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Beauty requires sacrifice: how to wash off the tan?

In just a few minutes, modern cosmetic miracle products will help you acquire a beautiful tanned skin. Using them is very simple, but with how to wash away tanning, as a rule, there are many more problems.

Regardless of which method you use, you need to prepare the skin before beginning the procedure. Everyone knows that the best paint departs from the steamed skin, and therefore for the beginning experts recommend to lie down in a hot bath or even go to the steam room.

On sale you can find special lotions, designed for those who are looking for ways how to wash away the tan. Scrubs and peelings (including home-made preparations), in which there is salt or ground coffee, will do just fine. You can simply apply a mixture of lemon juice and sea salt. The selected product must be carefully ground with a washcloth.

Inexpensive funds can often be washed off with the help of make-up remover. It can be as soft milk, and more intensive spirit-containing make-up. But it is important to consider that professional expensive toners can not be deduced in this way.

Talking about how to wash away tanning, you can not forget about the old proven method. All you need is to mix the table vinegar and water in equal amounts, moisten the cotton swab with this remedy and thoroughly rub the skin until it brightens.

A proven and powerful enough tool is undiluted 99% alcohol. However, in this case you will have to accept the sharp specific smell and the fact that alcohol dries the skin extremely hard.

A more gentle effect in this respect is a solution of hydrogen peroxide (3% is ideal). Again, a cotton swab dipped in peroxide, you need to wipe the skin until the desired result.

In addition to all of the above, those who are looking for ways how to wash away tanning, you can recommend the use of special masks for the body, the main component of which is natural clay.

Somewhat more difficult to get rid of auto tanning will be the owner of sensitive skin. Specialists recommend to dilute lemon juice with vegetable oil and use the mixture to return the natural shade of the skin.

If you are looking for ways how to wash off the auto-tanning from your feet or other parts of your body, it is highly discouraged to use alkaline, chlorine-containing products and lacquers for this purpose. They are extremely harmful to the skin and are used only in the most extreme cases. But when it comes to how to wash the tan with the hands, everything is much easier - the skin on the hands is much rougher, and therefore the "torture" with the liquid for removing the varnish it will carry easily, and you will achieve the desired result.

Almost all of the above methods must be carried out in several procedures (sometimes it can take up to 5 sessions).

In addition, as a result, the skin becomes very dry, so after each procedure, a moisturizing nourishing cream should be applied to the body.

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