Testosterone common in men: the norm and possible abnormalities

Testosterone - the most important male hormone, responsible for the quality of sexual life of a representative of the strong half of humanity. The hormone is produced in the sex glands, as well as in the adrenal cortex. An important medical indicator is testosterone common in men. The norm of this hormone varies with age. Deviations in hormonal concentrations may indicate abnormalities in the body of a man. More details about the meaning, normative indicators and consequences of deviations in the survey.

Why is testosterone so important for the male body?

Testosterone affects the psychological and physiological state of a representative of a strong half of society. The norm of the content of total testosterone in men becomes the basis for the formation of a good musculature, a "masculine" character, which affects the degree of attraction to the female sex.

The "male" hormone:

  • Promotes better assimilation and production of protein;
  • Performs a powerful stimulant function for burning calories, muscle growth;
  • Normalizes the content of cholesterol in the body of a man - minimizes the risk of developing cardiovascular ailments, atherosclerosis;
  • Strengthens bones.

Testosterone is commonly called the hormone of "winners", because the science proves the fact of a high content of a hormone in the blood of successful representatives of a strong half of society. The hormone stimulates the man to action, helps him make serious decisions, cope with difficulties, achieve the set goals.

What determines the concentration of the hormone in the blood?

What determines testosterone in men? The norm and the actual value of the hormone depends on the state of the patient's CNS, its functional capabilities. Below are the most significant factors that affect the hormonal concentration:

  • Age of the man;
  • The state of the immune system;
  • Lifestyle (bad habits, physical activity, nutrition);
  • Available chronic ailments;
  • body mass;
  • mental condition;
  • Genetic composition.

To assess the hormone level on a reduced scale, it is worthwhile to give several natural facts. The peak of the concentration of the "male" hormone falls on the morning time, by the evening it reaches a minimum. Regular physical activity stimulates the production of testosterone. Exhaustion "slows down" the process of producing a hormone, the same action has bad habits. The age of a man is the determining factor. The older the patient, the less testosterone in his blood.

Normative indicators of the hormone "winner"

All testosterone in the body of a man is divided into three components: free and two derivatives. In the course of laboratory studies, the "free" hormone is taken as the basis, which significantly affects the sexual life of a representative of a strong half of society.

The definition of free testosterone in a man is based on age indices. The level of hormonal concentration is relatively stable and regular. For example, between the ages of 18 and 50, the indicator varies between 5.76-30.43 nmol / l. In the case of men older than 50 years, the concentration of the hormone decreases to 5.41-19.54 nmol / l.

In the second place, the indicator measured in lg / fsg is the total testosterone. The norm in men also depends on the age of the patient. The normative index of the hormone in the blood is determined on the basis of a number of characteristics:

  • In adolescence, the concentration of "male" hormone is maximal;
  • At the age of 25 the average testosterone in the blood of a man is equated to the average value from the established standard;
  • After 30 years, the concentration of the hormone in the blood of a man decreases by 1.5% per year;
  • After 50 years in the patient's body, the percentage of female sex cells increases.

How to determine the concentration of the hormone in the blood?

The most reliable way to determine the level of testosterone in the body is a blood test. The procedure is carried out within the walls of the clinic. As a research material is the blood from the vein.

In order to guarantee the most accurate result, experts advise to prepare for the procedure in advance:

  1. The fence of the material is in the morning.
  2. Before the procedure, you should refrain from eating (not eat 8 hours before the analysis).
  3. Before a fence it is undesirable to smoke.
  4. On the eve of the analysis, it is worth keeping your nerves, not being in stressful situations.
  5. The day before the procedure should protect yourself from aggravating activities in the gym.
  6. 2 days before blood sampling it is necessary to exclude the taking of certain medications.

Reduced concentration of the hormone in the blood

In what case can we say that the patient has a low total testosterone? The norm in men (μg / l): 1,6613-8,7766. Accordingly, the indicator below the extreme left border will indicate a reduced concentration of "male" hormone in the blood. This phenomenon is called hypogonadism.

A man whose body lacks testosterone can observe the following:

  • Insufficiently expressed (absent) hair on the face, chest;
  • excess weight;
  • Weakening of muscle tissue;
  • Enlargement of mammary glands;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • Problems with potency;
  • Decrease in the level of mental abilities.

What can lead to low total testosterone in men? If the hormone concentration norm is shifted downward for a long time, it can cause a number of diseases. We are talking about diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, liver cirrhosis, etc.

How to increase the content of the hormone "winner" in the blood?

Is it possible to increase testosterone in men? The norm is achievable!

First of all, the patient should pay attention to his own food. The diet of a man should be enriched with vitamins and minerals. Especially it is necessary to focus on products containing zinc.

Restoring the concentration of the hormone will help a full sleep. During sleep, the testosterone level automatically rises.

Under medical conditions, the following measures lead to an increase in the concentration of the "male" hormone:

  • Taking oral medications;
  • The implementation of intramuscular injections;
  • The use of a testosterone gel or patch.

Such methods of treatment are contraindicated for men suffering from prostate cancer. For this reason, therapy is necessarily preceded by a complete examination of the patient.

Overstated testosterone - is it good or bad?

For example, a patient has a high total testosterone. The norm in men (nmol / L = 5.76-30.43) is shifted to the far right. A man who finds himself in a similar situation can suffer from:

  • Attacks of aggression;
  • Increased excitability;
  • Excessive hairiness of the body;
  • A lot of purulent acne on the face and body.

A long content of a large amount of a hormone in a man's blood leads to a disruption in the structure of cells, DNA fragmentation, testicular atrophy.

In this situation, the male body tries to "adjust" the situation, neutralizing the action of the corresponding hormones. Excessive load leads to a loss of the testicles functionality.

How to reduce the content of the hormone in the blood?

When total testosterone is raised, the norm in men (ng / ml = 1,6613-8,7766) can be achieved only with the help of specialists. Self-medication only aggravates the situation.

In addition to drug treatment, doctors advise men to switch to a low-carbohydrate diet, reduce the amount of fat consumed. Make emphasis should be on unsweetened fruits and vegetables, and also exercise regularly and walk in the fresh air.

Will traditional medicine help?

If the attending doctor is not against the use of traditional medicine to reduce the concentration of testosterone in the blood, you can use them.

Below are the most effective of them:

  1. Drink tea from the root of licorice (peppermint) in the morning and evening.
  2. Chew the root of licorice three times a day for 5 minutes.
  3. Dry clover flowers (100 g), pour 1 liter of boiling water. Leave for 120 minutes. Strain and drink 3 times a day for a week.
  4. The root of tar in the amount of 100 g pour boiling water (1 liter). Let it brew for a day and drink half a cup three times a day for 2 weeks.

Testosterone and the opportunity to become a father

Testosterone is common and free in men, the rate indicator - is it really so important for a representative of a strong half of society? Definitely yes! The level of the hormone in the blood determines whether a man can become a father.

Deficiency of the "male" hormone "slows down" the process of producing spermatozoa, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of sperm and the viability of male sex cells.

However, not only an underestimated indicator can cause male infertility, a high content of testosterone in the blood also has a negative effect on spermatogenesis. At risk are athletes who take special drugs based on synthesized testosterone. As a result of such therapy for muscle building and increasing endurance, the male body stops producing hormone on its own.

So, the norm of testosterone content in the blood of men of different ages varies in the direction of decrease with years. To achieve the optimal content of testosterone in the blood will help preventive measures, including the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, moderate physical activity, proper nutrition, full sleep and regular sex life.

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