Weapons of the Chrysanthemum. Antitank missile system "Chrysanthemum"

Russian designers do not cease to amaze with their work. Thanks to their actions, piles of metal and wires begin to fly in all conditions, ride off-road, swim in the water and under the water. At the same time, transport people with them, protect them from all kinds of influences, including radiation, and shoot live ammunition, finding a target in impossible conditions. And what sonorous names they are given, for example, "Hyacinth", and this is a weapon.

"Chrysanthemum" is one of the best anti-tank complexes of our time. Even without knowing its technical characteristics, any spectator will be delighted with his power.

ATC "Chrysanthemum"

This complex is designed to defeat any modern tanks, as well as those that will be created in the near future, even if they are equipped with dynamic protection. It can destroy boats, small surface and air targets with subsonic speed. Reinforcements from reinforced concrete can also be a target for the Chrysanthemum.

From analogues, this anti-tank complex is distinguished by a high level of protection against information interference, which are created by radio and infrared emitters. This is necessary, since one of the guidance systems on the target is based on the search for radio waves emanating from enemy equipment. At the same time, two missiles are launched simultaneously, which are launched at supersonic speed. Due to the use of modern technologies and guidance systems on the target, shooting can be conducted in any weather conditions: snow, rain, fog, thick smoke. That is, when the target is not visually visible.

History of creation

Installation of "Chrysanthemum" has the nomenclature number PTRK 9K123. The complex was produced in serial production at FSUE "Saratov Assembly Plant". But before that had to go a long way. The first impetus was the exercise "West-81", which took place on the territory of the Belarusian Military District. The ground forces showed their combat skills and the effectiveness of their equipment. Two conditional opposing sides came together on the battlefield. After the artillery preparation, the tanks went into action. They were waiting for a ready gun and ATGM. But they did not have time to respond in time with the artillery covered with a veil of dust.

Soviet Defense Minister Dmitry Ustinov noticed this and turned to the designer Sergei Invincible, who worked in the Kolomna Design Bureau. He advised to think about how to make an anti-tank complex, which will destroy tanks in the absence of visual contact.

Principle of the search for goals

In the series released a modification of "Chrysanthemum-C", this complex sees everything. He has two systems that guide missiles to the target. Optical-laser system works for visible purposes or after radar, which catches the radiation of radio waves from the equipment (it does this regardless of the conditions of visibility and weather conditions). The two target search channels work together, which allows you to process two enemy units at once or to fire two missiles one at a time.

ATC "Chrysanthemum-S" has a retractable antenna column, which is responsible for scanning the space and transferring targets to the crew's monitor. Produce capture, and the second rocket is simply sent to the same point. Based on the results of field tests, the complex can resist five tanks at the same time, and three complexes stop up to 14 tanks, while 60% of them are not recoverable. The range of missiles is up to 8 km, and supersonic flight speed allows you to approach the target very quickly.

Missile installation

An ATGM of this type is a unique weapon. "Chrysanthemum" has no need for optical and thermal imaging. Own radar station, operating in the range of 100-150 GHz, is used to detect and track the enemy in automatic mode.

The 9M123 class rocket is designed according to the usual aerodynamic scheme. In the rear part there is a drive and aerodynamic steering wheels. The wings are installed in front of the nozzle block and are arranged like missiles of the "Sturm" complex. The projectile itself has various modifications, which are used depending on the type of target. After all, this modern military equipment can be hit not only by tanks and other transport, but also by bunkers and enemy shelters. On 9M123-2, an extra-caliber additional combat unit is installed, which penetrates the dynamic armor and beats into the main armor, punching up to 1100-1200 mm of armor. Another modification has a thermobaric warhead that simply burns thick steel.

"Chrysanthemum": description, technical characteristics

A car, a thermal imager, a simulator - everything has its technical characteristics, as well as weapons. "Chrysanthemum" is created on the basis of BMP-3, which is immediately noticeable in appearance. Only she now carries not the infantry, but the crew of two people, the rest of the place is occupied with equipment and weapons. The ammunition package contains 15 thermobaric rockets or with an additional overkill warhead. They are stored in transport-launch containers. Each rocket weighs 46 kg, the container - 8 kg. To the left of the containers is the radar antenna.

According to the technical parameters of the anti-tank complex, you can not only tear tanks, armored personnel carriers and enemy shelters, but also ships, planes and helicopters. Designers say that this is the most powerful weapon in the world. "Chrysanthemum" proves this every time in the exercises.

The launcher uses two missiles at once, everything is charged automatically. The operator selects the rocket type using the buttons. That such a technique in the number of three pieces can repel the attack of a tank company. The launcher can also be placed on boats to sink ships.

"Chrysanthemum-C" has high cross-country ability, maneuverability, has means of individual and collective protection in the event of a poisoned or stricken area. It accelerates water obstacles at a speed of 10 km / h, along the highway it develops up to 70 km / h, off-road to 45 km / h. The power reserve is 600 km.

Anti-tank complex

Modern military equipment in Russia is famous for its survivability, lack of analogues, range of combat and superiority over potential adversaries. The downside is that the new models do not go into service so quickly, you need to use your old technology to work your hours.

"Chrysanthemum-C" does not lag behind its comrades and is the most powerful land anti-tank complex in the world. High range of combat and unpretentiousness to weather conditions make it irreplaceable. Can participate in both defense and attack. The launcher can be moved without any problems to any heavy-duty base with a carrying capacity of more than 3 tons.

There is safety in numbers

Testing the equipment led to the conclusion that the complex should include the machines of the platoon commander and the battery commander. This allows you to effectively operate with the troops, plan operations, conduct reconnaissance in any weather, because the battery commander's car is equipped with a sighting survey, a thermal imaging device, radar, communication systems, topography and an interference generator. The machine has a machine gun and a crew of five.

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