What do they say about the Peugeot 406 reviews?

Some people who have not seen the Peugeot-406 Coupe can say that this is only a two-door modification of the famous 406 model, but it's completely different. Two cars have only the same platform, while the other parts are very different.

Coupe, despite the presence of only 2 doors, is longer than its brother Peugeot 406. Reviews of drivers who had the opportunity to ride on two models, said that these are completely different cars. This time for the design of the coupe took the Italians, who are long-time partners of Peugeot. They managed to achieve an amazing effect. The new model can compete with the grandees, to which in the version the sedan was as before the moon. Even the designers themselves admitted that this effect was not expected from the new model. It is interesting that the Italians in reminding of where the car was being developed left an autograph of their studio in Italy.

But you can admire not only the exterior, but also the interior of Peugeot 406. Reviews of happy owners about the feelings inside the salon are equally positive. Sergio Pininfarin paid a lot of attention to the ergonomics of the driver's and passengers' seats. All the details inside the interior are made logically and according to the mind. All that is needed is at the driver's fingertips. It was this moment I wanted to highlight, because, changing into the old model, you understand that it has many imperfect details. It feels like everything is not in its place.

And even the fact that the car has only 2 doors, does not spoil the whole picture at all. This can not even be called a flaw. Climbing the rear seats is very simple.

The driver's seat is done on conscience, because it has the main load. Manufacturers turned to the reputable recaro seat recaro, which produces a very high-quality product. This option is perfect for a perfect Peugeot 406 Coupe.

The front panel has not undergone any particular changes compared to the sedan. Slightly decreased the load elements of the central panel, the instrument panel became more concise. But at the same time there are details that add the missing note of sport - it's the chrome stroke of the instrument scales and the gear lever of aluminum, decorated with a leather knob. Few people may not like to sit behind the wheel of a Peugeot 406. Reviews of owners about this car are simply admired, and this is not an exaggeration.

All these praises fade when you start to press the gas pedal. It seems that you've been driving the Peugeot 406 Coupe all your life. The ride in it fascinates from the very first seconds of the movement. Excellent dynamics, handling, comfort - from the car you get real pleasure. I want to get to the rally and try what it's capable of. It's the kind of car you want to drive. He is 100% at the mercy of the driver, succumbing to all his whims. Quickly changes its position on the road. There is a feeling that you are sitting behind the wheel of the ideal car, when at a speed of 140 km / h you can make almost any maneuver on the road. It is very boring to trudge on a car with such a potential over congested routes. The hardest way to go to another model after such a pleasant ride to Peugeot 406. Reviews of the owners of this wonderful car can easily confirm this.

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