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Anton Chekhov "Ionych": a brief summary of the work

The story "Ionich", a brief summary of which will be set out below, was written in the late 19th century. The sad story of a zemstvo doctor stirred up the minds of the whole country. Chekhov showed how it is possible to degrade and turn into a greedy person in a short time.

Anton Chekhov "Ionych": a short summary of the story

The plot revolves around a young Zemsky doctor named Dmitry Startsev. He comes to the town, where he learns about the wonderful family of Turks, who arranged family performances. On the appointed day and Ionich (a brief summary of the story of the same name will be described below) comes for dinner. There he hears how the mother of the family reads her own novel, and her daughter, as she was called in the family - Kotik - plays a complicated musical number. The doctor thinks how to finish it all quickly, but at the same time he catches himself thinking that Catherine likes him. Later, he learns that she wants to enter the conservatory. Then follows the dinner, where the head of the family demonstrates his talents: he speaks the Bolypig language. Soon the evening ends.

Some time passes. Soon Startsev receives an invitation from the mother of the family: it says that no city doctor can cure her migraine. From that moment, Ionich (Chekhov, whose short story is presented here, made this story sad and sad) begins to visit them increasingly, trying to look after Kotik (Catherine). And now Startsev goes to the family in order to make an offer.

Here the doctor expects disappointment in the form of refusal of the girl. The agonizing three days of experience are replaced by the simple life of an ordinary doctor.

After 4 years Startsev gained experience, becomes good, has already seen a lot of specialists. He has no friends, no relatives. People annoy him.

One day, Ionich receives an invitation to celebrate the birthday of the mother of the Turkin family. There nothing has changed: everything is the same own romance, all the same music on the piano. The hero catches himself thinking that he is glad that he did not marry Kotik. After dinner, they go down to the garden, where Ionich complains about a boring life, and Catherine admits that she does not have any abilities to play, that she is the same as her mother.

Ionich (the summary of the story helps to know the heroes and the plot) hears the confession that he was the best person with whom the girl was just acquainted.

This day will remain in the memory of the zemstvo doctor for a long time. He argues that if people whose talents went glory, admit themselves incompetent, then what will happen to the city, with its philistine population? A few more years pass, and we see how degradation completely overtook Ionych: he is already a fat, heavily breathing person.

Chekhov wrote an amazing story "Ionich", a brief summary of which we have discussed above. In a small, it would seem, writer's work, you can consider how a person merges with those who are despised, how he degrades, how he becomes an inhabitant. The author emphasizes that the hero, after Catherine's refusal, begins to live and hate people, and later becomes exactly the same.

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