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Ardmir Marie - lovers of good books

Lovers of good books today a lot. The variety of genres of domestic and foreign works simply amazes the modern reader. Ardmir Mari is an author who is able to satisfy the interests of many people. His books can very clearly reflect the present reality.

Ardmir Mari - author of the famous and popular

So, more. How popular is the name of Ardmir Marie in the literary world? All the books of the author are distinguished by magnificent stories, beautiful syllables, thoughtful details. It's no wonder that they could be recognized by many readers. Ardmir Marie writes her books for those who love beautiful stories, for those who are not stranger to romantic feelings.

The bibliography of the author will be considered in today's article. The most famous of his works are "Professor's friend" and "Professor's office". The writer's inner world and his philosophy of life are clearly discernible in these wonderful books. And, despite the fact that recently every successful literary masterpiece was made "to be screened", these novels remained so-called manuscripts that do not burn. The author gives the reader the opportunity to show his imagination. Although the author of the contract for the adaptation of his magnificent works, he would not refuse, he said.

Comments on the talent of the author leave very good. The electronic magazine Samizdat introduces them to his other popular works: "The White Barbarian," "The Steel Baron," Hello to the Horned One! "," Remember the Line! "," Remember it famously. "However, in 2015, for publishing his books, Publishing house "Eksmo".

About love…

The above-mentioned series of books "Professorial Service" consists of two books. These novels in fantasy style were written in 2015 and immediately gained a lot of admirers. A fascinating plot could not leave indifferent many readers of different ages. Ardmir Marie actually tried on these books.

The first part tells about the servant of the famous genius, a handsome young professor, who teaches at the MagForm Academy. Around him revolves a whole crowd of bloodthirsty fans, every encounter with which threatens to be the last, especially given that this girl is attractive, intelligent, young, and even lives in the employer's house. But you have to fight for your dream. And the heroine so wants to enter the Academy! She has to deal with difficulties, but she does everything possible to achieve her goal.

The second part describes the life of the main character who entered the MagForm Academy at the prestigious faculty, at the best cathedral - disasters. But she did not have to celebrate for a long time. The girl was not very happy here. And not only students, but also teachers. In addition, she still bears the status of a pseudo-nevest of a young handsome professor. Of course, it is surrounded by a sea of his offended female fans, angry envious persons who have received the resignation of girlfriends. At every step the heroine has to be insured, burning letters, recruiting sent magical creatures, upsetting brash avid avengers.

About the white barbarian

Another series of books deserved no less popularity. In 2014 Ardmir Mari wrote a fine literary masterpiece in the style of a love fantasy called "The White Barbarian". For those who like to read about high feelings, this is exactly what you need. In the life of the main characters, everything is very difficult. He is not the head of his pack. She is a girl who left her parents' home and faced betrayal. They are united by one secret - the attribute of power over the white brotherhood in the form of a blade. It is this small secret that becomes the beginning for the relationship of a pair of lonely hearts.

The Steel Baron

Ardmir Marie continued the series with a book with this title. The hero follows the shadow of the prince. The girl is hiding again. The medicine has two blades and a necromancer's diary, because it is a prey not only valuable but also dangerous. She is not afraid of either the insidious pirate, a flock of terrible werewolves, or a corpse who has become her accomplice. She will not hurt the Steel Baron, who is in danger and has already admitted to her in love ...

In a word, the author's books capture the reader, drawing him into a magical mystical world. To read such works means to receive real pleasure. In this fantasy fans can not at all doubt.

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