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Agent Shop Or Agent Sales?

Questions that you should ask yourself to understand how to increase your earnings on the Internet.

  1. How much do you want to earn?
  2. Are you confident in your abilities?
  3. Is it worth it to spend your time on this?

Any earnings requires effort, and if you really want to earn money, then you have come to the right place!

Agent and agency sales
The agent is the person who helps the seller to sell the goods. There is a commission, which the seller is ready to give to the agent, so that his goods are bought. Suppose the buyer is going to buy a Forex advisor worth $ 177. The seller is ready to pay the agent $ 22 for the sale of this product. The agent advertises this product in order to receive agency fees.

It's cool to get 20 bucks for the product, right? And if every day to sell such goods? So you can become a millionaire :)

So, about millionaires
You probably think: And why should the seller give 20 bucks to the agent, if he has the goods and so buy?

Example of a seller's earnings (

  • On the trading floor, this product stably buy 8-9 times a month (8 * 177 $ = $ 1416 per month / without an agent)
  • The agent brings him 2 sales per month (depending on how he works) (1416 $ + 2 * 177 $ - 2 * 22 $ = 1726 $ per month / with the agent)

Earnings of the agent - 44 $ per month.
Agree, as an agent you can earn well, the more you sell, the more you earn.

Way from the homeless to the millionaire.
And now I will tell you how millions earn.
- Agency sales? Yes, earning within $ 1000 is real, if you persevere with it!
But in order to start earning money, there is another way to earn money: Agent's shop.

Agent store as a way of high earnings.
An agent store is an opportunity to acquire its own specialized store, that is, each goods of the agent store has a unique Agent number. You are engaged in the site and its promotion and receive a percentage of sales carried out.

And now we compare the earnings at the agent store and the earnings of the agent without an agent store:
Agent (forums, social bookmarks, advertising most often individual goods with the highest agency fee)
Agency store (advertising of all goods, the number of goods sold directly depends on the visitors of your agent store)

Having a target audience of about 200 visitors a day (if you consider that their arrival at your agent store is entirely directed to purchase a product) you can earn:

  • 20 purchases of goods with a minimum agency fee - 20 * 0.1 = 2 $ per day ($ 60 per month)
  • 20 purchases of goods with average agency fees 20 * 5 $ = $ 100 per day ($ 3000 per month)
  • 20 purchases of goods with maximum agency fees 20 * 20 $ = $ 400 per day ($ 12,000 per month)

After all, I rudely said that with 200 targeted visitors there will be 20 buyers. There are agents that have achieved that 50% of visitors are buyers. Everything depends on you!

Do you want to earn as you earn millions? Looking for a way to earn high money?
I recommend an agent store!

On the Internet, there are a lot of scripts of agency stores that create mirrors of stores (clones). Analyzing the work of such scripts, I came to the conclusion that often such agent stores fall into the search engine bank, mainly because of plagiarism. I really wanted to test this way of earning money and that's what happened:

I am the developer of Agent Shop CMS - a system for managing affiliate programs of large trading platforms.
Now in our catalog there is already a ready script of the agency store of the trading platform
Example of the script:
The official page of Agent Shop CMS is

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