The cable car "Olympus" in Gelendzhik: reviews and address

Funiculars are a fast way to travel, as well as one of the most entertaining attractions. In an open chair you fly over the precipice and look around the neighborhood from a bird's eye view. An unforgettable adventure, especially for those who are afraid of heights. In this case, the tourist gets a fair dose of adrenaline. Whether you want to experience these feelings again depends on you. But it's worth a try. The cable car "Olympus" in Gelendzhik is one of the most popular entertainments. From here you can take a picture of the city. The photos are very beautiful and bright, they will keep pleasant memories for many years to come.

An intriguing name

As we all remember from mythology, this is the mountain on which the gods lived. The cable car "Olympus" in Gelendzhik is a half-hour flight over clouds and stunning views, after which tourists get to an unforgettable amusement park. Described immediately echoes in the mind with a picture of paradise, and the name becomes quite understandable. The cable car is only the first stage of adventure. Then you will have an unforgettable day. In advance, plan more free time, here you can stay until the evening, and definitely will not get bored.

And again in the way

Our next stop is the cable car "Olympus" (Gelendzhik). How to get to it, we now consider. There is a free bus from the city. You can use your personal transport, then your path will lie on the bypass road. Follow the signs and definitely will not get lost. Just near the bypass road begins the park "Olympus". You can leave the car right near the entrance. If you are interested in "Safari Park", then go to the pedestrian crossing with the corresponding inscription.

Adventure begins

The cable car in Gelendzhik is known to everyone, you can ask any passer-by, and get an answer. Exact address: Kupriyanova slit, house 1. Above you are waiting for a magnificent park, but to surprise tourists begin at the foot of the mountain. There is a bowling club open so that you can spend time cheerfully and interestingly while waiting for the trip. The cost of the game is relatively low, so you can afford it. There is also a recreational and entertainment attraction. Tourists can drink free mineral water and even swim in it. A stocked pool will allow the amateurs to sit with a fishing rod. And you can go to the crocodile farm and look at the reptile near.


The cable car "Olympus" in Gelendzhik is one of the most interesting attractions. Many compare it with a similar one in Sochi, which leads to the Red Glade. At once we will tell, it is shorter, but kinds which are opened to tourists, hardly are less picturesque.

The cable car "Olympus" in Gelendzhik is a kind of funicular. Only here are open benches with iron restraints and a footrest. From the outside it looks pretty scary when people hover over the abyss, without any visible insurance. In fact, it's almost impossible to fall out of the seats, even if you try hard. The speed of movement is small, no rocking is provided. Judging by the reviews, even tourists with fear of heights and those who got on the funicular in bad weather, do not refuse to visit again. Considering the opening views, it's hard not to forget about all these little things.

Pay attention to the weather

It is advisable to get acquainted with forecasts of weather forecasters in advance. The fact is that the cable car (Olimp Park, Gelendzhik) runs at high altitude. In a misty and windy day, the pleasure can be spoiled by the fact that visibility will be much worse. Photographs are not so bright, and sharp gusts of wind can scare even the most adventurous traveler. After heavy rain, there may be dampness and haze, because of which visibility deteriorates sharply.

It should be borne in mind that at a height quite uncomfortable on a cool day, and, conversely, the sun's rays are baked in the heat. So be sure to stock up on things from the weather. Headgear with a fastener, so as not to blow away the wind, umbrellas, sunglasses and warm clothes, try to provide that of this you may need. Be sure to choose closed shoes and comfortable clothes, because you're not going to a restaurant, but to a park where you're supposed to walk a lot.

Photos with a beautiful view

This is an urgent issue for every tourist, as many want to keep a good memory. It is not surprising, because before you the dream of a Russian tourist, magnificent Gelendzhik, the cable car "Olympus". A photo made independently on the height of a bird's flight can be successful and even beautiful, but it's hard to catch yourself in the frame. However, for these purposes, a professional photographer works here. He will catch a successful shot, in the most beautiful place, and after the approval of the client, he will put the photo in the frame and throw it on the flash drive. The house will only be printed and put in a prominent place.

Features of the funicular

There are two tracks here, so we want to tell you about both. However, in order not to choose, it is better to ride on both. First of all, we are interested in the cable car "Olympus" (Gelendzhik). Working hours: from 8:00 to 02:00. Night trips are an adventure for an amateur, but they are in demand every year. However, the most beautiful views are here in the morning and evening. They are also good because they are not very hot at this time. This is important, since on a hot day a trip under the scorching sun can become a big load, especially if there are health problems.

The length of this track is 1140 meters, and it appeared later than the second, located in the "Safari Park". In the "Olympus" it goes a little lower, and the journey itself will take less time. However, both tracks will show you the stunningly beautiful places of the Marcotsky Ridge.

Advantages of the cable car in the Olymp Park

On both tracks children under 5 years can ride for free, make professional photographs and have observation platforms with fascinating views. The cable car "Olympus" (Gelendzhik), which every tourist should reach, has an advantage in the first place in terms of working hours. The ticket price includes visiting the amusement park, as well as an excursion. Finally, it attracts the cost of a children's ticket. If the child is from 5 to 12 years old, you get a ticket for 250 rubles. For many tourists, the most beautiful in memory was the cable car "Olympus" (Gelendzhik). The reviews emphasize that, even in bad weather, stunning views on their spectacle completely eclipsed all the inconveniences. Although the first time is a little scary.

The advantages of the cable car in the "Safari Park"

This track works faster, however it is longer, so in time you will not win. There is a path on the slope of the ridge, so you will be pleased with beautiful views of the park, the city and the rocks. However, you need to emphasize the availability of additional services. For a fee you will be given a warm blanket, which will save you from dampness and cold at the top. Throughout the length of the signposts flaunt, so that you can chart your further route along the ground. An adult ticket here will be cheaper (700 rubles) than on the second track, and a child ticket, on the contrary, is more expensive (350). Finally, in Safari Park, where you will arrive, there is a contact zoo where you can pet animals.

Instead of concluding

If you have never rode on a cable car, then we recommend that you master this attraction. Impressions will suffice for many years. To make them not overshadowed, use our recommendations and stock up on clothes, as well as the necessary accessories. With yourself is to grab water and light snacks, as quickly leave the amusement park just will not succeed. Check your cameras and cameras beforehand. The beautiful views that will open up while you soar in the sky are worthy of being captured on a long memory.

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