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UMI - smartphone for connoisseurs of aesthetics and low prices

The era of gadgets has reached its peak and the rapid development of the entire industry has led to the fact that the number of manufacturers today is not at all count. The main advantage of this growth was the extremely low price of devices, and of very good quality. This means that today everyone can afford to buy an inexpensive device with characteristics and technical features akin to the flagships. About one of the representatives of the market of smart smartphones and will be discussed.

Umi Fair smartphone

This phone, like many others like him, came from the Middle Kingdom. Chinese brands are gradually gaining popularity, and many of them are already in great demand, so it's no wonder that users began to look closely at only emerging market participants, such as Umi.

Umi Fair Specifications


5 inches, resolution 1280 at 720


MediaTek MT6735


RAM 1 gigabyte, ROM 8 gigabytes


13 megapixels


2000 mAh

The filling of the gadget is certainly not the most impressive:

  1. The display is average by today's standards. Large in size, with good, but insufficient resolution. IPS matrix is not better quality, but for its price tolerable, no special problems, viewing angles close to maximum.
  2. Processor - here the Chinese decided not to invent a bicycle and put in their brainchild popular now MediaTek. This is one of the reasons for cheapness, the rejection of eminent manufacturers like Qualcomm with their Snapdragon. The chip is quad-core, the frequency of each core is 1300 MHz.
  3. Memory - the amount of memory is quite low, but for "pure" Android it's enough: the phone will not think long for everyday tasks, but it will not survive too much.
  4. The camera is a standard 13 megapixel module from Sony, without any frills and a weak aperture in f / 2.2. Nevertheless, the full set of necessary functions is available, including autofocus, serial shooting, digital stabilization and panoramas.
  5. The battery - in itself is not too bulky, but due to low characteristics, most likely, will allow the device to survive until the evening. With a low load is enough for the whole day.

It's worth paying tribute to Umi, the smartphone supports all modern standards. There is support for LTE, as well as a built-in fingerprint sensor, which is rare for a gadget of this price category. Recall the main advantage of Umi - the smartphone is sold at a price of $ 100, that is, only 6500 rubles, and you can find for all 4000.

Design by Umi Fair

Here the smartphone shows itself, as it is impossible well. Despite the fact that, in addition to metal, polycarbonate is used, this gadget does not look cheap. This does not mean that it is very noticeable among the rest of the Chinese, but it stands out against the background of the same Samsung, which for this money produces abominable remnants of cheap plastic.

On the front panel there are no buttons and in general a minimalistic style is maintained. On the back panel there is a cut for the speaker, a square camera protruding from the camera body and a fingerprint scanner beneath it. That's what a budget smartphone Umi Fair is. Reviews on the gadget range from severely negative to admiring.

The reason for this difference lies in who and how to use the smartphone and in some prejudices. Those who do not disdain Chinese smartphones, respond about the phone positively, as, unlike famous competitors, for this price offers much more and looks more spectacular.

Smartphone Umi Rome

New this year from the company Umi. This time the manufacturer made a bet on a beautiful design and did not lose it. The device looks very dignified, made of noble materials. Those who appreciate the exquisite design and puts it at the center of attention, when choosing a phone, definitely will be satisfied.

Umi Rome Specifications


5.5 inches, resolution 1280 at 720


MediaTek MT6580


RAM 1 gigabyte, ROM 8 gigabytes


8 megapixels


2500 mAh

Let's consider the technical characteristics in more detail:

  1. Display - this smartphone can be referred to the category "Fablets", since it is equipped with a very massive screen of 5.5 inches. At the same time, it uses the same resolution as in Umi Fair, which makes the picture look pretty grainy. Accustomed to Retina-like screens, users will spit.
  2. The processor is another product from MediaTek. The number of cores is exactly four, and the frequency of each is 1300 MHz. The manufacturer claims that this processor can significantly reduce power consumption.
  3. Memory - little memory, but it will be enough for simple work, calls and even some undemanding games. The main memory can be expanded with a memory card.
  4. The camera - in Umi paid particular attention to this component. Although the resolution of the photomodule is only 8 megapixels, the aperture size was f / 2.0, which positively affects the quality of the photo and the realism of the colors. There is a double flash.
  5. Battery - in such a large device for the sake of design and economy, the battery capacity is only 2500 mAh. In Umi argue that an economical processor and an optimized system compensate for this disadvantage.

What else does Umi stand out for? The smartphone has a number of interesting chips. One of the features is the ability to work with it without touching the screen: the camera will fix movements and allow you to answer calls, flip through the gallery and perform other actions without touching the display.

Design by Umi Rome

As it was said before, the main reason for pride is the design of the phone. Absolutely all of it is made of metal, which positively affects both the external perception of the device and the tactile sensations when used. The manner of performance is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S6, while many elements are much different and performed even better, so the feeling that this is a cheap fake does not arise.

Actually, the smartphone Umi Rome, reviews on which have basically a positive connotation, will be an excellent solution for those who want to have a beautiful thing, while not spending the fabulous amounts that require a well-known office. Handsome from Umi will cost its owner only 65 dollars, I mean ~ 4300 rubles.

Instead of concluding

Obviously, large companies that used to be monopolists gradually give up their profits to the cunning Chinese, who, saving on advertising and retail sales, sell quite interesting and promising devices for a pittance. For example, Umi is a smartphone with a budget price and flagship performance.

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