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Tattoo of the lips. Consequences and how to avoid them

What kind of woman at least once in her life did not dream about making the morning make-up created as if by magic? After all, while you pick up the shade, exactly tone, outline the contour of the lips and bring your eyes, you can go through a lot of precious time. And it is so important to those who are by no means late for the workplace. What to do? Does beauty have to suffer because of constant haste? The way out is tattoo of eyebrows and lips.

Now this procedure is very popular with ladies of all ages. But still it refers to quite risky activities. Still, after all, an unsuccessful tattoo can not be washed with water or a means for removing cosmetics. And we are talking about a person who is always in the spotlight. The more the desire to look excellent at any time of day and night, the more doubt arises. Today we will consider the most obvious shortcomings of this cosmetic procedure.

Tattoo of the lips. Effects

Disadvantages are present in almost any procedure that affects the skin. Here it is a permanent (permanent) make-up, which is applied with the help of a pigment. It is injected into the upper layer of the skin of the lips, piercing a special needle. This kind of makeup is somewhat like creating a tattoo. Only in this case the pattern will exactly repeat the red line of the lips. What are the pitfalls of girls waiting here?

  1. Multiple use of equipment. Perhaps, the most terrible omission which only the master who will work with you can allow. After all, no one can guarantee that before you all the customers were perfectly healthy. Therefore, think several times before you are tempted by the tempting advertising of the cabin with low prices. Usually such proposals can become a real threat to your health. It is not necessary to save on a highly skilled master and a well-known salon that makes lip tattooing. The consequences of resorting to cheaper and lower-standard establishments can be catastrophic.
  2. The appearance of herpes in place of tattooing. This ailment is not particularly pleasant in itself, but in this case it can significantly increase the healing time. Therefore, do not be too lazy to arrange a prevention session at least one week before the start of the planned procedure.
  3. The appearance of edema and tumors. This process is quite natural, given how your lips are exposed. However, if the contour is very swollen, it's time to act. First you should consult with the master who made you tattoo lips, the consequences of which are so impartial. It is possible that he will refer you to a medical specialist.
  4. Crust formation and peeling. This problem is also quite natural for tattooing. It can be eliminated with the help of special ointments and creams, which the master will advise you. After healing, this effect must pass.
  5. Allergic reaction to coloring components. To avoid this, you need to know in advance the composition of the pigment, which will be introduced to your skin. Also, avoid establishments that combine the services of a hair salon and a salon that makes lip tattooing. Consequences in the form of allergies in this case, you are virtually guaranteed because of the constantly hanging in the air aggressive chemical reagents.
  6. The contour color is not right. To protect yourself from such frustration after the procedure, be sure to consult with the master and listen to his opinion. Remember that permanent makeup will be with you all the time, so carefully think out the desired color of the lip contour. Otherwise, this rather painful procedure will have to be repeated in order to correct the deficiency.

And finally, always remember one golden rule. Do not ask yourself how much lip tattoos cost. Be interested in how many letters and titles the selected master has, and also whether he has a portfolio. Ideally, it would be good to apply only to a certified specialist, which friends can recommend. Only then the price will fully correspond to the quality of the procedure.

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