The drug "Cytoflavin": reviews, description

The drug "Cytoflavin" is a drug that improves the processes of brain metabolism.


The components of the drug, due to complex effects, improve the stimulation of cellular respiration and energy education processes. The drug "Cytoflavin" (the doctors' reviews confirm this) have a positive effect on the way oxygen absorption takes place in tissues, as the activity of enzymes that are responsible for ensuring the antioxidant effect observed during the use of the drug is restored. The doctors also noted that the use of the drug positively affects the coronary and cerebral blood flow. The active substances contained in the drug "Cytoflavin", activate the metabolic processes in the central nervous system. Experts say that during the administration of the drug there are positive changes in the neurological spheres. Among them:

  • Reduction of asthenic syndrome (ie, a state of increased fatigue);
  • Reduction and complete disappearance of headaches;
  • Reduction of dizziness, ear noise;
  • Decrease emotional-strong-willed disorders (specifically - anxiety, depression).

In addition, when the consciousness is disturbed , the drug "Cytoflavin" is sometimes used. The medical testimonies are confirmed by the fact that it has a rapid awakening effect. One of the indications for taking the medicine is the recovery period after a stroke.

Form of issue

They produce the drug "Cytoflavin" in tablets and ampoule solution for intravenous administration.

Contraindications and side effects

There is a group of people for whom the use of "Cytoflavin" is contraindicated. The medical reports say that the risk of side effects in people is high:

  • With hypersensitivity to the active substances of the drug;
  • Connected to the ventilator (if there is a decrease in the partial pressure of oxygen in the arterial blood);
  • Suffering from gout, nephrolithiasis, hyperuricemia.

Use of the drug may provoke side effects in people who are not included in the above group. Doctors say that with the rapid dropping of the medication "Cytoflavin", bitterness in the mouth, redness of the skin, a feeling of heat can appear. A prolonged intake of large doses is fraught with the emergence of hyperuricemia, exacerbation of gout and transit hypoglycemia.

Medication "Cytoflavin": reviews

The drug effectively affects the activity of the brain. Especially noticeable is the dynamics after a stroke. Many note that the course of taking the described drug once a year allows you to stabilize the pressure, normalize sleep, reduce headaches. But despite the abundance of positive feedback on the drug, it should be noted that its use requires special medical control. Any infection that is present in the body at the time of application of the medication can worsen and worsen the patient's condition.

The patients' reviews rarely mention such undesirable consequences as nausea, dizziness, pain and discomfort in the thoracic zone, allergies and headache. Experts argue that these effects are not an excuse for discontinuing the drug. However, with such manifestations, you should take the medicine under the supervision of a doctor.

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