Bath and sauna varnish: characteristics

Probably, every owner of a private house dreams of becoming the owner of his own sauna or bath. But on simple construction work does not end. Over time, the wooden elements of this structure begin to appear damp, mold, blue. Naturally, the owners have a quite natural question: how can you protect these wooden structures? In this situation, the varnish for the sauna and sauna can help. It will be discussed further.

Bath and sauna varnish

This is a special tool designed for processing wood in rooms with high humidity. Such varnishes are specially designed to protect against moisture and high temperatures of wooden walls and ceilings in the dressing room, washing and directly in the steam room itself. In addition, they form a coating repelling dirt and water, which helps to prevent decay of wood. Also, varnishes fully meet the requirements of fire safety.

Properties of lacquer

Bath and sauna belong to special rooms, in which not just heat, but real heat. Therefore, the varnish for baths and saunas should, as consumers claim, have certain properties:

  • Be maximum resistant to large temperature changes;
  • Meet all fire safety requirements;
  • Protect wood on the walls and floor from mold, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Do not lose over time your external aesthetic appearance, the original texture and color.

As a rule, the varnish for baths and saunas in its composition has a high-quality acrylic base, which gives resistance to high temperatures and does not allow this product to melt. Also in such varnishes there is always a wax that gives the composition repelling water and pollution properties.

When choosing a quality coating for wood, you should always remember that the varnish should be easy to clean, easy to apply to the surface and have high adhesion.

Varnishes for sauna and bath - a universal remedy

In addition to the wooden surfaces that prevail in the baths and saunas, high-temperature varnishes can be used:

  • For concrete;
  • Artificial stone;
  • Ceramics;
  • Bricks;
  • Natural mineral bases.

When purchasing varnishes with refractory properties, it should be remembered that it is highly discouraged to open shelves, canopies and other places touching the human skin, since:

  • These places from wood are not so strongly exposed to decay.
  • Untreated wood for people is considered more hygienic and has certain curative and preventive properties.

Neomid - varnish for baths, saunas

"Neomid" is an acrylic-based composition intended for effective protection and decorative finishing of wooden elements in these rooms. Forms a semi-transparent layer that protects against dirt and moisture, as well as various fungal deposits. It is a quick-drying, environmentally friendly, water-soluble acrylic lacquer for baths, saunas, practically odorless, after drying it is able to preserve the natural woody odor and emphasize the natural structure of the tree.

The composition includes acrylic dispersion, target and biosecurity additives, defoamer and water.

Basic properties

Bath and sauna varnish "Neomid", according to users, has many positive properties, such as:

  • Formation of a durable protective mud and water repellent semitransparent layer with increased elasticity;
  • Protection of the wooden surface from the formation of fungi and mold, thanks to the special biosecurity additives included in its composition;
  • Obstacle to the darkening of the surface of wood;
  • Preservation and underlining of the natural structure of the tree;
  • Rapid drying on the surface;
  • The product is environmentally safe;
  • Practically odorless;
  • Varnish for a bath and a sauna water-soluble;
  • Is tinted.

Thanks to the listed advantages this varnish for baths and saunas reviews received the most positive.

Used to varnish the ceiling, walls and other surfaces of wood inside saunas and baths, except for floors and shelves.

How to prepare the surface?

The wood to be treated must be clean and dry, free of dirt, blue, tar, mold, grease. If there is a fungal infection on the surface, it must be removed by treating with bleach "Neomid 500", which will return the original natural color to the tree. Also, the surface can be treated with a deeply penetrating antiseptic for saunas and bathhouses NEOMID 200, capable of providing maximum biosecurity.

Mode of application

"Neomid" is a ready-made formulation that does not require dilution. Before use, it must be mixed well. Apply the varnish evenly to the clean and dry surface of the wood with a brush, roller or paint spray gun in 2 or 3 layers. Work with the drug can be carried out at an air temperature of at least +5 ° C. After finishing the painting, the instruments should be washed immediately with water. After applying the first layer, the surface is recommended to be ground and cleaned of the formed dust, which will improve its appearance.

The drying time for the varnish is one hour (at an air temperature of + 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 65%). The second layer can be applied not earlier than 3 hours later. The surface is ready for operation after 3 days.

The average consumption of this product in a single-layer application is approximately one liter per 7-10 square meters. M (depending on the surface to be treated).

Storage conditions

Do not freeze the lacquer. Keep in a factory unopened container in a cool and dry place. Shelf life is indicated on the label. The cast composition should be used within one month.

The remaining varnish can not be poured into water, sewage and land. Packaging with a completely dried composition should be disposed of as domestic garbage.

Precautionary measures

The product is fire and explosion proof. When working with it, use gloves and goggles. Avoid exposure to open areas of the body and eyes. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. Keep out of the reach of children!

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