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Actress Diana Maksimova: biography, film career and personal life

Diana Maksimova - an actress with an attractive appearance and extensive work experience in the frame. Do you want to know where she was born? What did she do in her childhood? In what films was it shot? This will be discussed in the article.

Biography: childhood and students

Was born on March 5, 1974 in Moscow. She is from a simple family with an average income. Her father is a purebred Georgian, and her mother is a Ukrainian. Such an explosive mixture reflected on the character of our heroine.

Since the age of 5, Diana Maksimova has been involved in sports. Her parents gave her to the rhythmic gymnastics section. Teachers immediately noted the plasticity and artistry of the girl. Training took place several times a week and lasted for 3-5 hours. Over time, Diana became a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. Behind her shoulders are training in a choreographic school.

In 1992 the girl submitted documents to VGIK. She managed to enter the acting department the first time. Maksimov was enrolled in the course of Mikhail Gluzsky. In 1996, Diana was awarded a diploma of graduation.

Film career

When did our heroine first appear on the screens? This happened in 1997. She starred in the Turkmen film "The Night of the Yellow Bull".

The second picture with her participation came out only in 2004. Diana Maksimova successfully got used to the image of Regina in the tape "Lola and Marquis. Virtuosi easy money. " The role was small. Therefore, the name and surname of the actress was not even indicated in the credits.

In 2008, Diana got the first major role. In the tragicomedy "Antisex" the girl played Larissa Isaeva. According to the plot, a successful man named Ivan (Ignaty Arakchkov) falls in love with her character. They are playing a wedding. Only here is Larissa's marital duty in no hurry. She believes that the spiritual connection is more important than carnal pleasures.

Below are listed the most striking and successful film works of the actress for the period from 2009 to 2014:

  • "Sleeping area" (2009-2010) - Katerina.
  • "Moscow. Three stations "(2010) - climber.
  • "Krovinushka" (2011-2012) - the daughter of an academician, Galina Vyazemskaya.
  • "Not a woman's business" (2013) - a robber.
  • "Queen of Banlites-2" (2014) - an episode.

Personal life

Diana Maksimova is a tall girl with expressive eyes and curly hair. She never complained about the lack of male attention.

In her youth, our heroine fell in love with one good guy. He reciprocated her. Their love story was beautiful, but short-lived. The guy died tragically. Diana had a hard time surviving his death. Then she thought that no one else could fall in love. But life does not stand still. A few years later, the actress met a solid man. They played a wedding, had two children. Now our heroine is divorced.


Diana Maksimova is a talented, beautiful and strong spirit woman. Let's wish her creative prosperity and great love!

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