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To whom and what is the use of the pool

Fashion for a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity leaves the choice of sports activities at the discretion of a person. For a modern citizen, swimming is a very convenient option for maintaining an excellent physical shape and peace of mind. Moreover, at present the swimming pool is accessible to most people, and the schedule of sports and recreation complexes allows you to choose a convenient time in your schedule for their visit. We will disassemble, for whom and what is useful pool, and also we will find out with what troubles it is possible to encounter at his visit.

Influence of swimming on an organism

The fact that during the voyage all the major muscle groups are involved, regular exercise of this kind of physical exertion has a positive effect on the general muscle tone of the body. In turn, this allows you to follow the figure or work out the necessary muscle groups. Another amazing property of swimming is a positive effect on the nervous system. With a calm and long (from 30 minutes) swimming, even breathing helps relieve stress and tension. Improves blood circulation of the brain.

During even a calm swim, the blood system undergoes a significant load, which in turn leads to vascular strengthening. With deep breathing, when the chest is completely immersed in water, the volume of the lungs is fully engaged. This is an excellent alternative to professional exercises in respiratory gymnastics. The difference in air and water temperatures allows us to work on strengthening the overall immunity of the human body.

Why do I have to swim in the pool to a woman

We will analyze the usefulness of swimming in the pool for women. It's no secret that the main motivating factor for the exercise of physical activity in ladies is the maintenance of a slender figure and the preservation of flexibility. With these tasks, swimming in the pool is excellent.

High water resistance allows the muscles to work in an intensive mode, which leads to their strengthening and pulling. At the same time, the weight of the body immersed in water is ten times less than in the air, and the load on the locomotor apparatus and joints is minimal. This allows you to work on reducing even very large weight without causing additional damage to health overloads.

Remarkably, swimming also works with the problem of cellulite. Powerful water flows, while resisting the body during movement, improve blood circulation in the subcutaneous fat.

Swimming pool during pregnancy

On the question of how useful swimming in the pool for women during pregnancy, medicine has long given its answer. Constant high loads on the lower back and legs during the fetal gestation can lead to serious health problems after the birth. At this time, the pool is bailed out by a tired body.

Relaxation, which delivers free swimming at a convenient pace, has a beneficial effect not only on the future mother, but also on the baby. Deep, measured breathing oxygenates the body, and its constant delay of 20-30 seconds (between the breaths) allows you to prepare the body for childbirth. Regular swimming helps avoid stagnant phenomena in the legs and pelvic region.

Various complexes of aquatics for pregnant women have been developed. In this case, you can choose a complex that will be suitable not only for experienced swimmers, but also for women who have never had to deal with water.

So the question of whether it is useful to go to the pool for pregnant women suggests that it is useful, but only after the obstetrician-gynecologist has been authorized, since some conditions during pregnancy (for example, the threat of interruption, nausea or bleeding) can be a serious contraindication for Any physical activity.

The pool and the body of a man

A visit to the pool by a strong half of humanity often occurs without realizing what a pool for men is useful. In turn, fitness instructors argue that knowing what benefits this or that load brings to the body significantly improves the end result.

Training in the pool is an excellent alternative to the gym. Swimming greatly loads the muscles of the upper half of the trunk, which allows you to design an ideal male torso. Broad shoulders, a powerful chest - the result of swimming in the style of breaststroke or butterfly. This is the most difficult in terms of performance styles. When choosing a sport swimming in the pool it is advisable to use special glasses. This will help protect the eyes from the effects of chlorine.

How useful is the pool for children?

Regular swimming exercises can significantly strengthen the immunity of the child. Many parents make the mistake of stopping to drive their child to practice after the first cold. They believe that the fault is the pool. In fact, at first the child's organism adapts to unfamiliar loads, reagents, a new environment. And at this time, children most often fall ill. But after two months of constant trips to the pool, the immunity of the baby will grow stronger, and the problem of respiratory diseases will be eliminated by itself.

These advantages for regular trips with a child in the pool are more than enough. It is useful to swim and in violation of the baby's appetite. Such classes help to solve the problems of both "maloezhes" and children suffering from overweight. Systematic training in the pool form the right muscular corset of the child, accustomed to physical activity. A deep night's sleep is restored. That's what a pool for children is useful for. This impact on the growing body is even a short session (up to 40 minutes) two or three times a week.

Lose weight with swimming

Many useful lessons in the pool and during intensive weight loss. The transition to proper nutrition often becomes a stress for a slimming person. As mentioned above, swimming allows you to relax and restore the nervous system. The calories expended during training, together with the massage effect of water, make visible results much faster.

To effectively reduce weight with water procedures, it is desirable to observe the following rules:

  • Systematic. Training in the pool should be held at least 3 times a week.
  • Duration. The time in the water should not be less than 45 minutes.
  • Activity. Swimming for weight loss is carried out with high intensity.

It is advisable to begin training under the supervision of an instructor. The professional will help to organize the time of visiting the pool correctly (adjust the regime of intensive work and rest), teach proper performance of exercises and warm-up and hitching. All this contributes to the soonest achievement of the cherished goal.

Fighting diseases

Conducting classes in the basin can greatly help in the treatment of various diseases. Doctors often come up with the question of whether swimming in asthma is useful. Optimal air temperature and humidity contribute to reducing discomfort during asthmatic breathing. Medicine believes that regular swimming can significantly reduce the risk of seizures.

It is useful to visit the pool and with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Reducing the load on the skeleton allows you to recover faster after injury, and strengthen the muscle corset without further injury to affected areas.

Dangers of visiting the pool

Meaningful attitude to one's own health means understanding not only what the pool is useful, but also what dangers entail his visit. High humidity is an excellent factor for the multiplication of viruses and bacteria. Most of them do not react to the disinfectant, which is used for cleaning in the pool.

To reduce the risk of infection with a virus or fungal infection, choose a swimming pool that requires a certificate when you visit. Beware of going there during epidemics. Be sure to take a shower after the water procedures.

While swimming, use a high-quality hat to keep your ears tightly closed. It is advisable to use special earplugs for the pool. These precautions will help to protect yourself from otitis, which often occur after getting into the ears of water.

What to bring with you

When you visit the pool you will need:

  • Help from the medical institution.
  • Bathing swimwear (swimsuit for women).
  • Slates.
  • Shampoo, shower gel, body sponge.
  • Quality cap for swimming (in addition - ear plugs).
  • Swimming glasses.
  • Towel or bathrobe.
  • Hairdryer (if not installed in the locker room).
  • Package for wet accessories.

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