut out on the basis of stone, you can simply get lost in varieties of such decoration, as cameo. Jewelry amazes with its beauty and unusual. Not only portraits are used, but also types of castles, parks, still lifes, bouquets, historical moments and much more. Each person can choose to himself the decoration that best suits him according to the principle and pace of life, as well as the state of the soul.

Cameo as an accessory of clothes

Speaking about Polish textiles, the first thing that comes to mind is the popular factory "Cameo", whose products are known all over the world. Headgear made by the factory, in addition to warmth and comfort, give the woman the beauty and carry a unique style. Such hats are sold not only in Poland, but also abroad, as the production of the factory is known all over the world. The motto of the factory sounds very simple: "Cameo" - hats that will always be fashionable. "

The hats of this factory outwardly resemble this jewelry, have an oval shape and are often supplemented with a brooch. Such headgear today can be found on numerous fashion shows. Designers in their winter collections use the products of the factory "Cameo", because it is always at the peak of fashion and constantly replenishes the market with new and exclusive goods. Anyone can purchase such headwear thanks to the Internet. As the company has its own official website and always delivers to the customers the goods chosen by them.

Popularity cameos

As mentioned earlier, its origins go to ancient Rome and Greece. In these countries, the brooch is still as popular. But also at us a cameo is one of the most bought goods among jewels. Its appearance is so exquisite that in its style the cameo is absolutely suitable for any state. In Russia, portraits of kings, artists and other artists are carved on it. Also quite often you can meet a cameo with a view of palaces and castles from the most beautiful corners of the country.

Probably, in many families it is possible to meet the tendency of the so-called cameo inheritance. It is believed that such a wonderful decoration should pass from mother to daughter. Quite frankly, such a tradition is beautiful. Many stores today offer along with their goods and a beautiful suspension or brooch, like a cameo. Customer feedback is always only positive, because wearing such an ornament is a real pleasure for every woman. Her age does not matter at all.

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