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With the birth of a child in each family appears a lot of joyous hassle and new acquisitions. One of the last is the stroller. Certainly, parents, and especially mothers, make the highest demands on her. Yes, it's not surprising, because it is in the wheelchair that the child will spend most of his time, which means that he should be comfortable in it. But in addition, it should be comfortable for parents, because walks in the fresh air sometimes last for several hours. Therefore, the stroller must be light, manoeuvrable and multifunctional. And today the market offers a wide selection and assortment of various brands of this product, produced by a variety of companies. However, the most popular is the Baby Care Voyager.

Advantages of this stroller

In principle, such popularity is obvious even at first glance. This product is very maneuverable, has a small weight, but it has enough powerful shock absorbers, so even the strongest bumps will not bring any concern to the baby. It is also necessary to note the fact that the Baby Care Voyager stroller has a stylish enough and bright design, but the riot of colors will not irritate either the parents or their child. But, perhaps, the maximum attention the manufacturer has nevertheless paid to safety and comfort of the kid who will walk in it. That is why the backrest can be in one of three positions: sitting, lying or reclining. For the safety of the child, namely, so that he does not accidentally fall out of the "transport", there are five whole seat belts. For maximum comfort of parents, the stroller can be folded even with one hand, which is very convenient, especially when you have to carry a baby. But in order that the winter baby does not freeze, the feet have special fur cloaks, which will allow even in cold weather to feel comfortable for the child. The stroller has a three-dimensional hood that will protect your baby in any bad weather, whether it's cold, wind, sun, snow or rain. And also comes with a raincoat.

Reviews about the stroller

Apparently, all the functions that this product possesses are very important and relevant. Therefore, it is not surprising that the baby carriage Baby Care Voyager reviews has only positive. Virtually all the parents who purchased this product, they were very happy with it. According to them, a walk with a child on such a stroller is a pleasure. In summer, the baby is cool in it due to the fact that parts are unfastened, and in winter it is warm and cozy. In addition, the Baby Care Voyager is so manoeuvrable and easy to use that even on the harshest domestic roads passes without any kind of labor. In the summer, a special stand for a bottle of water or juice becomes very actual. Thanks to her, the baby always has a favorite drink at hand, and her mother has free hands.

Baby Care Voyager is a great gift

In any case, if a child is to appear in the family, or someone from close people is planning to replenish, the best option for a gift than this stroller can not be found.

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