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The symbol of power is Longin's spear. Who owns it?

The most famous of the existing legends, in which the lance of Longinus is mentioned, is the biblical story of the murder of Jesus. According to this source, the lance of power (this name is also called this artifact) Longinus pierced the chest of the martyr Jesus hanging on the cross. Thus, he deprived him of his earthly life.


It is believed that the creator of the spear is Phinehas. He was the third high priest of Judea. With the help of this weapon, he became like a god and led the troops. This has written testimonies. With the death of Phinehas, weapons began to pass from hand to hand. At the same time, there was a significant increase in the strength of the one who owned the spear. The people began to say that the possession of this weapon gives the power of the gods. All this was before the birth of the Savior. Especially famous for the spear Longinus (photo above) was received after the legionary Guy Cassius drove him into the chest of Christ.

Shroud of Turin

This artifact is the most researched of all the legacies of biblical times. So, it is reliably established on the traces of blood that the person who was wrapped in the shroud was pierced with a spear. At the same time, the weapon parameters correspond exactly to the military tool of the foreign players.

Where is Longin's spear now?

For a long time there was a lot of disagreement about the location of the relic. This is due to the fact that weapons have acquired many copies over the centuries. So, it was believed that the spear is stored in the Vienna Museum. Not so long ago, British experts conducted thorough studies of all artifacts claiming to be the title of "Longine Spear". Their conclusions are peremptory. It is well established that the weapon of the murder of Jesus is now in Armenia.

Interestingly: as a lance Longinus was looking for Hitler

The imagination of young Adolf was struck by the legend of the possibilities of the relic. He longed for power over the world. When the time came, the artifact that was stored in the Vienna Museum, which Hitler considered a genuine spear, was declared an imperial treasure. The Fuhrer did not realize that nothing could help in his ambitions. The world remained free, and the Vienna spear was examined and recognized as a mere copy, although very ancient. Was the absence of information about the whereabouts of the original relic saved the planet from the brown plague?

Is it true that Longin's spear is in Armenia?

A lot of facts show that the real relic, stained with the blood of the Savior, is in the Etchmiadzin Monastery. It is regularly extracted from the golden ark and demonstrated to believers. They say, praying near the relic, you can get rid of such a serious illness as cancer. But there are also doubters. The arguments of the unbelievers are as follows: if this artifact is genuine, then why did its keepers not yet create a world religion? And why do people who actually lead the world show no interest in it? Perhaps, fake lies in Armenia, and the real spear of Destiny has long been in the hands of that invisible puppeteer who unites and divides countries, directs globalization and the trends in the development of our cultures? The Church denies these unworthy doubts. The relic is guarded as the apple of the eye. But skeptics always have a new argument: everyone knows that the one who has power can pay for any result of the examination! So where is the lance of Longinus?

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