The drug "Suprastin" for newborns

The drug "Suprastin" is a fairly effective tool. A medicine is used to relieve allergic manifestations. The drug is produced in tablet form and as a solution for injections.

Antihistamine helps block histamine. This component provokes bronchospasm, puffiness, redness and other allergic reactions. Children's Suprastin is not produced. The drug is designed for adult patients. However, in medical practice, positive results were recorded with the use of the drug in children. However, due to the fact that the medication is intended for adults, in some cases, parents have difficulty in determining the dosage for the child. In such situations, the selection of a dose is carried out by a specialist.

It should be noted that it is possible to give the drug "Suprastin" to a baby, starting from the age of four weeks. As a rule, the medicine is prescribed for itching, Quinck's edema, allergic conjunctivitis and runny nose.

Using the drug "Suprastin" for newborns, it must be remembered that the remedy has a number of side effects. The medication is quite effective, potent.

It should be noted that the drug "Suprastin" for newborns is used relatively recently. This is due precisely to the fact that it refers to preparations of the first generation and has side effects in large numbers. A significant part of them is associated with the nervous system. When prescribing a drug "Suprastin" for newborns, it is necessary to take into account the possible increase in excitability, sleep disorder. In older patients, the use of medication may, on the contrary, provoke increased fatigue, drowsiness, difficulty breathing, impaired coordination. As practice shows, in most cases, side effects are the result of an overdose. If, after using the medication, the child's condition worsens, you need to rinse the stomach and call a doctor.

The need for the use of the drug "Suprastin" for newborns can be due to the presence of congenital allergic pathologies. Such diseases, in particular, include atopic dermatitis. This pathology often occurs in children under the age of six months. The use of the drug "Suprastin" allows you to effectively cope with the disease.

As a rule, the medication is prescribed to patients up to a year after the fourth part of the pill once a day. It is recommended before use to crush the medicine into powder and mix it with baby food.

Children from one to six years of age are also given a crushed preparation. However, the dosage is slightly higher and makes up one third of the tablet. For patients up to the age of fourteen, the doctor may prescribe half a tablet a day.

The drug is not prescribed if there is an ulcer in the stomach or bronchial asthma. This is due to the fact that the drug can cause irritation of the mucosa. In the presence of liver pathologies or kidneys treatment should be controlled by a doctor.

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