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Baking is an additive or a special kind of product?

In Russian there are words that have several meanings. It all depends on what exactly is involved in the proposal. For example, baking - it can be both a separate kind of bakery product, and a set of products that gives it certain properties.

Culinary Literacy

In different dictionaries of the Russian language there is more than one meaning of the word "baking". This, firstly, a product made of a dough prepared according to a certain recipe. Many people are familiar with this definition. In fact, it is a term that replaces the phrase "bun bun". Even the child understands what this means. Hearing a similar phrase, each person in the head pops up the image of an appetizing product with a ruddy crust and a pronounced aroma.

It turns out that baking is just a delicious roll. In principle, this is how most people perceive this word. Without going into the details of the technological process, they use this term as a generalized name for small pieces made from a special kind of dough. No one is interested in the composition of the semi-finished product, but everyone understands that it has some significant difference. But it turns out that this word has another, more narrow meaning. Specialists in the field of bakery can say that baking is a set of certain products that ultimately affect the quality of the finished product. As a rule, in this case means: sugar, eggs, fats and various dairy products. Indeed, in the technological process there is such a stage, which is called "sample". It occurs at the fermentation stage. In the basic composition, products are added that will have to change the properties of the dough and the taste of the product, which will be made from it as a result of baking. It turns out that baking is not a finished product, but only a part of the formula composition. Nevertheless, both these values are meaningful and apply, depending on the circumstances.

External difference

Many culinary experts assert that the bakery product belonging to this or that type is always primarily noticeable in its appearance. This only later becomes clear that the recipe and method of preparation plays a rather large role here. So how, based on the common opinion, should muffin look like? Photos of such products clearly demonstrate the very difference.

Firstly, the products themselves are very lush and delicate. It seems as if baking simply floats in the air and only a thin, ruddy crust restrains it. It is clear that this is achieved mainly by special techniques that are used to prepare the dough. We are talking about the use of the spontaneous method with the obligatory use of the specimen. Secondly, looking at the image of the muffin, it seems as if her unusual smell is directly from the picture. This indicates the presence of those components, without which it is difficult to imagine a characteristic aroma. Collected together, these properties characterize the fundamental difference between baking and other bakery products.

Simplified preparation of semi-finished product

Experts say that it is not difficult to cook a bun at home. There are ways that you can do this quickly, without much effort. For example, it's a good idea to make buns on kefir. To see this, you should try to prepare a dough, which then can be used for baking various pies, cheesecakes and rolls. The following ingredients will be required for the job:

900 grams of flour, half a liter of kefir, 20 grams of yeast (fresh), half a teaspoon of salt, 50 milliliters of warm water, and 150 grams of sugar, 75 grams of butter, 1 egg and a packet of vanilla sugar.

The process technology is as follows:

  1. First, yeast dilute in water. Add a teaspoon of sugar and leave the mixture for 20 minutes to start working.
  2. At this time, separately combine kefir, egg, whole sugar and a little heated oil, and then get the resulting mass to beat well.
  3. Add the yeast and mix again.
  4. Put the finished mass in a deep container, cover with a napkin and leave for 2 hours to ripen. During this time, after 60 minutes, you can additionally crumple it.

After the time has elapsed, any products can be formed from the finished semi-finished product.

Different variants

The technology of baking at work and at home is almost the same. This process can be single-phase and multi-phase. In the first case, two methods can also be used:

  1. Unarmed.
  2. Accelerated. It is based on the use of various acidulants or complex enhancers.

The second variant can also be performed by two methods:

  1. Disenchanting.
  2. With the use of special semi-finished products. And they, in turn, are of three kinds:
  • Liquid dispersed phase (HDPE);
  • Fermented emulsion;
  • Concentrated lactic ferment (KMKZ).

Any of the proposed methods is suitable for making a dough for a gentle and fragrant baking.

Of course, at home, mistresses are more likely to resort to simplified options using sour-milk ingredients. But, if you do not fear difficulties, then in time you can learn any of the proposed methods, and do your job no worse than many professionals.

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