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Yury Lyamin - a modern artist-realist

Yuri Lyamin is a modern artist who prefers realism in painting, painted with a poetic feeling. Portraits, genre scenes, landscapes are his favorite themes.

A question that is difficult to answer

Our great artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries did not become isolated within the narrow framework of the "beautiful life". They met people who had specific problems: poverty, resentment, social inequality. These themes were reflected in their canvases. At their exhibitions, the audience went in droves and left, discussing what they saw. Artists knew and loved. Many of them turned to the landscape, which expressed the breadth of Russian spaces and was not only national, but also local (I. Shishkin). Others were interested in the history of the Motherland, reading the scientific literature of their time, and in their works one could see the heroic past of the country in which they lived. VI Surikov believed that guessing is the essence of the historical picture. Of course, there were many portraits of both known and unknown people. Someone was an ardent opponent of the war and worked on the battlefields, without fear of bullets and wounds or possible death. All taken together attracted people to vernissages and exhibitions, which often became an event.

What has gone from the works of contemporary artists

Later, the drawing school began to leave. Great Pavel Petrovich Chistyakov, who brought up more than one generation of painters, believed that the technique should be developed tirelessly to virtuosity. Repin, for example, rejected "picturesqueness for the sake of picturesqueness." Care for refinement - it was not for our best artists. Even V. Serov, who wanted to be carefree and write only a joy, could not until the end be careless about what surrounded him in life. Why is it interesting to watch the works of Caravaggio, Beigel, Raphael, Rubens and Rembrandt for hours? We at random listed the painters of the past. They are full of thought, which is expressed in an individual language. And you can admire the virtuosic technique of FK Winterhalter for a long time or the monochrome works of ink of Chinese painters, each of which is accompanied by exquisitely written hieroglyphics. The meaning of the work complements the poem. It is impossible, for example, to break away from the horses of Xu Beihong.

This concludes our view of the past and turns it to the present.

What influenced the development of painting in the XX-XXI centuries?

The youth of artists, rushing at all costs to fame and money, which give material benefits. The twentieth century fostered consumption in all areas, including painting. An example is pin-up. Beautiful pictures of seductive girls who helped the sales as best as possible. From art this is very far. But this is a sign of the time of the 40-50s of the last century. We are not talking about a master like Dali. He is revered. His paintings are worthless money. Here they are (and only) - examples for contemporary painters.

Russian people abroad

Our scientists and artists often prefer to leave their homeland and settle under more comfortable skies. Lyamin Yuriy Ivanovich, what made you leave Russia? There is no interview with you. On the site there is not one of your sayings. There is only a gallery of works on which prices are placed. Yuri Lyamin, I believe, traveled all over Europe. There is a wonderful serene Italian landscape. A snow-white veranda, lit by the hot sun, a table covered with a white tablecloth, in which, in a small pot-bellied vase, there is a small bouquet of mottled flowers.

The white pillars of the veranda are curled by a blooming blooming greenery. White trellised parapets. And in the distance one can see ocher roofs of one-story white mansions, pyramidal cypresses, bay-cove with water so blue that it just blinds the eyes. The circle is closed by gently sloping mountains. Such beauty Yuri Lyamin (and no one else) in our region will not see. It's only under the captivating sky of Italy that there is a sweet woody shadow, and one can contemplate how the purple sun will dive into the azure sea, gold it, will not it? Ah, Yuri Lyamin, there are amazing landscapes on our Oka, there is a cold North with leaden clouds, under which ordinary Russian people live and who will be happy to see their native places in the pictures. But you can not order the heart of an artist. Yuri Lyamin chose a different path.

What a cute artist soul

Charming everyday scene, for example. Well-groomed young blonde mother sits with her daughter 10-14 years and shows her a children's book.

Everything is illuminated by a gentle pink light. It shines everywhere. Fabrics are masterfully written out. The satin of bed linen is sparkling. This cute painting is written with love. That's what Lyamin Yury likes. The artist appreciates the material well-being of beautiful people.

"Woman's portrait" - "Oh, what a woman, I would have this ..."

A charming blonde in a black hat with fields at the cafe table served as a model. She is happy with life and with herself.

Why not? She is young, her eyebrows are awash, huge eyes, beautiful mouth and teeth, which are not ashamed to show in a smile. She absolutely positively poses, full of naturalness. She had everything in her life. We are not envious. There is nothing to be jealous of. Simply in the world there are more other people, deeper, who are full of cares. They just aspire to the canvas without knowing it themselves. But they were written by Rembrandt.

"On the warm-up"

The light on the young ballerina falls on the left from above. She bent down to straighten the ties on the pointe shoes. The graceful posture of a girl whose faces we do not see. But this is also a piece of not our lives, but of the elect.

Artist Lyamin Yury Ivanovich was born in 1954. He graduated from the State Automobile Inspection of Painting and Sculpture in Leningrad in 1984. Since 1995, the painter has participated in exhibitions and sales in the United States and auctions in Britain. Lives in Germany.

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