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Anime about demons: a list of the best films

Do you like anime about demons? The list of the most popular and interesting anime about the supernatural will help you choose what to watch in the evening.

"Natsume Friendship Notebook"

What is the most good anime about demons? The list begins with the "Natsume Friendship Notebook". Takashi Natsume is an unusual boy. From the very childhood he sees spirits. This gift does not bring happiness - Natsume is considered strange, do not believe his stories. Over time, the boy ceases to show his reaction to the people around him, but he still sees them. Everything changes when Takashi moves to the area where his late grandmother lived. Supernatural beings begin to hunt for the boy. It turns out that he got an interesting inheritance - a notebook of friendship.


The action of this anime takes place in the days of feudal Japan. The protagonist is the Apothecary, but the purpose of his wanderings is not the sale of medicines, but the struggle with the angry demons of a monocle. You can release a monocle only with the help of a special blade, but before that you will have to find out what happened, and why the spirit came.

The Dark Butler

Want to watch an interesting anime about demons? The list continues with The Dark Butler. The action of this multi-series film takes place in an alternative England of the nineteenth century, in a luxurious estate. Impeccable Sebastian Mikaelis is just a demonly good butler. He is in the service of the young earl of Ciel Phantomhive and can fulfill any, even the most incredible request. The series "The Dark Butler" is a dynamic comedy with a detective and mystical bias, seasoned with black humor.

"Report on the riot of spirits"

Urameshi Yusuke is an ordinary street hooligan. He skips classes, constantly fights and sticks in trouble. But one day a guy saves a baby right from under the wheels of a car, and he himself dies. This no one expected, but because in the next world there is no place for Yusuke. Now he must again deserve the right to return to life.


The family of Kagome Higurasi has lived for many generations under the ancient Shinto shrine. Near the temple there is a well, in which one day a cat falls down. The girl tries to save the animal, but suddenly a demon attacks her. Kagome falls into a well and finds itself in a medieval village. She learns that she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, the guardian of the Stone of the Four Souls. To escape from the demon, Kagome has to awaken the half-demon Inuyasya.


Anime "Berserk" is a military medieval drama with elements of horror, mysticism and fantasy. Power in this world captures the evil king. His demon servants inflict a lot of grief on ordinary people. But the Black Swordsman appears, capable of changing the course of history. The protagonist is a former mercenary, and now a free hunter of the demons Gatz.

"It's nice to meet you, God"

We continue our list. Anime about demons, school and love - "Nice to meet you, God." A seventeen-year-old schoolgirl Nanami suddenly finds the power of the God of the Earth. To cope with such changes in life it helps the demon-keeper Tomoe. Between the newfound goddess and the ancient spirit, love breaks out.

"Grandson of Nurarihon"

Want more anime about demons? The list continues "Nurarihon's grandson". Rikuo Nura - a quarter of a demon. He looks like a simple schoolboy and struggles to lead the most ordinary way of life. But it is very difficult to do this because every day he has to return to a house full of ghouls. In addition, Riquuo - the only heir to the clan, ruling the world of demons, and he has to interfere in the fate of their wards.

"The lord of darkness at work"

Sadao Mao is a real demon, king and lord. But only he was defeated by another hero. Sadao fled to another world, and found himself in modern Tokyo. All he can do is conquer the worlds. That's just this skill will not help him pay for food and accommodation. The master of darkness will have to get a job in a local snack bar.


Tatsume Oge is a hooligan and a pupil of a school for juvenile offenders. At random coincidence, he is declared an earthly father for the son of the Demon King , Beelzebub the Fourth. He will have to bring up the devil's karapuza in the company of the demon-servant Hildegard.

"DxD High School"

"High School DxD" is an anime about angels and demons. The list of the best demonic films can not do without its mention. Issey Hyodo is the most ordinary high school student. He, like any teenager, is occupied most of all by girls and their delights. But the first date ends in an attempt on murder - the fallen angel girl unexpectedly attacks Hyodo. And now it turns out that the guy has a mistress who saved his life. Quiet days are over, and Hyodo will have to engage in an endless war between angels and demons.

"Blue Exorcist"

Do you like anime about demons and school? The list continues with the "Blue Exorcist". Demons from Geena constantly try to penetrate into the world of people. The devil himself settles in the body of a man and conceives two twins. One of the brothers is born an ordinary person, the other is half demon. They decide to fight against the devil and go to a closed school to become exorcists.

"Henceforth, Mao, the King of Demons"

The most ordinary schoolboy got into another world through ... a toilet! It turns out that Yuuri is to become the next Mao, because he has a suitable appearance - a black suit, black hair and eyes. Mao is the ruler of demons-mazoc. Here only Yuuri is very different from the previous rulers. He does not like violence, appreciates justice, is delicate and kind. Not everyone is happy with this ruler, because mazoku are on the verge of war with people.

"The Legend of the Sakura Demons: The Tale of the Shinsengumi"

The main heroine, the daughter of a doctor who left Edo, to become a volunteer in Kyoto - Chizuru Yukimura. She goes in search of her father, who does not make itself felt. On the way, the girl becomes witness to the battle between the demons and Shinsengumi. Warriors take her into custody, but later learn that she is looking for a father. It turns out that the soldiers are also looking for the same person. Shinsengumi and Chizuru decide to go on a quest together.

"Come, Azazel"

Rinko Sakuma settled herself as an assistant detective. But who could assume that the modern detective is in fact a warlock, and all the problems of his clients are solved with the help of evoked demons! The girl has to spend days surrounded by strange creatures - the demons Azazel, Beelzebub, Undine and Salamander. And all would be nothing, but the owner decides to rewrite the contract with the demon Azazel to poor Rinko!

"Usio and Torah"

In the family of Usio there is a legend - as if his ancient ancestor defeated the demon, nailing the monster to the altar in the temple with the help of the mystical Beast Spear. Of course, the guy considered this a simple tale, until he found this demon in the basement of his house. To save their loved ones from the attack of spirits, Usio has to release the demon Torah.

"Demon girl demon"

Want to watch anime about demons and love? The list continues with "The Demon Girl" of Dzakur. In this alternative world, people and demons live side by side. Despite the fact that both are equal in rights, demons often face discrimination. To smooth the situation, three young lieutenants are invited to cooperate with the girls-poludemonami. But what if Dzakura simply hates people, and her partner is afraid of demons to madness?

"Bloody guy"

Do you want to watch anime about demons and vampires? The list ends with the "Bloody Guy". Deep beneath the ground there is a city inhabited by evil spirits. Among demons, werewolves and ghosts there are criminals. The leader of one of the bands is the vampire Staz, who does not drink human blood. He is fascinated by the culture of Japan. Staz learns that the Japanese has come to the city of Fuyumi and decides to talk to her. But on the way to the vampire the girl absurdly dies. Now Staz is serious about reviving her.

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