TLK-105: technical characteristics, tuning. Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser J100 is known as one of the best off-road vehicles of classical design. However, if this car is a universal, comfortable SUV, designed primarily for urban operation, then there was a simplified version for particularly difficult conditions. Next, consider TLK-105: technical characteristics, maintenance, tuning.


The car in question is an initial configuration of the GX and STD Toyota Land Cruiser J100, allotted to a separate version based on a different design. It was released from 1998 to 2006. The car underwent two restyling together with the main model (in 2003 and 2005). Since this modification is designed for particularly difficult operating conditions, the design was simplified as much as possible. Technically, it is an intermediate version between the J80 and J100, as many of the nodes are borrowed from the 80 series: chassis, transmission, engines, suspension, and the body - from the Land Cruiser J100.

The car was available only in African, Australian, South American and Russian markets.

As well as during the production, now it is purchased for off-road and expeditionary use. For other purposes, buying a car is not advisable, especially now that this simplified version on the secondary market is more expensive than the top J100 equipment.

Specificity of operation stipulates the need for a particularly thorough diagnosis of such machines when purchasing. In this case, it should be noted that the Toyota Land Cruiser J105 as a specialized version has a significant share of the modified units. Tuning specimens must be carefully evaluated: how well the modifications are made and what components are used. In addition, the market is a little J105, so it's very difficult to find them. On the other hand, the 80 and 100 series had previously enjoyed great criminal popularity. For J105 this is uncharacteristic.


The construction of the frame is borrowed from the 80 series. The body is fixed on it with twelve bolts.


The TLK 105 has the same 5-door station wagon as the standard Land Cruiser J100. It features unpainted bumpers and vertical tailgate flaps (except for the Australian market version). The length is 4.89 m, width - 1,941 m, height - 1,849 m, wheelbase - 2,85 m. At the same time the chassis is narrower. Externally, the GX J105 is very similar to the Land Cruiser J100, given that in Australia they offered simplified versions of the latter.


The TLK-105 was equipped with two in-line six-cylinder engines borrowed from the Land Cruiser J80:

1. 1HZ. Atmospheric 12-valve diesel with a volume of 4.2 liters, used for another J70. Develops 129 liters. from. At 3800 rpm. And 271 Nm at 2200 rpm.

2. 1FZ-FE. The petrol engine in volume of 4,5 l. Its capacity is 212 liters. from. At 4600 rpm, the torque is 373 Nm at 3200 rpm.

To simplify the design, the engine control unit has been removed.


Gearbox - 5-speed manual. Originally used H55F, and after restyling it was replaced with borrowed from the Land Cruiser J80 R151F. The gear ratio of the main pair is 4.3 for the diesel and 3.9: 1 for the gasoline engine.

Drive - full, with a rigidly connected front axle and a downshift. The bridges are thicker than those of the 80 series, like the semi-axles, and have five studs instead of six. The rear axle is of an unloaded type (with hubs), like the Land Cruiser J100. This provides the ability to move when it breaks.

TLK-105 has up to three forced differential locks, depending on the configuration. So, STD is equipped with only interlocking differential lock , GXR1 - optional inter-wheel, GXR2 - and interaxle, and both inter-wheel.

In addition, the last equipment is equipped with a winch.


The front suspension, unlike the Toyota Land Cruiser J100, is dependent on the 80 series. As a consequence, the machine has a higher fit. The rear suspension is also dependent, as in the J100.

ABS can only be present on the GX package, and then only for some markets.

To ensure the same track as the J100, the TLK-105 wheel with a narrower chassis due to the front dependent suspension has a convex shape. The STD equipment is equipped with stamped wheels, GX - cast.


Salon TLK-105 has an expanded capacity, simplified decoration and reduced equipment. The first is provided with additional seats: the front passenger seat is extended for two people, and in the trunk along the sides there are double benches. As a result, up to 10 passengers can be accommodated in the car. STD has vinyl upholstery. Electrical package and airbags are absent. The GX is equipped with air conditioning and a simple electrical package. Upholstery - fabric. The car has two stoves. In any case, the Toyota Land Cruiser J105 interior is more comfortable than the corresponding versions of the 80 series.


Due to its simplified design, the J105 is much safer and easier to maintain than the 100 series. Many of the breakdowns are not due to wear, but due to illiteracy or inadequate maintenance of the TLC-105: bug of salon electronics, backlash of the steering column, breakage of handles and locks.


The frame is stronger than the J80. And yet it is susceptible to corrosion by welds, especially in the rear, in the vicinity of the crossbar and spring cushions. As the design is not hermetically sealed, water and dirt get into it, so it is necessary to clean it or pour it with anticorrosion or grease.


The main points of corrosion damage of the body are the wings, the windshield frame, the areas under the bumpers, the lower part of the tailgate, the body fixing points, the sandblasting zones.

In this case, the presence of rust on the frame and on the body is largely determined by the climate conditions where the car was operated.


The motors are very durable. Their service life can be more than 700 thousand kilometers. However, they are characterized by high fuel consumption: 15-20 liters for a gasoline engine and 10-15 for a diesel engine.

