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"Windows 11" - the name of the next version of the operating system from Microsoft?

To date, more than half of computer users and mobile devices are choosing operating systems from Microsoft. Of course, the products from this corporation, specializing in the creation and promotion of software for computers, are not without cons. Not so long ago the world saw a new version of the Windows operating system, it was assigned the number 10, rather than 9, as many interested users thought. What name will the next version bear - Windows XP 11, 13, 15?

Why do many want Microsoft to create and release a new version of Windows?

The IT world is waiting for news about the release of Windows 11 for two reasons:

  • Users who have already worked with the new operating system have found a number of software flaws, for example, collecting personal data, passwords and browsing history of the pages.
  • Users do not want to constantly update the same operating system, they are interested in getting a brand new product that will satisfy their needs more.

Microsoft's New Development Strategy

Despite the fact that previously various technical portals reported that the launch of Windows 11 is planned in 2017-2018, Microsoft expert (Jerry Nixon) dispelled all the rumors at the Ignite conference in the US. There he stated that the Windows operating system under the number 10 will be the last in the line of software for computers and mobile devices.

What does it mean? The Corporation decided to change the strategy for the development and promotion of its product. Previously, Microsoft released a new product "Winds" almost every 3-4 years. Now global updates in the past. This idea came to the creators of the world-famous software because the writing and debugging of the new version of Windows takes more than 2 years, it spends a lot of money. In other words, users should not wait for the release of Windows 11.

Now Windows needs to be perceived as a service

Microsoft has decided to completely change the approach to developing and creating new software. Now, programmers will only work on writing and finalizing the components of the existing operating system. Simply put, Windows Explorer 11 can not be seen.

Now updates for "Windows 10" will be released constantly (1-2 times a year). The first release of the new assembly of Redstone took place in August 2016. The developers of Microsoft want their child to be perceived as a service. To update or get a particular program or component, you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription, rather than installing the entire operating system anew, you will not have to get used to the new design and menu. Microsoft will not release Windows 11.

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