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What does a diamond ace in divination mean

The history of fortune telling on maps goes back to the distant past. It has not lost its relevance in our modern world. Everyone guesses on the cards, even those who have nothing to do with magic. For this it is sufficient to study the meaning of the maps. For example, what does the ace of diamonds indicate in the scenario? Having mastered some methods of divination, everyone can look into their own destiny, and maps will become a guide in this.

Card reading

The desire to guess on maps arises in people from the fact that it is interesting for them to look into their future, to find out whether the value of cards coincides with their past. They want to know some secrets that contain a diamond ace or a lady's peak, a king or a dozen worms.

The general principle of any fortune telling on cards is the layout of the deck according to one or another rule, to this or that image. Each card in the deck has its own prediction, it can be personal or depend on the combination with a nearby lying card. There is a basic value for each card, but depending on the layout, it can change its emphasis on an event.

Card distributions can be different: for love and attitude, for destiny, for desire, but there are also those who talk about all aspects of life at once, that is, they are universal. As professionals in fortune-telling, and beginners choose for themselves the most convenient methods of divination by complexity, by value, by level. Do not treat fortune-telling as entertainment, for a long time the cards have proved their magical essence.

The history of card divination

Maps - a very ancient invention, it is shrouded in a lot of legends, stories, secrets, including their origin. It is believed that the motherland of the maps is China. In the annals are found mentions of them, dated 1152 year. In the pack, the Chinese had 52 cards (equal to the number of weeks in the year), four suits were associated with the seasons.

Some researchers attribute the origin of the maps to an earlier period, pointing to Ancient Egypt. In Europe, playing cards settled much later, in different versions, around the XIV century. Some researchers attribute their appearance to Tarot cards.

According to the generally accepted version, the popularity of maps and distribution in Europe is due to the famous traveler Mark Polo. Others are inclined to believe that the cards came to us from Muslim countries. Be that as it may, playing cards have become widespread. To all the fun of the new crowd. To this day they are used both for playing solitaire, for playing games, and for guessing (in this capacity, for the first time, the cards were used by Roma).

The most popular fortune telling on maps was in the XVIII century, at the same time the deck was divided into three types: 32, 36, 52 cards. In Russia, a deck of 36 cards is popular, each of which has its secret. Many are interested in what the ace of diamonds is talking about. The meaning of this map is discussed in more detail.

What does the ace of diamonds mean in divination? Primary importance

Common interpretations of ace of diamonds are:

  • New beginnings, these may be some projects that you once planned to fulfill, but for some reason they could not;
  • Changes in the house;
  • Raising your level of well-being;
  • The card indicates receipt of some important written notice (telegram, letter, notification) or a document bearing joy;
  • Fun, entailing money spending (going to the casino, to a party).

In combination with a diamond 10, the azure diamond announces the receipt of documents relating to financial matters; In combination with 9 worms - changes that make you forget about the gray routine. What does ace of diamonds in combination with a diamond lady mean? Receiving an unexpected profit.

In general, the ace of diamonds is quite an optimistic card. Negative interpretation of it can be in cases when it falls in combination with bad cards. For example, with peak 9, an ace of diamonds indicates deception, if the right side of the peak 10 is sad news, a pair with a jack of diamonds is a clouded joy. If someone's character is considered, then the ace of diamonds designates an ambitious person, strong-willed, willing to achieve much and get everything right away.

What does a diamond ace in love and relationships mean?

This card traditionally indicates success in personal life, a happy fate. She can also warn that something secret from your life can become obvious. If the ace of diamonds is combined with a lady's club, this indicates a human envy. If you saw a combination with 7, 9, 10 hearts in the layout - wait for a love letter, with ace-club - a happy marriage is expected, with a quill of hearts - a problem-free, curious novel.

Ace of diamonds. Career

If you are laying cards for professional activities, then you will be pleased with a diamond ace, its meaning is a symbol of bold projects that are connected with finances. In terms of career growth, positive changes are expected. You can start your business project safely. Ace of diamonds is an obvious indicator of rapid success in financial matters. The combination of 6 worms - a glee prophecy, with a king of spades - is an indication that you will get support from someone strong, and this will help achieve specific goals. Ace of diamonds indicates in the layout that it is necessary to act confidently, not to turn off the planned path, not to renounce own ideals.

Guessing on the desire for "Four Aces"

The easiest and most common divination is called "Four Aces" - for desire. It is similar to the layout of "Black Rose" or "Yes / No", differs slightly in the way it is conducted. With the help of it you can find out whether this or that desire is fulfilled, whether it will become a reality. So, from the usual playing deck of cards, take out all the aces.

Before your eyes in random order in a row will fall worm, peak, club and ace of diamonds. Choose any, remember and then make your wish. The remaining cards shuffle, remove the deck with your left hand. Then, one by one, remove the cards and arrange them under aces. So distribute the entire deck. Now you need to take the pile where your an ace is located. Carefully study the entire contents. If in this foot, including your ace, there are five cards of the same suit, then your desire will certainly come true.

Combination tambourine in card divination

The diamond ace map, the significance of which we have considered, is now not so mysterious for us. About that, what other combinations with diamond maps in the scenario mean, we will tell briefly:

The King of Diamonds with:

  • The king of hearts - business arrangement;
  • With a hearth 9 - a deceit in love;
  • With a diamond knave - disappointment;
  • With diamond 8 - a sudden cash gift;
  • With the ace of clubs - the attention of an influential person;
  • With 7 clubs - there is a road ahead;
  • With peak 9 - unrealizable hopes;
  • With the peak king - questionable success;
  • With a lady of a club - deceit of the spouse;
  • With 8 peak - slander;

The Queen of diamonds with:

  • Worm king - an unexpected acquisition;
  • With a diamond ace - suddenly fallen profits;
  • With the peak king - sudden happiness;
  • With peak 8 - unexpected profit;
  • With 7 rush - gossip, revealed the secret.

Jack of Diamonds with:

  • A worm-eight - the help of a stranger and unexpected success;
  • With 7 worms - unexpected fun;
  • With 8 diamond - an unexpected service;
  • With a club 8 - happiness;
  • With a peak of 9 - tears, big trouble.

Combination with ordinary cards

Bubnova 10 from:

  • A diamond ace - loss, unpleasant surprises;
  • With King Rush - success;
  • With the king of hearts - trouble;
  • With the king of clubs - the troubles of the house;
  • With a club 10 - a lot of money;
  • With 7 peak - a failure in finance.

Bubnovaya 9 with:

  • Ace of hearts - a big profit;
  • With 7 worms - unexpected changes;
  • With 8 diamonds - delay in business;
  • With a club 10 - service;
  • With the club's 8 - someone's intrigue, the turmoil in love;
  • With a peak of 10 - a sudden deception.

Bubnovaya 8 with:

  • The king's worm - gifts from a stranger;
  • With a diamond knave - service;
  • With a lady's club - someone's protection;
  • With a peak ace - sadness;
  • With a worm-ace - a journey;
  • With a diamond lady - flirt;
  • With a peak jack - indecisiveness.

Bubnovaya 7 with:

  • Ace of hearts - success;
  • With the 10 hearts - do not believe the promises;
  • With a diamond knave - the machinations against you will not come true;
  • With ace of ace - a lot of money.

We examined the meanings of some maps in divination. Now you can easily look into the future! The main thing is not to get too carried away. They say you can make a fortune.

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