In 1FZ-FE, you only need to monitor the oil level, change the timing chain in time and adjust the valves. The main problem is the breakage of the coil of the ignition coil inside the trampler. It should be borne in mind that different versions of the engine were installed on machines for the Japanese and Arab markets, so they are not interchangeable.

The diesel is also very unpretentious and weakly sensitive to fuel quality, especially compared to equipped with common-rail motors. The fuel equipment can be put out of action only by very poor-quality diesel fuel. The main problem is chemical corrosion and cracking of the cylinder head. With competent operation, the engine makes 500-800 thousand km.


From the checkpoint, H55F is considered a problem. The other gearbox is very reliable. With regular replacement of oil (once in 40-50 thousand km) is about the same as the engines. Even the clutch makes 150-200 thousand km.

Often when used in difficult conditions, the front inter-wheel differential and the main pair are damaged. In addition, the splined part of the front propeller suffers. Although the service life of hubs and cardan shafts is more than 200 thousand km, with proper maintenance (syringing of the cardan joints and checking the adjustment of the hub bearings every 50 thousand km). The hubs of the rear axle and the front shaft are worn out before.

Differential locks can turn sour.

The dispatch box serves more than 500 thousand km. Its main problem is corrosion of the drain plug and aluminum casing.

The front bridge should be touched once 150-200 thousand km. In addition, it can bend or leak due to depressurization of the welded joints of the beam.


The greatest threat to the running is the forcing of fords. Thus, the life of the beams reduces the ingress of water in this case. To avoid leakage of seals, it is necessary to clean breathers. In addition, after overcoming the fords, you need to inject the crossings, as with each maintenance.

The service life of the front levers and ball joints is from 60-80 to 150 thousand km, shock absorbers - from 150 thousand km, stabilizer bushes - 40 thousand km.

The brakes are very loaded on such a heavy car, so they wear out quickly. On the version with 1HZ they are more durable.


From electronics, headlights and generators (about 150,000 km) most quickly wear out. Especially with a lot of additional equipment.


J105 is usually purchased specifically for off-road and expeditionary use, where standard capabilities are not enough. Therefore, tuning TLK-105 is very common.


Off-road tuning usually involves the installation of a body kit that includes bumpers and thresholds.

In addition, it is necessary to protect the bottom with metal sheets.

For larger wheels, wheel arch extensions are usually used.

It is necessary to install a winch.

Often mount an expeditionary trunk. It usually houses additional lighting fixtures (many versions have specialized fixtures).

Some parts were equipped with versions for certain markets. So, the Arabian version has a ladder to the roof, a spare wheel mount and an additional fuel tank with a capacity of 50 liters in the rear overhang. There are also non-standard additional tanks of a larger volume.

Sometimes make a body lift by installing spacers.


The tuning of the equipped 1HZ modification TLK-105 is very common: the diesel is too weak for such a heavy car, especially if it is equipped with additional equipment. Therefore, it is often turbocharged. To do this, use the turbine from 1HD-T or ready-made whales. In any case, a more efficient fuel system and a modified output will be required. It is also desirable to install an intercooler. In addition, there is an opinion on the need to replace the piston. In addition, sometimes install a 24-valve cylinder head from 1HD-FT.

Another option is Swap 1HD-FT, which may be easier and cheaper.

The performance of 1FZ-FE is enough for many.

In cold conditions, the preheater is very relevant. In addition, it is possible to install a heated fuel filter, as well as heating the tank and lines.

To overcome water barriers, a snorkel is needed.

To prevent water from getting into the sump when fording the fords, you should remove the breathers higher.

In connection with the fact that with off-road tuning usually set a lot of additional equipment that requires energy, the car is equipped with a second battery.


For the transmission, there are many variants of modified main pairs (up to 4.88: 1). Versions with an incomplete set of differential locks are retrofitted to them.

When the engine power is increased, the clutch must be replaced.


The complete tuning kit for suspension includes springs, shock absorbers, jet cutters and castor-boards or castor-whale. Lift-whales provide an increase in landing from 2 to 6 inches. Castor kit, including silent blocks of bridge levers with a modified central hole, is necessary to maintain controllability, as the castor changes with lift. There are calculated for a certain amount of elevator and adjustable options. Another option - the conclusion of the angle of installation of the pivots to the factory by using castor plates (spacers) over the rear fasteners of the longitudinal arms. Since the drainage rod "Panara" will lead to the displacement of bridges, use cut and thrust traction. In addition, it will be necessary to install spacers between the anti-roll bars and the body.

In connection with the increase in the course of the suspension, it may be necessary to extend the brake hoses by installing spacers or replacing them.

When choosing off-road wheels, you need to consider that the optimum options are considered to be the size of 35 inches. They allow preserving the durability of the main pair and the CV joints. When installing large wheels (often using 37- and 38-inch), the resource of these elements will significantly decrease, as well as bridges. In any case, large wheels require a clearance increase: 32- and 33-inch - 2-inch, 35-inch - 4-inch.

Often, the machine is equipped with a tire pressure change system, including a compressor and a receiver.


The copies prepared for raids are usually equipped with a radio station, and expeditionary - a sleeping place in the trunk.

The flooring is often replaced with sheet aluminum to simplify cleaning.

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