Best spa hotels in Estonia: photos and reviews

Nowadays, many people pay close attention to their appearance and health. For this, those who have the desire and opportunities, try to visit as often as possible the various rejuvenating procedures, massage sessions, fitness centers and other similar institutions and activities. If we consider Europe, then one of the regions that is the permanent leader in the number of tourists visiting it with the aim to improve is the Baltic region. This article will review the best spa hotels in Estonia and provide detailed information about them.

A bit of history

The founder of the spa holiday in Estonia is a man named Georg Witte. It was he who, in 1813, built a bathing establishment in Kadriorg Park in Tallinn, which, in turn, quickly became popular as a summer holiday destination for the royal family.

The capital highlight

Considering the spa hotels in Estonia, first of all, of course, we will stop our gaze at the capital's institutions. One of the best in Tallinn is Pirita TOP SPA, which is located on the coast of the sea. The infrastructure of this excellent hotel can offer guests the following:

  • Twenty-five-meter pool.
  • Two baths.
  • Three Finnish saunas.
  • Infrared bath.
  • The salt chamber.
  • Gym.

As for the health and beauty complex, those who wish can visit the hydrodiffusion capsule SPA-JET, the massage shower Vichy, use paraffin masks, undergo inhalations, cryotherapy, lie in pearl baths, undergo a mud cure and all types of massage.

Many tourists from Russia celebrate a good menu in the hotel restaurant. However, at the same time, a rather large percentage of visitors also remained and is dissatisfied with the spa, because, in their opinion, it remained in the level of its development even in the era of the Soviet Union: poor service, gloomy design of the building, lack of various amenities, Modern tourists. In addition, many hotel guests note its large population, which is not everyone had to like.

The Finnish miracle

One of the most popular spa centers in Europe is well-deservedly considered "Toila" (spa hotel, Estonia), which is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

In this truly luxurious place, the visitor can be invited to visit the Wellness Center of Orhidee, which, in turn, provides an opportunity to visit:

  • Japanese, Finnish, honey, steam or aromatic baths.
  • Basin for hardening.
  • Termah - public bathing places, the decor of which is made in an ancient style (on the floor, ceiling and walls, there are ancient themes).

Orhidee also gives visitors the opportunity to visit under the influence of a solar simulator that helps the human body produce vitamins, strengthen immunity, relieve pain in joints and muscles, and get rid of depression.

Toila: procedures

Like many other spa hotels in Estonia, Toila provides tourists with the opportunity to get advice from qualified medical specialists who will help them to choose the necessary set of procedures, including:

  • Massages (manual, in a massage chair).
  • Healthy baths (with carbon dioxide, with aromatic oils, with salt of the Dead Sea).
  • Ascending or circular shower.
  • Foot bath with magnesium chloride.

In addition, the resort has the opportunity to undergo medical inhalations, massage with amplipulse, ultrasound, use magnetotherapy, cryotherapy, gas injections, pass all necessary tests, attend therapeutic gymnastics sessions (both individually and as part of a group).

Gourmets will also not be left out: the spa hotel has an excellent restaurant. For lovers of golf provided an appropriate field.

Reviews of visitors to this spa are mostly positive. Most tourists note the high quality of the spa treatments, excellent service and food. Of the minuses, hotel guests noted only small sizes of standard rooms.

In the neighborhood with Russia

Relatively near the border with the Russian Federation is located "Norus" (spa hotel, Estonia). According to the reviews of tourists, this institution has good baths and an excellent menu in the restaurant.

In the hotel the tourists are offered:

  • Visit the fitness center Three Apples Spa, equipped with the latest requirements and having competent coaches in the state.
  • To visit the water-bath center equipped with eight baths, a sports pool, a children's pool, a swimming pool with an attraction, a jacuzzi, an outdoor terrace, a bar, a salt sauna, an aromatic bath, Finnish saunas.

For lovers of privacy, there is the opportunity to relax in a private recreation area, which is accessible to persons who have reached the age of eighteen.

For people who wish to undergo rejuvenating procedures, the Beauty Center opens its doors, offering a variety of massages (traditional, Swedish, with candles, volcanic stones, Ayurvedic). In the same center there is a multifunctional cabin with a shower Aemotio Spa, which is unique all over the Baltics. In addition, there is a procedure for 3D rejuvenation, for which the eTwo device of the world famous company from Israel Syneron is used.

According to many visitors to the hotel, they had a twofold impression of the rest: on the one hand, the hotel has excellent food and procedures, and on the other - the room for accommodation with the child is very small, the service in the restaurant is not always on top, The center does not always work with all simulators.


"Meresuu" (spa hotel, Estonia) is another one of those centers that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Wellness-center procedures are aimed not only at women, but also at men, and even children as well. Here, visitors can enjoy the care of face and body, go for a massage, undergo therapeutic procedures (visit the salt room and infrared sauna). Also available is a solar room and a solarium.

For kiddies there is a special massage, massage baths with coconut milk, manicure and pedicure.

There is an aqua center with a complex of baths, where you can spend unlimited time, enjoying relaxation and healing. For sports enthusiasts Meresuu sports club opens its doors.

In the restaurant Meloodia throughout the day you can enjoy a varied menu that can satisfy the gustatory demands of any gourmet. Here you can order a romantic dinner or a children's party.

If you talk about the reviews of hotel guests, among them you can find quite harsh statements related to claims about the inconsistency of these procedures on the official site of the hotel with their real rendering. Some tourists claim that the individual baths or pools were in non-operating condition. It was also noted the poor performance of the Internet in the center. Although in most cases Meresuu, like all other spa hotels in Estonia, left a good impression on many guests.

Metropolitan Center

Listing the spa hotels in Estonia, we note that the Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel is located in the very center of Tallinn, in close proximity to the parliament building. The second floor of the hotel is a spa, where a vast program of various health services is developed: a sauna, a solarium, massages, and baths. Children will be happy to visit the water park, swimming pools, pearl foam baths.

An exclusive feature of the hotel is a massage for two persons using red wine and a bath filled with petals of white roses and cherry blossoms.

Studying the hotel guests' reviews, it can be noted that most of them liked the spa center, although there are also such tourists who did not like the hotel because of not always truthful information provided by employees. They do not warn about repairs, malfunctions, etc.

Georg Ots SPA

This hotel, located on the island of Saaremaa, meets its guests with various wellness programs that are aimed at restoring the cardiovascular system, metabolism, eliminating joint diseases, muscles, gynecological and other ailments. Here you can use oxygen, mineral baths, massages (conventional and using plant extracts), Jacuzzi. It goes without saying that you can not do without physiotherapy here: acupuncture, inhalation, wave therapy, ultrasound - all these visitors can use it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that spa hotels in Estonia are an essential item of the state budget revenue, and therefore special attention is paid to their development.

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