"The origin of Alexandria" - the result of a genetic mutation

We are mostly surrounded by people with the usual eye color : gray, brown, blue, blue. To create a certain shade of eyes or just to emphasize their individuality, individual individuals use lenses of different colors. But some do not need to do this, because their eyes are of a nature with a rare color. As a rule, purple. This phenomenon is called "the origin of Alexandria".

Genetic mutation

In some infants, a change occurs 6-10 months after birth, as a result of which their eyes acquire a rare purple hue. On the human eye this is not reflected in any way, but there is an opinion that people with purple eye color tend to have cardiovascular diseases.

The mutation process lasts a long time and continues until puberty. At this time, the eyes become a darker shade that can even be mixed with blue. It remains only to understand how "the origin of Alexandria" is associated with genetic shifts.

In the world there are many rare diseases that accompany a person all his life and have a genetic origin. For the color of the eyes , an appropriate code of genes responds, which also determines the hue of the hair and the presence of freckles. "The origin of Alexandria" - one of such rare anomalies.

Weil-Markezani Syndrome

Sometimes this disease, which is hereditary, is called the Weil-Markesian syndrome. This pathology also manifests itself in the following characteristic symptoms: low growth, a defect in the shape of the head, and a change in the shape of the lens of the eye.

But the main sign of the mutation "the origin of Alexandria" - the eyes of purple. In addition, people who are prone to this genetic disease, are strongly developed muscles, thick fingers and a considerable layer of subcutaneous tissue. Many patients have almost no hair on the body, and women do not have a menstrual cycle, but they are quite capable of procreation.


It is considered that albinos have no melanin in the iris, and therefore their eyes are red. But sometimes it can be combined with a blue color, and as a result, a purple tint is obtained. Such cases are extremely rare and have nothing to do with the mutation "the origin of Alexandria."

Interesting information

Owners of violet eyes on the ground are very few. Therefore, when in 1329 a child was born with an unusual color of the iris, his parents turned to the priest for help, deciding that this was Satan's scheme. But the church minister assured them that their child is not of the devil, but simply belongs to a special caste of people with rare violet eyes. The famous American actress Elizabeth Taylor had extraordinary violet-blue eyes that conquered her compatriots.

It is believed that pathology is transmitted along the mother's line and can be aggravated from generation to generation. People with a genetic mutation "the origin of Alexandria" attributed a long life (up to 150 years), strong immunity and the lack of the opportunity to sunbathe in the sun.

Green eye color is also quite rare, it can boast only 2% of the world's population. To the rare can be attributed and purely black eyes, and red, which occur in albinos.

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