The best wedding dress for the groom

In what costume is the bridegroom dressed? Eternal question on the eve of the celebration. The solution of this problem will be discussed in the article.

The wedding costume for the groom is chosen as carefully as the bride's outfit. And since the clothes by the majority of the married people are selected only once, then this process requires special approach.

The fact that there will be a wedding suit for the groom is affected by several points. Hair color is young, for example. For men with blond hair, more saturated tones are preferable, and dark-haired and swarthy representatives of the stronger sex will better dress in a suit of light colors. Do not forget about the shirt. It should harmoniously blend with the wedding style of the bride's dress .

It is clear that you should not buy clothes that do not fit well on a man. The costume for the groom should emphasize all the pluses of the figure and hide its minuses. There are several tricks, which in this case will help to cope with the problem of striking excess weight or obvious leanness.

If a man is well-sized, then no costume will help to deceive visitors' greedy attention to detail, although it may be optically possible to slightly diminish the very "fullness" of the question. "Tools" for this will be the color and style. Everyone knows that dark clothes build a man. That's it, this trick and you need to use, picking up the groom smoky and gray tones. A wedding suit for the groom is better to choose with vertical stripes, this will allow the silhouette to be visually stretched and appear higher.

Now, as for the style. It is necessary to choose a suit with a jacket of medium length, as an overly long jacket makes the figure of a man shorter, and too short - it only gives out the legs from the overall picture. The jacket should have square shoulders, and trousers must be combined with all other parts of the decoration. AND It does not have to be pants from an outsider suit! Shoes should not be catchy, if the groom is not very tall. In shoes too caustic color, any groom will look at least ridiculous. But the tie can also be bright, it's not insignificant to pick it up to the color of the shirt, but it should not be very wide.

In lean men, cases with a choice are "exactly the opposite" in comparison with complete suitors. The wedding costume for the groom in this case is selected with lighter and softer tones. For brightness, we also carefully follow and avoid fanaticism, even though it is your day. To help narrow shoulders (they will be visually enlarged) shoulder pads will come, and the suit will stop hanging on the groom as on a hanger. As an alternative to this decision - the choice of a checkered jacket. Well, if the groom, except leanness, is also short, then without wide trousers simply can not do. This will help to hide the not quite straight men's legs. It is better not to include the waistcoat and do without baggy suits.

An exception to the rules here is a black, classic suit - it suits everyone and everyone. You can see this by looking at the "glossy" suit of the groom, whose photo is taken from a fashion magazine.

If you observe all the above subtleties, the groom's outfit will not be left without attention of the bride and guests, and everyone will have a great mood at the celebration.

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