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Valgus stop in the child: causes, treatment. Orthopedic children's shoes

As a child grows up, he changes in the whole body. The limbs of the feet are no exception. It is very important that the locomotor system, bones and joints are formed correctly, in accordance with age norms. If necessary, it is necessary to start correcting the changes in time to reduce the risk of forming certain defects, for example, valgus deformities of the foot in children.

What is this pathology?

According to statistics, more than 30% of children under the age of 5 have any problems with feet. If certain measures are not taken in a timely manner, then such a deviation, which at first sight is insignificant, after a while is capable of causing significant harm to health. Valgus stop in a child leads to the development of diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system, as well as the likelihood of changes in internal organs.

This disease is characterized by the fact that the shape of the foot is deformed, in which the heel and fingers begin to turn out. Outwardly this is noticeably very strong, because there is an inflexion of the knees and it becomes obvious the curvature of the legs against each other. After a while, a swelling appears in the heel area, the clubfoot is formed, the child begins to complain of pain in the legs.

Stages of the disease

Valgus deformation in children develops in stages, so this pathology is divided into a light, medium and severe degree.

At an early stage with the deformation of the foot, it is much easier to cope than in the more neglected versions. The child first does not feel any discomfort, and the shape of the feet, slightly different from the usual, the parents at first take as a feature of their baby.

When an average stage of the disease occurs, the child begins to experience discomfort when walking, and pain in the legs arises.

The severe stage of the disease is characterized by the fact that the shape of the foot can not be completely restored, but it can be corrected and treated.

Causes of pathology development

If a child starts walking early or is forced to do so by his parents, then in some cases this does not end without consequences. At an early age, a ligamentous apparatus is formed, which often is not ready for the load, which causes the foot to deform.

In addition, the valgus of the feet in a child may occur due to the following factors:

  • Genetic predisposition, manifested in weakness of muscle tone;
  • Endocrine disruption;
  • Birth trauma ;
  • Incorrect shoes that do not fix the foot;
  • Diseases that lead to a weakening of the joint tissues and the destruction of bones (diabetes, rickets).

To identify a more accurate reason, you need to contact a specialist who will prescribe the best treatment.

Do I need to treat a deformed foot?

Many parents think that this pathology itself will pass with age and nothing to do is not necessary, but it is not. If you do not treat the valgus of the feet in a child, then after a while there are pains in the legs, there is a change in posture, and other adverse effects occur. That is why this pathology must be treated. Most often, it is well amenable to adjustment, but only if it is not a serious stage of the disease. If the deformation is caused by existing diseases, for example, rickets, then the body needs to be treated in a comprehensive manner, not just its individual disorders.

The main methods of treatment

Regular visits to the pediatrician can identify the disease at an early stage of development, in which case prescribe conservative treatment. In advanced cases, there is already a question of surgical intervention.

Thus, if the valgus of the foot was detected in a timely manner, the treatment is as follows:

  • Therapeutic exercises aimed at correcting the valgus foot in young children. The course of the exercise should appoint only a doctor, since each stage of this procedure has its own characteristics. Very well helps gym, combined with games. For example, it can be raising feet of small objects, walking along a narrow path, etc.
  • Recommended children's shoes with orthopedic effect. The product must have not only a special insole, but also the same instep, hard fingers, adjustable lifting. Such children's shoes are quite expensive, but it is very effective for successful recovery of the foot.
  • Also the doctor can recommend wearing orthopedic insoles. This product is selected individually, taking into account changes in the foot. In general, children's insoles are made to order, based on the recommendations of the orthopedist.
  • As a treatment the doctor can prescribe a course of massage. The expert must conduct it, but if his parents are trained in technology, they will be able to carry out such a procedure. If the case is severe enough, massage of the foot or limbs should be performed in a medical facility.
  • Physiotherapy can be prescribed not only during the recovery period, but also for preventive purposes. Such therapy does not have any effect on the feet, but thanks to it, the general tension decreases and the pain in the legs is removed. With severe discomfort during walking, the doctor may prescribe pain medications.
  • It is necessary to constantly move - to walk, swim, etc. But in this case there should be no contraindications for this.

Operative method of treatment

If conservative methods of treatment did not work, then surgery is performed. Valgus stop is rarely surgical. Thanks to modern methods, there is no gypsum and metal structures, which makes the operation less traumatic than before. The surgeon during its holding changes the angle between the bones and distributes the bundles in the right way. The next day the child can walk by himself.

But you should know that the surgical method of treatment is used only for children of the older age category with significant deformation of the foot. To children such a radical method is not used, therefore for the correction of the legs a massage is prescribed.

Massage with valgus of feet

This method of correction of foot deformation is used to strengthen the muscles of the feet and legs, as well as to improve the conductivity of the nerves and raise the overall tone of the child's body. To massage brought a tangible result, it should be done only by a specialist.

Its holding starts from the waist, as it is from this part of the body that nerves pass to the feet and feet. Massage movements are carried out along the legs and hips, gradually moving to the feet. Depending on how strongly the deformation is expressed, this procedure can be easy or more intensive.

Usually the course of massage is 10 days, but it is recommended to repeat it continuously for 3-4 months, taking a break in 1-2 weeks. The exact periodicity should appoint an orthopedist who observes the child.

To small children massage perfectly helps to bring the foot back to normal and strengthen the muscles of the legs. But you should be patient, because this process is long. It must be remembered that the necessary therapeutic effect of massage is obtained only if other therapeutic methods and rules are observed.

Preventive measures

It is quite possible to prevent the development of foot deformities in a child, except in cases of congenital pathology. For this it is necessary to visit a specialist, according to the schedule for monitoring the baby. After a year, you need to do this every 12 months, and if abnormalities are found, you should definitely consult an orthopedist. Also, preventive measures include the following:

  • Timely loading on legs. A small child who does not yet know how to walk, can not be forced to do it on purpose, since the ligamentous apparatus has not yet been fully formed.
  • Supervision of the health of the child, adherence to a balanced diet, intake of vitamins.
  • Wearing the right shoes. Otherwise, flat foot can cause a large arch support, insufficient fixation and other shortcomings of incorrectly selected shoes.
  • Gymnastics. Excellent prevention of deformities of the foot are regular sessions with the child. Thanks to simple exercises in the form of games, the risk of forming various deviations in the development of the foot is significantly reduced.
  • Massage. This is an excellent prevention of leg ailments. Pediatricians often recommend that mothers massage their feet during the first steps in the child.


Thus, the valgus of the feet in a child can be prevented if the necessary recommendations are adhered to. Thanks to preventive measures, you can avoid serious health consequences for the baby, the correction of which takes a lot of time and physical effort. Not always it does without harm to the child's body.

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