A fabulous holiday in Jamaica: reviews, climate, cuisine, attractions

The Caribbean islands attract a huge number of tourists. One of the largest islands of the archipelago is Jamaica. He is familiar to us on numerous songs, legendary football matches, fascinating novels ... And lovers of adventure, this island is also known as one of the most interesting and amazing vacation spots. The nature of Jamaica is very beautiful. Rockies, plain rainforests, golden and white sandy beaches - all this will be remembered vacation in Jamaica. Reviews about it are extremely positive. However, you will see for yourself if you read our article. So, what can this ancient haven of pirates offer us?

Holiday in Jamaica: prices 2013

Rest here is not cheap, but the quality justifies the price. The currency is the Jamaican dollar (by the way, it is much cheaper than the US dollar). In large stores located in the cities, the prices are fixed, but in benches, small pavilions and in the markets, you can easily bargain. Local cuisine is a mixture of several traditions. Pork, fish and vegetables are especially popular. With regard to poultry, then at almost every corner is selling a special grilled chicken. It is marinated in a special hot sauce and roasted on the coals of Jamaican wood. You should definitely try the local dishes if you have chosen a holiday in Jamaica. The reviews show that the local cuisine is satisfied with delicious, sated, albeit unusual, because of the abundance of ripples.

Local resorts

The island meets tourists with three resorts. The first of them - Negril - offers, so to speak, "otvyazny" rest in Jamaica. The testimonies of tourists show that Negril is a place for parties, rum and unrestrained fun. The beaches of the resort are covered with white sands. Here you can see the ruins of old forts that have existed since Jamaica was an English colony.

Ocho Rios is truly a paradise. Along the azure coast, many villages scattered, where the locals gladly feed you fresh fish and offer beautiful souvenirs. The capes and coves make the beaches particularly attractive, and the footage shot in this picturesque area will remind you for a long time of a wonderfully spent vacation. The whole resort is surrounded by a chain of rivers and mountains, and the waterfalls here are the most beautiful.

Montego Bay is not that big, but it's very lively. There is a chic choice of bars and restaurants, nightlife is the key. But the main thing is a luxury underwater park for diving enthusiasts. If you are not an adherent of a passive lying in a lounger, visit Montego Bay. This will be a truly active holiday in Jamaica, feedback about which is adjusted to a positive mood.

We rest on a cultural, or What attractions can boast of the famous island?

Are you interested in cultural holidays in Jamaica? The tourists' reviews mainly concern such attractions of the island as the Bob Marley Museum, St. Catherine's Cathedral, the National Dance Theater. All these cultural entertainments were concentrated in the capital - Kingston. This city exists not so long ago, but gives the impression, if not old, then just old. And all because of the fact that the streets of the city are rather poor and not well-groomed. Only one part of it resembles a piece of a European capital, but the whole south is an ancient unrestored house.

Climatic conditions

The climate of Jamaica completely disposes to rest. Both in summer and in winter it is hot here, the average air temperature is 26 degrees, the water is about the same. In the mountainous regions it is slightly cooler: in summer the average temperature is 20 о С, and in winter it goes down to 15 о С. The wettest months are May and October, but even strong tropical rains do not interfere with rest, as they are not too long. On the contrary, such weather even helps to transfer heat.

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