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Than and how to disguise a black eye?

Hematomas (bruises) - one of the most delicate problems, especially in cases where they can not be hidden from society. The process of the appearance of the hematoma is quite simple: after a damage to soft, especially sensitive tissues or a vascular disruption by mechanical means, a blood cavity is formed in the skin. The human brain perceives information about the damage and includes the processes of resorption of the clot of blood. Because of this, the color transformation of the site of the bruise takes place - from a violet to a cyanotic hue to a yellowish one.

The most "colorful" hematomas are the damage to the skin of the face, especially the female. The process of resorption often takes no more than two days. But at this time, many girls begin to think about how to mask the bruise under the eye as plausibly as possible.

Most women have become unsurpassed magicians thanks to the daily struggle with the hated bluish circles around the eyes. But all previously used methods can not always cope with a large-scale hematoma.

A concealer is a good helper

First of all, in such an unordinary situation, many cosmeticians advise to attract a high-quality concealer. The most famous company of the embodiment of the female dream of Yves Saint Laurent in the last century gave ladies the opportunity to create magic on their own using the product during make-up.

And how to disguise the bruise under the eye with the concealer and how to choose the type needed?


This tool in the whole world is produced in several types, which makes it possible to select the masking agent for each individual woman and situation optimally. To hide a large and fairly pronounced bruise, professionals advise to use the stick. This concealer has an inimitably dense texture, the remedy lays flat on any part of the face. Apply a stick-concealer with both your fingers and a comfortable brush.


How to disguise the bruise under the eye, which has already begun to fade? To do this, you can use a cream concealer. It will help to hide small areas of bruises, its dense texture easily lends itself to neat brush strokes. Before application it is necessary to be reserved by patience and endurance. Excellent results always require scrupulousness and accuracy. This agent in the form of a cream can also hide freckles and even significant skin defects, for example, small scars.


The pencil-concealer has a soft, light texture, which significantly complicates the mission of masking the bruise. Such a tool will show itself very well in the case of an almost resorbed hematoma of small dimensions. Pencil is insanely easy to use, but the scope of its application is more blue circles under the eyes than noble bruises.


A liquid concealer in a tube is an ideal tool for eliminating dark circles in the eye area. But its use (especially regular) requires the highest skill from a woman. The skin around the tired eyes is very sensitive and capricious. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the liquid composition with a soft sponge, without the use of stretching movements.

Choosing the right tool

To disguise the bruise under the eye from a blow with a concealer, it is wise to approach the choice of the color of the remedy, because the dense texture of the cream in case of an incorrectly selected color will not only hide the hematoma, but will also give out all the skin imperfections.

If you want to get an excellent result, remember:

  • To hide the violet halo of fatigue in the eye area, it is necessary to stock up a yellowish dense concealer;
  • But bluish-green defects perfectly conceal orange concealer; This means enriches the skin of cold (even a little puppet) shades of warmth and health; Hematomas of a greenish shade also will not resist such a remedy;
  • Blue (blue) concealer will help to hide problem areas (pigments or freckles), as well as bluish skin of the eyes and a mesh of vessels.

Having defined the color and texture of the remedy, it is worth learning how to properly mask the bruises under the eyes. The first stage of disguise will be the preparation of the skin in the eye area. The ideal option is to use a quality (not overdue) eye cream, it needs to be applied with light movements. Then it costs even a skin of 15 minutes to absorb it. In places where hematomas are formed, the concealer should be applied with pointwise smooth movements. Do not completely cover the eye with a remedy. The purpose of using concealer is bruising, and not the alignment of the entire area.

For smooth delicate feathering, you should use brushes (fingers in their absence). Liquid medicine should be applied on a clear contour of bruise and normal skin, do not climb on undamaged areas. Otherwise, the mission will be completely failed, the color of the smeared bruise will again differ from the color of the entire face. The put or rendered agent costs or stands gently to drive in a skin that particles of the qualitative grasped with it.

Urgent help with the problem

How to disguise bruises under the eyes urgently, especially in the case of a pronounced blue hue? This situation requires the intervention of a color concealer. It must be applied very lightly after the eyelid cream. On the color basis, a clearer means is further laid down: for light-skinned (closer to ivory) women, a yellow concealer is suitable, and Asian beauties need to use golden-orange remedies.

To choose your tool, it is worthwhile to study slowly what can be masked bruises under the eyes and at the same time to treat damaged tissues. In this matter, one can safely turn for help both to the recipes of the Old Slavonic folk remedies, and to choose the concealed means for decades, to which the concealer also belongs. Qualitative products have an advantageous ability to dry pimples, resuscitate the skin with small mimic wrinkles and small defects. Unfortunately, not all can help the body cope with the formed lump of blood.


Pharmacy funds are becoming more popular every year. After all, pharmacists try to combine disguise and treatment in one drug. The last 5 years, the first among such means are those that perfectly stimulate the resorption of clots. How to mask a bruise under the eye with the help of pharmacy products, for example ointments based on heparin, troxerutin?

  • The bruised area must be thoroughly cleaned. It is better to wash with cool or cold water, so the blood vessels work a little normal.
  • Means the size of a pea need to gently blend around the perimeter of the bruised place.
  • After applying, you can not use powder or foundation. They will break the process and clog the pores. You can slightly powder the skin of the face, without touching the site of the injury, this will slightly level the overall tone.

Renew the blood flow

Having dealt with how to mask a bruise under the eye from a stroke, it is worth thinking about the resumption of blood flow in the bruised place. The body is in a stressful state. Why? Because the bruise is stressful. The body needs help, it is desirable to choose the most practical solution to the problem. Now we will look at these methods.

The first step will be the use of compresses. It would seem that the medieval way of treatment in the modern world has sunk into a phantom nonexistence. But these funds are really effective ways to treat bruises.

A warm salt compress will delicately enhance the resorption process. To prepare such a bath you will need:

  • glass of water;
  • 1 tbsp. L. Sea salt.

First you should dissolve in a glass of warm water (not boiling water) a tablespoon of high-quality sea (oceanic) salt. When applying the dressing, you need to monitor the safety of the mucosa. Sodium chloride can cause a burning sensation. Apply salt bandages several times a day until full recovery.


A more effective compress is acetic. To prepare the product you need to pour a tablespoon of sea salt with two vinegar. After mixing, three to four drops of iodine should be added to the mixture. As well as in salt compress, with vinegar lotions it is necessary to watch tirelessly the state of the mucous eye.

A small conclusion

Now you know what and how to mask the bruises under your eyes. We hope that our ways will help you. Good luck!

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